20 Best LPN Classes in Riverside, CA (Top Programs Listed)

LPN Classes in Riverside, CA

Riverside is located in one of the most beautiful and dynamic areas of California.

The economic district is in full bloom and it offers great opportunities.

The school district is amazing and it offers great development opportunities.

1 University of Phoenix

The University of Pheonix is ready to give you the best experience in your life. Modern and dedicated, the university constantly modifies its curriculum to provide the latest information and trends. The campus is vital for the student experience and here you will make friends and fulfill all your career dreams.

The LPN program is designed by the best experts in vocational skills and it gives the best training. You will be ready to take care of any patient and take on any job opportunity.

AddressAddress: 3090 Bristol Street Costa Mesa, CA

2 Citrus College

Citrus College is the perfect stop from which to embark on the train to a successful career. The school has some of the best teachers in the state and has the classes and resources adapted to the current trends. The dorms are an example of coziness and relaxation. We provide constant guidance and assistance to all our students, inclduing financig under certain conditions.

LPN training is an interesting and future-oriented option. This program will teach you from an excellent curriculum therefore fully preparing you for an career path.

AddressAddress: 1000 W Foothill Blvd Glendora, CA

3 Pacific College

Pacific College is one of the largest and most famous schools in California thanks to its modern resources and smart investments. The facilities and dorms are at the highest levels of quality and they are designed to satisfy all the needs and desires of the students. In terms of finance, the university offers financial aid and special scholarships for certain cases.

The LPN class is one of the best in the vocational list and it will quickly become a very high-paid one. One of the main advantages of this program is the short learning time and the job opportunities.

AddressAddress: 3160 Red Hill Ave Costa Mesa, CA

4 University of California

Looking for an experienced and resourceful place to start your studies? Look no more because the University of California is here to give you all the desires facilities. We have the best equipment in the area that can be used by all our students. The teaching board constantly looks for new resources and teaching methods to make your studies more pleasant and efficient.

The LPN program is one of the most promising ones given the current medical industry needs. The program is dual and it has both theory and practice. We will get you job-ready in no time.

AddressAddress: 501 Aldrich Hall Irvine, CA

5 Premiere Career College

Famous for its high-quality education and student experience, Premiere Career College offers extraordinary orientation and assistance. Focused on constantly improving the quality of the resources and facilities, Premiere invests in the needs of the students and staff. The teachers are regularly trained to give the best educational journey.

The LPN program will help you embark on the train to success. This way you will be able to get all the needed knowledge in order to enter this amazing industry and fbecome the best nurse.

AddressAddress: 12901 Ramona Blvd Irwindale, CA

6 Hacienda La Puente Adult Education

Hacienda La Puente Adult Education will make all your dreams come true. We a great variety of programs, campuses, and tailored development classes that will help you jump-start your development. All the teachers are trained at the highest standards and our labs and classes are job-focused and designed to give real-life skills.

The LPN program is an excellent vocational choice, being one of the most desired medical specialties. This program will help you achieve further growth and development.

AddressAddress: 14101 E. Nelson Ave La Puente, CA

7 California Career Institute

We at California Career Institute want to help everyone step up to a great career. If you want to study in a place that has excellent student feedback, we are the place. The campus is equipped at the highest national standards and the needs of the students and it also has many leisure activities and cafes. We can also provide financial assistance and guidance.

One of the best vocational programs here is LPN. This program is very well-rounded and it offers amazing classes. After graduation, you will be ready for the accreditation exams and your brand new job.

AddressAddress: 12141 Brookhurst Street Garden Grove, CA

8 Stanbridge University

Stanbridge University is the go-to place if you want to start an amazing educational journey. The campus has very modern dorms and you will also find many cafes, sports area, and other facilities. The staff here is very welcoming and it will make your stay here very fun and dynamic. You can also ask for financial assistance under certain conditions.

In terms of programs, LPN is excellent if you are planning to start a medical career. Well-rounded and designed to give you hands-on job skills, this program will quickly prepare you for many job options.

AddressAddress: 2041 Business Ctr Dr Ste 107 Irvine, CA

9 Career Networks Institute

Career Networks Institute has a very modern and integrative educational approach. The curriculum provides theoretical and vocational programs and it is focused on the desires and dreams of every single student and on the current market trends. In terms of facilities, we are some of the best in the whole state of California.

The LPN class is great if you are a fan of hands-on medical jobs. The training will offer you all the needed theory and practice to easily pass your final exams and enter the industry.

AddressAddress: 1610 E Saint Andrew Place Ste 200 Santa Ana, CA

10 Beaumont Adult School

If you are searching for a professional and renowned place to start a new career, Beaumont Adult School is the place for you. The school is dedicated to assisting every student during the exciting and stressful studying period. We are proud of the amazing teachers that will become your friends and moentors. We also provide great accommodation and leisure activities.

The LPN program is perfect for you if you want a dynamic and well-paid job. During your short stay here you will get all the needed knowledge to take care of any patient.

