16 Best LPN Classes in Nashua, NH (Top Programs Listed)

LPN Classes in Nashua, NH

Developed and full of opportunities, Nashua is a great place to be.

The city and state have seen great economic development in the past years and this offers great opportunities.

The schools are great and you will find many interesting LPN schools in New Hampshire.

1 St Joseph School of Nursing

St. Joseph School of Nursing is one of the most modern and well-equipped places to start a medical career. The school has some of the best graduates in the work that bring pride and fame to each one of us while taking good care of their patients. The campus has everything you need for fun and leisure activities while having many libraries and study places.

The LPN program will make you a great medical professional. This program provides real-life patient care experience, communication classes, tips, and tricks to be a perfect LPN practitioner.

AddressAddress: 5 Woodward Ave Nashua, NH

2 Greater Lowell Technical School

Greater Lowell Techical School is considered one of the most vibrant and dynamic places to start your education. We provide the best student experience and a memorable college life through our fun activities and leisure clubs. The teachers and staff dedicate their effort and time to form you into a well-trained and smart professional.

From our whole vocational program list, the LPN class ranks as one of the best in terms of professional opportunities. The program will get you ready to work in just a few short months.

AddressAddress: 250 Pawtucket Blvd Tyngsboro, MA

3 Salter School

We at Salter School are proud to say that we have the best campus facilities and the most professional educators. If you want to study in a place that has excellent student feedback, here we are! The campus is one of the best in the state and it offers everything you might need from cozy dorms, cafes, libraries, parks and sporys areas.

One of the best medical programs here is LPN. This program offer updated and adapted classes and labs. After graduation, you will be ready for the most exciting job in this industry.

AddressAddress: 670 N. Commercial St. Suite 403 Manchester, NH

4 Shawsheen Valley Regional Vocational Technical School

Shawsheen Valley Regional Vocational Technical School is ready to give a helping hand to everyone that wants to reach the next level. Modern and dedicated, our teaching board constantly adapts and upgrades the curriculum to give the best education experience. The campus is key for the student experience and here you will find the best resources and fun activities.

The LPN program is designed by the best experts in vocational skills and it will give you the best training. You will be ready to become a high-paid professional in no time.

AddressAddress: 100 Cook St Billerica, MA

5 Monty Tech

Monty Tech is a staple of the technical education industry in terms of resources and approach. The college has an extraordinary curriculum adapted to the needs of all students and designed to provide the newest skills and trends. Your career could not start in a better place and we promise to take care of you at every step of your journey here.

The LPN program provides outstanding classes that will give you the needed training and skills. We will teach you everything about this career and we will also assist you with job hunting.

AddressAddress: 1050 Westminster St Fitchburg, MA

6 Medical Professional Institute

Medical Professionals Institute has great notoriety and respect for the medical programs. The institute trained many of the professionals and leaders in the nursing world. The teachers are extremely well-trained and they will teach you the essential knowledge and skills for any professional. Whenever you feel the need to relax, you have amazing leisure facilities all over our campus.

Among the vocational classes, the LPN is one of the top-rated. This program will quickly deliver you the needed training to pass any exams and to get the job of your dreams.

AddressAddress: 380-388 Pleasant Street Malden, MA

7 MGH Institute of Health Professions

MGH Insitute of Health Professions is ranked as the #1 place in Massachusetts in medical education. The institute trained many of the working nurses and staff and they prove to be some of the very best. The curriculum and classes are designed to answer today’s needs of the market and to answer to all your needs and desires.

The LPN program was carefully designed to give a complete perspective on this career choice. This way you will learn everything about LPN and become an excellent professional.

AddressAddress: 36 1st Avenue Boston, MA

8 Community College of New Hampshire

If you are searching for a professional and serious place to start a new career, Community College of New Hampshire is here for you. The college is dedicated to assisting every student to achieve the maximum educational performance. We are proud of the amazing teachers that dedicate all their time and efforts to transform you into a professional

The LPN program is perfect for you if you are looking for a great medical career. During your short stay here you will get all the needed knowledge to apply to any job in this industry.

AddressAddress: 31 College Drive Concord, NH

9 Simmons College

Simmons College is the best place to upgrade yourself and reach all your goals. The school is focused on the future of every single student and you will definitely receive high-quality, personalized education here. The school has some of the most modern and professional teachers that will carefully teach you all the needed skills and information.

