LPN Training in Tennessee (Paid Classes Info)

LPN Classes in Tennessee

Those students who live in Tennessee have an opportunity to get their LPN training for free or at least to reduce its cost through the Workforce Investment Act.

The workforce boards and local colleges partners using this program to support students.

It gives colleges an opportunity to provide individuals with career training options so they can maintain their education and start their career.

In other words, this program is the opportunity to get support so you can become a gainful employee.

If you want to apply for the program you need to address the local workforce office.

There you can get some help to start your LPN or at least pre-nursing training to resolve your employment issues.

One another option you can use to get your LPN training is sponsoring employers.

If you’ve already started your career and want to improve your skills, you can ask your employer for financial aid.

Often, employers are ready to support their workers financially in order to get more skillful and qualified employees.

In case you were qualified for such a program, you’ll be obliged to maintain your work for a certain period of time.

The point is that it’s an opportunity not only get your LPN training but guarantee your employment.

WIA Approved LPN Training Courses in Tennessee

Tennessee Technology Center – 100 White Bridge Road Nashville, TN 37209

Those students who were qualified for the WIA approved program should look for all available opportunities to start your LPN training.

Entering the program you can get sufficient financial aid so you can fulfill your LPN degree and start your career.

Moreover, all students will be able to get the required practical skills at the local healthcare facilities.

Also, there is plenty of theoretical classes and lab experience during the LPN training program.

The point is that the program is quite flexible so a great number of students can apply for it.

Cleveland State Community College – PO Box 3570-Cleveland, TN 37320

Cleveland State Community College offers LPN training program for students who were qualified for WIA benefits.

Moreover, there are ADN and LPN-RN courses for students who work as nurses and want to prepare themselves for RN courses.

Also, you can apply for various courses that can help you to start your training before entering the LPN course.

Using the WIA benefits, you’ll be able to reduce the payments for your education or even get it for free.

Columbia State Community College – 1665 Hampshire Pike, Columbia TN 38401

Columbia State Community College is one of the WIA providers within the state of Tennessee.

If you’re qualified, you can apply for some financial aid to pay for your LPN training.

Also, you can enter some training courses that are covered with the Act, before starting the LPN training.

In this situation, some credits can be transferred for the LPN course in any college.

In other words, entering the WIA program, you can pay for pre-nursing and LPN courses

Grants & Scholarships in Tennessee

Grants and scholarships can be your perfect opportunity to reduce the cost of your education or get it for free.

The main point is that such programs allow entering any college within the state if you’re a student od a certified school.

It’s absolutely great as you don’t need to move to another city to start your LPN training and become a nurse.

In this article, there are some scholarships available for LPN students but you can look for any other offers.

Edith M Allen Scholarship

If you’re a member of the United Method Church, you have an opportunity to apply for this scholarship.

It’s available for students that are interested in various career fields and nursing is one of them.

One of the requirements for this scholarship is that you need to be the Church member for at least three years.

Also, it’s available for undergraduate degree students.

If you were assigned for the scholarship, you’ll be obliged to maintain a high level of academic success (at least B+).

All the necessary information is available on the website: http://www.gbhem.org/site/c.lsKSL3POLvF/b.3463017/k.BE22/Home.htm.

The Foundation of the National Student Nurses’ Association

The Association has some financial aid available for undergraduate students who want to become nurses.

Applying for this program you’ll be able to start your nursing tuition including LPN training courses.

The sum of the scholarship is $1000-$2500 which allows reducing your education expenses significantly.

To apply for it, you should have high grades, be dedicated to nursing and meet some other requirements.

In order to apply for the scholarship or to get some extra information about it, address the Foundation office: 45 Main Street, Suite 606-Brooklyn, NY 11201.

Chattanooga State Community College – Foster Care Grant-4501 Amnicola Highway Chattanooga, TN 37406

This grant aims to help students to start their LPN training and start their successful career.

Your GPA should be 2.75 points at least and should be a graduate of a participating school.

Also, your ACT test score must be 18-20 points.

One another point is that you can get this grant your gross income cannot be more than $36 000.

Tennessee Licensed Practical Nurse Salaries

*Salaries Updated for 2024.

LocationAvg. Salary
Memphis, TN$45,140
Nashville, TN$44,219
Knoxville, TN$43,637
Chattanooga, TN$42,877
Clarksville, TN$42,892
Murfreesboro, TN$43,885
Jackson, TN$44,806
Johnson City, TN$41,529
Franklin, TN$44,063
Bartlett, TN$45,550
Hendersonville, TN$44,152
Kingsport, TN$41,685
Collierville, TN$44,873
Cleveland, TN$42,543

Job Corps

Jacobs Creek – 984 Denton Valley Road Bristol, TN 37620-1430 | (423) 878-4021

BL Hooks – 1555 McAlister Drive Memphis, TN 38116 | (901) 396-2800

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USA LPN Classes by State

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