LPN Training in Hawaii (Paid Classes Info)

LPN Classes in Hawaii

Considering the fact Hawaii aims to provide its residents with excellent medical service, qualified medical workers are in great demand here.

The Hawaii Board of Nursing has absolutely high standards of education.

It means that each licensed medical specialist in the state performs their job perfect.

Nevertheless, the shortage of nurses grows constantly and the number of job offers will be increasing in the nearest future.

That’s why the state offers great career options for nurses to attract new workers.

There is a bunch of LPN training courses within the state.

It means that you have lots of options to choose from.

To make it easier, we’ve prepared for you a list of the best LPN training courses in Hawaii.

Also, in this article, you can find a bunch of useful info including the licensing process and career outlook.

Best LPN Training Programs in Hawaii

Here you can find the top training programs for LPNs in Hawaii.

Also, there is their contact info of the schools.

SchoolLocationPhone Number
Kapi‘olani Community College4303 Diamond Head Road, Honolulu, Hawaii 96816808.734.9000
University of Hawaii – Maui College310 West Kaahumanu Avenue, Kahului, Hawaii 96732-1617808.984.3500
Kaua´i Community College3-1901 Kaumualii Highway, Lihue, Hawaii 96766808.245.8225
Hawai’i Community College1175 Manono Street, Hilo, Hawaii 96720-5096808.934.2500

LPN License in Hawaii

LPN Licensing Requirements in Hawaii

As soon as you’ve completed your LPN training, you are obliged to get your license right after training completion.

You can get it through examination applying for the National Council Licensure Examination for Practical Nurses (NCLEX-PN).

After completing the exam and providing your requisites, you can get your license.

Keep in mind that Hawaii is not a part of NCL so all applicants are obliged to apply for a license.

LPN License Examination in Hawaii

If you’ve decided to apply for the licensure by examination in Hawaii, you should complete some steps.

First of all, you need to complete your application form thoroughly and submit it to the Hawaii Board of Nursing.

Also, there is a bunch of other papers that should be submitted.

To get your LPN license, you need to follow some steps that include:

  •  the application form completion including your original signature;
  • education proofs and the fee procession;
  • an official final transcript submission;
  • successful completion of a nursing program equivalent to the United States nursing education and language test (for foreigners);
  • picture identification and date of birth proof submission;
  • social security number submission;
  • application fee payment.

LPN Endorsement Licensure in Hawaii

In case you got your training and started your career in other state but want to continue it in Hawaii, you are obliged to apply for licensure by endorsement.

The whole process includes such steps as:

  • complete one of the following exams;
    • National Council Licensure Examination for Practical Nurses (NCLEX-PN);
    • State Board Test Pool Exam (SBTPE) ;
    • A state board constructed exam;
  • complete from a practical nursing program accredited by the Hawaii Board of Nursing or another state’s nursing board/provide approval of license obtained from other states;
  • fill proper application form;
  • answer all the questions and sign the application;
  • submit Social Security Number and the photocopy of the social security card;
  • attach the application fee through a check ($202 for the odd-numbered years and $146 for the even-numbered years).

Temporary LPN Permit in Hawaii

If you need to get a temporary permit in Hawaii you should submit:

  • an application form and fee;
  • a photocopy of current LPN license;
  • Original Verification of Employment;
  • Receipt of mailing of Verification of License.

LPN License Renewal in Hawaii

Keep in mind that you are obliged to renew your license on 30 of June each odd-number year.

Consider that you need to apply for renewal in 60 days before your license expiration date.

LPN License Reinstatement in Hawaii

In case, your license expired more than 2 years ago, you should apply for reinstatement.

To do it, you need to pay a fee, provide identity proof, all other important documents, and pass the NCLEX exam.

In case, you haven’t worked for more than 5 years, you should retake the NCLEX exam or complete the training program.

LPN License Verification in Hawaii

Those individuals who apply for license endorsement should also apply for license verification.

It aims to check your NCLEX-PN results, educational qualification, and the current license that was obtained in another state.

To complete the license verification process, you should submit:

  • a  verification request to the original state including all the necessary documents and fee;
  • the info about the date of the license verification;
  • the verification by contacting the National Council through the website.

Average LPN Salary in Hawaii

As  indeed.com claims, an average annual salary of LPN in Hawaii is about $31,000.

Job TitleSalary
LPN Cma Rma$19,000
LPN Ambulatory$21,000
LPN Long Term Care$20,000
Renal Dialysis Nurse$32,000
LPN LVN$25,000
Long Term Care LPN$16,000
Correctional Prison Facility LPN$14,000
Medical Assistant Family Practice$18,000
Nurse RN LPN$30,000
Psychiatric Nurse$35,000
CNA Medical Surgical$17,000
Nar Nursing Assistant Hope$15,000
Patient Care Technician Student$10,000
LPN Primary Care$29,000
Clinical Nurse LPN$23,000

At the same time, salary.com provides data that differs slightly.

LocationAvg. Salary
Ewa Beach, HI$51,996
Hilo, HI$51,647
Honolulu, HI$51,996
Kahului, HI$51,647
Kaneohe, HI$51,996
Pearl City, HI$51,996
Waipahu, HI$51,972

LPN Job Outlook in Hawaii

As you can see, the state of Hawaii provides excellent career options for qualified LPNs.

It’s your opportunity to get your training fast and start a rewarding career in the healthcare field.

According to the given data, working as an LPN in Hawaii, you can earn an excellent salary.

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