8 Best LPN Classes in Cincinnati, OH (Top Programs Listed)

LPN Classes in Cincinnati, OH

Cincinnati is one of the most developed cities in Ohio and it offers many opportunities.

The business environment here is in full development and it offers great career options.

In terms of vocational schools, you will easily find excellent LPN classes in Cincinnati.

1 Antonelli College

Modern and updated, Antonelli College provides one of the best student experiences in this state. The modern facilities and vocational programs aim to give you the best possible learning experience. Don’t worry, the campus also provides excellent fun and leisure opportunities. In case you need it, financial aid and scholarships are also available.

The LPN program is amazing and it will provide you a dual curriculum that includes practice and lectures. The modern approach of this program will provide you the newest updates and information, making you a true professional in this field.

AddressAddress: 124 E Seventh Ave Cincinnati, OH

2 Xavier University

Dedicated and with high education standards, Xavier University strongly believes that everyone can start a new future. The school has an amazing teaching strategy that aims to provide all the needed knowledge and skills in the shortest time possible. The “all for one” mentality means that the entire teaching board and staff are dedicated to helping you reach all your learning goals.

The LPN vocational program is very professional and intensive and it focuses on the needs of the job market. This way you will be ready to take on your new career path in the most professional way.

AddressAddress: 3800 Victory Parkway Cincinnati, OH

3 University of Cincinnati

The University of Cincinnati is considered the educational institutions with the best teachers and curriculum The university has a great campus that is famous for its fun activities and parties. The school is proud of its well-trained teachers and welcoming staff. The school has great reviews thanks to the high number of successful graduates and easiness of finding a job.

Among all the vocational programs, the LPN one is perfect if you like hands-on medical careers. The program also provides job-hunting assistance, financial aid, and a great resume.

AddressAddress: 2624 Clifton Avenue Cincinnati, OH

4 Cincinnati State Technical and Community College

Cincinnati State Technical and Community College is the ultimate place to start a new career. High-quality education and professional teachers are the main points that should make you choose this college. You will be very pleased by the great leisure activities on campus and by the comfortable dorms. Financial support can also be accessed under certain conditions.

The LPN vocational program is an excellent choice for dynamic people that want to grow in their careers. The job opportunities opened by this program are very vast and you will be able to enjoy one of the best career paths.

AddressAddress: 3520 Central Parkway Cincinnati, OH

5 Butler Tech

Butler Tech is considered one of the wisest choices for a technical or vocational career. The school has a very modern campus and here you will make memories for a lifetime. The staff is selected based on performance and excellence and you are guaranteed that our teachers are the best in each specialty.

Among the vocational training programs, the LPN one will open some of the most interesting opportunities. The program will teach you everything you need to know about patient care and medical techniques.

AddressAddress: 3603 Hamilton Middletown Rd Hamilton, OH

6 Kentucky Community and Technical Colleges

Kentucky Community and Technical Colleges are a unique and innovative approach inclusive and integrative education. The modern approach and the well-trained teachers are essential for a successful learning experience and you are guaranteed to find them in this system. The facilities and campus have everything you need for a cozy and relaxing student life.

The LPN program in this system can be done in many of the branches and it provides premium resources and excellent teachers. After graduation you will be ready to rock your new career.

AddressAddress: 500 Technology Way Florence, KY

7 Beckfield College

If you are looking for a professional and dynamic place to start a new career, Beckfield College is the perfect place for you. The campus in Springdale has an extraordinary atmosphere that will give you friends, experiences, and amazing memories. The quality of the educational process is excellent and the branch also provides financial aid and assistance.

The LPN program is excellent if you are looking for a dynamic medical profession. The experienced teachers and trainers will provide you all the needed skills and knowledge to become one of the best in your field.

AddressAddress: 225 Pictoria Drive Ste 200 Springdale, OH

8 Beckfield College

Beckfield College is rated as one of the most professional and experienced tech schools. The place is famous for its funky atmosphere and some of the most professional trainers. The facilities are all new, providing a great stay and study. The campus also provides interesting and relaxing leisure activities to make your stay here truly memorable.

The LPN vocational class is very well-rounded and it will teach you all the needed information and technique to take care of your patients. We will also assist you during job hunting.

AddressAddress: 16 Spiral Drive Florence, KY

Schools Summary Table

Rank School
#1 Antonelli College
#2 Xavier University
#3 University of Cincinnati
#4 Cincinnati State Technical and Community College
#5 Butler Tech
#6 Kentucky Community and Technical Colleges
#7 Beckfield College
#8 Beckfield College

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