LPN Training in California (Paid Classes Info)

LPN Classes in California

If you’re looking for LPN courses, California offers numerous possibilities for students.

Keep working hard, getting high grades and developing your talent and you’ll surely earn your scholarship.

A lot of local colleges give a scholarship to their students based on their achievements.

Some especially successful students are able to get a full scholarship and don’t worry about tuition payments.

In other words, you have a great opportunity to start your LPN training for free in California.

You should know that Californian colleges offer a variety of scholarship and grants for students who’d like to become qualified nurses.

Some programs are aimed at individual students while others will be a perfect choice for all students who want to become nurses and pay less for tuition.

Also, you can get governmental scholarships or some grants, provided by companies and employers.

Moreover, there is a bunch of courses WIA approved which is your chance to get your education for free.

WIA Approved LPN Courses in California:

Angeles College of Nursing – 3440 Wilshire Blvd., #310-los Angeles CA 90010

If you’re looking for WIA approved LPN courses in California, first of all, you need to pay your attention to Angeles College of Nursing.

Here you can get high-level tuition to improve your skills and become a professional nurse.

It should be mentioned, that in Angeles College of Nursing you’ll get an affordable rate and various vouchers, and all possible support accessible for students who have WIA assistance.

Bay Area College of Nursing – 6150 Mission Street-Daly City CA 94014

Bay Area College is a perfect choice for students with WIA assistance.

This college is well known for its nurses’ training programs including high-quality LPN courses.

Starting LPN training in Bay Area College, you’ll get not only great on hand experience but also absolutely useful laboratory and class instruction so you can perform your job professionally in the future.

In fact, Bay Area College – it’s a place where you can get not only an excellent level of education but a friendly environment as well.

Career Care Institute – 2151 Alessandro drive Suite 150 Ventura ca 93001 phone: (805) 477-0660 | 22500 Town Circle, Suite 2205 Moreno Valley CA, 92553 Phone: (951) 214-6446 | 43770 15th Street West, Suite 115 Lancaster CA, 93534 Phone: (661) 942-6204

If you have assistance under WIA program, you should pay your attention to LPN training courses in Career Care Institue.

The main point is that it offers numerous possibilities to its students so they can get numerous employment opportunities and well-paid job developing their professional skills.

Starting LPN training in Career Care Institute, you can be sure that you’ll get an absolutely high level of knowledge and skills that allow you to avoid numerous difficulties in your future career search.

VIA Grants & Scholarships in California:

Department of Indian Affairs Scholarships

Department of Indian Affairs is made to support the Indian population and offers numerous grants and scholarships for Indian students.

There is a nursing scholarship program as well which means if you’re an Indian American with a desire to work as a nurse you can ask this organization for help.

If you need to get more information about the applying process, address the financial aid office.

Take into consideration that there’s a lot of organizations that support various minorities.

It means that you can always ask one of them for help and get your LPN training for free.

Vocational Nurse Scholarship

If you’re at least a part-time school student, you have a possibility to get a vocational nurse scholarship.

Applying for this scholarship you should know that you’ll be obliged to work in California for two years after finishing your training.

Also, you should be a really active student and really need help to pay for your training.

Emergency Nurses Association: Bryan Stow State Nursing Scholarship

The scholarship by the Emergency Nurses Association will be a perfect choice for paramedics and EMTs who want to work as nurses.

If you’re interested in this scholarship you should visit the website: http://www.ena.org/foundation/scholarships/.

The scholarship was started to honor a paramedic Bryan Stow who was beaten during the NFL football match.

Consider the fact that this scholarship is available only for students from California or for those who attend Californian colleges.

California Licensed Practical Nurse Salaries

*Salaries Updated for 2024.

LocationAvg. Salary
Los Angeles, CA$53,966
San Diego, CA$51,303
San Jose, CA$58,214
San Francisco, CA$60,123
Fresno, CA$47,812
Sacramento, CA$51,963
Long Beach, CA$53,204
Oakland, CA$56,544
Bakersfield, CA$51,248
Anaheim, CA$53,323
Santa Ana, CA$53,252
Riverside, CA$51,058
Stockton, CA$51,153
Chula Vista, CA$51,303

Via Job Corps:

Inland Empire – San Bernardino, CA 92427-9550 | (909) 887-6305

Long Beach, CA 90810-4050 | (562) 983-1777

Los Angeles, CA 90015 | (213) 748-0135

Sacramento, CA 95832 | (916) 394-0770

San Diego – Imperial Beach, CA 91932-3751| (619) 429-8500

San Jose – San Jose, CA 95127-2970 | (408) 254-5627

Treasure Island – San Francisco, CA 94130-5027 | (415) 277-2400

USA LPN Classes by City

USA LPN Classes by State

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    Does the LPN title include those who help people who are sickly at home? Like a live-in or visiting nurse? I am wondering because I would love to be able to be a nurse that allows seniors to live in the comfort of their homes instead of being placed in nursing homes.

  2. Avatar for Jackie H. Jackie H.

    I had always been under the impression that LPN’s in California required more education and received higher pay. Not to say this pay is bad but when you consider the cost of living in California, I can’t imagine this being a livable wage for a family. I might get certified and move to another state!

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    Thank you for the information! I live in California, moved here 2 years ago with my parents. I will be graduating this year so I am looking into becoming a nurse. I will take down some notes here and bookmark the page. I am glad you included salary numbers so I know what to expect.

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