LPN Classes in Minneapolis, MN (Top Programs Listed)

LPN Classes in Minneapolis, MN

Rated as one of the most developed cities in the state, Minneapolis is the place to be.

The business is in full bloom and it will continue to expand in the following years.

If you are looking for a fresh start there are great LPN classes in Minneapolis.

Minneapolis Community and Technical College

Here at Minneapolis Community and Technical College you will find all the resources and facilities needed to start a new career. The aim of the college is to help everyone start their education and reach all their goals. The school is constantly updated with the latest news in the educational trends and needs of the work market. Financial aid is also available under certain conditions.

The LPN program is perfect if you have a medical hands-on career in mind. INtensive and interesting, this program will teach your everything you need to know and it will prepare you for a great career.

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AddressAddress: 1501 Hennepin Ave Minneapolis, MN

Hennepin Technical College

Hennepin Technical College has always been one of the staple names in any educational performance list thanks to the great results the graduates have in the work market. The facilities are very modern and well-designed, responding to all the practical and theoretical needs of your chosen program. The accommodation is very fun and the campus will prove fun and relaxing.

One of the best technical programs here is LPN. Short, dynamic, and full of opportunities upon graduation, this program will prepare you for a great career in a growing industry.

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AddressAddress: 9000 Brooklyn Blvd Brooklyn Park, MN

Dakota County Technical College

Dakota County Technical College is proud to say that they are some of the best in the state for vocational programs. Modern, fun, and very professional, this school is the perfect place to study if you want to start a new and exciting technical career. The educational board and teachers are very fun and welcoming and they are the very best professionals in their field.

The LPN class is very exciting and dynamic, being a perfect choice if you want to start a medical career. The short training program will take you from scratch and make you one of the best in your field.

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AddressAddress: 1300 145th Street East Rosemount, MN

Saint Paul College

Modern, dynamic, and renowned for its warm atmosphere, Saint Paul College is the ultimate place to spend your college days. We offer the best student experience thanks to our modern and welcoming campus and the activities available here. The teachers and staff are some of the best in each field and they will prove to be very professional and fun.

Among the short vocational programs, the LPN one will satisfy your thirst for knowledge. Short and intensive, this program will deliver you all the needed skills and knowledge to jump-start your career.

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AddressAddress: 235 Marshall Ave Saint Paul, MN

Anoka Technical College

If you are looking for a great place to start a new career, Anoka Technical College is the place to go. Modern, dynamic, and full of activities, the college offers some of the best development opportunities in the state. The facilities here are very modern and comfortable and they will provide an amazing stay. In case it is needed, financial aid is also available.

The LPN class is one of the best in college and it takes a very short time to finish. It provides all the needed infrastructure for hands-on and theoretical training to make you one of the best.

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AddressAddress: 1355 Highway 10 West Anoka, MN

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