The  LPN program is excellent in terms of labs, lectures, and training. This way you will be fully prepared to enter this booming industry and fullfill your dreams.

AddressAddress: 300 The Fenway Boston, MA

10 MCPHS University

MCPHS University is proud of its alumni that managed to become the best medical professionals. The school has a very modern campus and it also offers many leisure activities that will make your learning experience a blast. We will assist you with everything you need, from finding the perfect program to job hunting. Under certain conditions, we can assist you with financial aid.

LPN training perfectly integrates all the needed information. The program is very short and optimized to get you fully trained to get your accreditation and a great job.

AddressAddress: 179 Longwood Ave Boston, MA

11 Boston College

Bustling, modern, and full of opportunities, Boston College is one of the most famous institutions in the country. Extremely modern and dedicated, this school is the perfect place to start a new career or to upgrade the one you already have. The teachers are trainers stand with a reaching hand to anyone needing guidance or help. The facilities, resources, classes, dorms, and leisure areas are constantly upgraded and renovated to give you the best experience ever.

One of the best vocational classes is LPN. Well-designed and career-focused, the program will quickly prepare you to become one of the best in the hospital or clinic.

AddressAddress: 140 Commonwealth Avenue Chestnut Hill, MA

12 University of Massachusetts

The University of Massachusetts is one of the top educational choices in the United States. The college has some of the best graduates in the world and it keeps up the high standards. The campus stands for fun and leisure activities while making sure that you have the needed space to study. We can also provide financial planning and assistance.

The LPN program will pleasantly surprise you. This program provides on-job patient care experience, psychology, tips, tricks, practical skills, and everything needed to embrace a great career.

AddressAddress: 100 Morrissey Boulevard Boston, MA

13 Northern Essex Community College

Northern Essex Community College is at the top of educational performance and efficiency in the state. We simply adore having modern and updated resources and we know you do, too. Come and see the best facilities that will help you embrace any career. Our accommodation and campus facilities will make your studies very fun and memorable.

The LPN program has amazing resources and facilities. It will take you through all the needed steps to form you into an outstanding professional, ready to take on a great career.

AddressAddress: 100 Elliott Street Haverhill, MA

14 Mount Wachusett Community College

Rated as a top vocational career starting point, Mount Wachusett Community College is one of the most modern institutions in the county. The school has an excellent learning process and it offers some of the best trainers and teachers. The school has a very modern campus that will give you the perfect environment for growth and study.

The LPN program is the ultimate choice if you want a hands-on career. The program will take you through all the steps to fulfill all your career goals and become an amazing LPN expert.

AddressAddress: 444 Green St Gardner, MA

15 Bunker Hill Community College

Bunker Hill Community College offers excellent student facilities and a very modern curriculum. The school is famous for its great educational programs that offer great diversity and variety. The campus is very comfortable and the atmosphere will boost your productivity. If we haven’t convinced you yet, come and meet us!

The LPN class is ranked as one of the best thanks to the modern resources and approach. The program will take you from scratch and teach you all the trick and challenges of patient care

AddressAddress: 250 New Rutherford Ave Boston, MA

16 Quinsigamond Community College

Large, developed, and full of life, Quinsigamond Community College is considered one of the best places to upgrade your knowledge or to start a new path. The College is famous for its great alumni and job integration of the former students. The recent investment in the infrastructure and campus makes this college the perfect place to construct you career and friendships for a lifetime.

The LPN class is regarded as one of the best choices given the great opportunities this class gives you. Modern and well-rounded, this program will quickly prepare you for any challenge.

AddressAddress: 670 West Boylston Street Worcester, MA

Schools Summary Table

Rank School
#1 St Joseph School of Nursing
#2 Greater Lowell Technical School
#3 Salter School
#4 Shawsheen Valley Regional Vocational Technical School
#5 Monty Tech
#6 Medical Professional Institute
#7 MGH Institute of Health Professions
#8 Community College of New Hampshire
#9 Simmons College
#10 MCPHS University
#11 Boston College
#12 University of Massachusetts
#13 Northern Essex Community College
#14 Mount Wachusett Community College
#15 Bunker Hill Community College
#16 Quinsigamond Community College

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