AddressAddress: 1575 Cherry Ave Beaumont, CA

11 Colton Redlands Yucaipa Regional Occupational Program

Colton Redlands Yucaipa Regional Occupational Program takes care of anyone needing a job. The program is designed to be done at any time of the day and to be personalized based on your needs. These school guarantees an amazing experience and professional teaching while providing some of the best facilities. To help everyone, we can also assist financially.

The LPN program can be found in many of the branches and it is considered an excellent choice. The trainers and teachers will quickly prepare you for an amazing career journey.

AddressAddress: 1214 Indiana Court Redlands, CA

12 Summit College

Summit College is the perfect place for you to start your education if you like challenges and fast learning. The college has a very modern educational approach and all the teachers are very professional and dedicated. Your experience here will be amazing and memorable thanks to the great curriculum and resources. In case you need it, financial assistance is available.

The LPN training program is among the best vocational ones here. It is well-designed and it can be completed in a few months. Upon graduation, you will be one of the best nurses in the state.

AddressAddress: 851 S. Cooley Dr Colton, CA

13 Career Care Institute

Career Care Institute is the go-to place if you want to get to the next level in your career. The school invested a lot in the quality of the resources and classes. This way you will be guaranteed that you are studying at one of the most modern schools in the state. The staff and trainers are very carefully selected to give you the best possible experience.

The LPN class is one of the best at this technical center and it is taught following the national and international standards. At the end of your studies, you will be one of the best-prepared graduates in the state.

AddressAddress: 22500 Town Cir #2205 Moreno Valley, CA

14 Loma Linda University

Modern and vibrant, Loma Linda University is the perfect place to study if you want to fully experience the student life. Proud of the teams and all the creative clubs here, the college invested a lot in the quality of the campus, making this place the dream of every student. The teachers and curriculum are very professional and they will lay a great career path in front of you.

The vocational programs here offer great jobs and LPN is no exception. Focused on theory and hands-on skills, this program will quickly prepare you for a great future.

AddressAddress: 11139 Anderson Street Loma Linda, CA

15 Concorde Career College

Concorde Career College is part of a great and perfomant education system. We have the best educational approach in the region and we provide a well-designed and comprised curriculum. Our accommodation is very comfortable and modern, guaranteeing you a pleasant experience. In case you need it, the school can help you financially.

Of all our programs, LPN is the best medical one. The program is very short and intensive and it teaches everything from patients care, management, personal development to stress management.

AddressAddress: 201 East Airport Drive San Bernardino, CA

16 American Career College

American Career College guarantees the highest level of education and performance. The curriculum here is very well-designed and focused on real-life skills and needs. The teachers and professors are considered experts in their field and they are true professionals in terms of teaching. The school is very inclusive and can offer financial aid.

The LPN class is perfect for medicine enthusiasts. During your studies, you will get the skills and information to take on any challenge and to take care of any patient in your new career.

AddressAddress: 3130 East Sedona Court Ontario, CA

17 North-West College-Riverside

Success can be easily found at the Riverside branch of North-West College. The institution is very modern and it has a very up-to-date curriculum. The classes are very interactive and they are adapted to the current needs of both students and the job industry. The modern curriculum and friendly atmosphere will help you achieve all your professional jobs.

The LPN program will provide one of the best medical training experiences and you will learn every tip and trick about patient care. After graduation, you will be ready to embrace a bright future.

AddressAddress: 4550 La Sierra Ave Riverside, CA

18 North-West College-West Covina

North-West College with the branch in West Covina is a great facility offers great labs and some of the most amazing educators. The campus is designed to satisfy the fun and comfort needs of all the students and it will offer you a great experience. In case it is needed financial aid and scholarships can be accessed.

The LPN program is one of the best and it focuses on integrative learning. This way you will be able to get all the needed knowledge to pass your final exams and get a great job.

AddressAddress: 2121 W Garvey Ave West Covina, CA

19 California Community College System

California Community College Syatem. The institution is one of the largest learning facilities in the country and it has very high ratings among other vocational schools. The teachers are extremely professional and they will teach you how to tackle all the requirements of your future job and how to obtain the best jobs.

If you like the medical field, LPN is the perfect match for you. The program is very intensive and well-designed in order to help you enter the work field as fast as possible.

AddressAddress: 4800 Magnolia Avenue Riverside, CA

20 California Community College System

Rated as one of the warmest and most professional in the area, California Community College System gathered the best programs and classes. The system has excellent learning programs and it offers some of the best trainers and teachers in each field. The school has a very modern campus that will give you a full student experience.

The LPN program is excellent if you want a high-paid job. The program will take you through all the steps to fulfill all your career dreams and to get an excellent job.

AddressAddress: 1499 N. State St. San Jacinto, CA

Schools Summary Table

Rank School
#1 University of Phoenix
#2 Citrus College
#3 Pacific College
#4 University of California
#5 Premiere Career College
#6 Hacienda La Puente Adult Education
#7 California Career Institute
#8 Stanbridge University
#9 Career Networks Institute
#10 Beaumont Adult School
#11 Colton Redlands Yucaipa Regional Occupational Program
#12 Summit College
#13 Career Care Institute
#14 Loma Linda University
#15 Concorde Career College
#16 American Career College
#17 North-West College-Riverside
#18 North-West College-West Covina
#19 California Community College System
#20 California Community College System

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