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In this article we’ll be focusing on Vocational Training Programs/Courses list

A lot of people has been asking me for a list of vocational training courses to better advise them on their career interest.

Therefore, we constructed a list of vocational training programs  from different states of America and across the world.

This list consist of various trade courses in different sectors of vocational education

This article covers:

  • Trade Programs List
  • Vocational Training Programs List
  • Vocational Training Programs in USA/NYC
  • Benefits of Vocational Courses 
  • Common Vocational Courses

Many vocational training programs are in high demand in the current job market.

The good news is that, there are quite a number of these programs and on top of that, they are being offered as certificates, or diploma.


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If you are looking to start a new career, further studies, or enhancing of your current job, below is a list of the vocational programs to select from.

Should a student choose a vocational course that falls within a formal education path, they may earn an associate degree or a certificate for their efforts.

The final qualification and credentials one attains depends on the type of course and the credits earned as a result of the training.

What are Vocational courses?

Vocational training courses are specific classes offered to learners to train for a particular job or career.

These courses are offered to people working in various career fields to improve their skills.

Vocational training is available in trade schools, career colleges as well as community courses.

The institutions offering the courses may be government owned or privately run.

Vocational Training Programs – Courses  list

Vocational Training Programs
Vocational Training Programs list

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Common vocational courses

Although there are numerous vocational courses in the market, some of them are more popular than others.

The demand for these courses is determined by the market.

Some of the leading vocational courses include:

222 List of Vocational Course
Computer Specialist
Radiation Therapist
Nuclear Technician
Dental Hygienist
Fashion Designer
Nuclear Medicine Technologist
Commercial Pilot
Electrical and Electronics Repairman
Web Developer
Cardiovascular Technologist
HVAC Technician
Surgical Technologist
Medical Laboratory Technician
Chemical Plant Operator
Executive Housekeeper
Locomotive Engineer
Personal Trainer
Police Officer
Auto Repair Training
Automation control
Bookkeeping, Accounting and Auditing
Business and marketing management
Business and Office management
Catering and hotel management
Culling arts
Collision Repair
Computer networking management
Construction Management
Daycare management
Diesel Mechanics
Early Child Care Education
Engineering-Mechanical, Civil, Electric and Electronic, Chemical among others.
Food and Beverage Management
Hairstyling, Cosmetics and Beautification
Health care and social assistant
Home inspector
Interior Design
Industrial Maintenance
Massage Therapy
Medical Billing
Medical Transcription
Organizational/Leadership Skills
Paralegal Studies
Practical Nursing
Precision Manufacturing and Machining
Pharmacy Technician
Private investigator
Property Management
Psychology and Counselling
Real Estate Appraisal
Small Business Management
Small Engine Repair
Tax Preparation
Travel Agent
Truck driving
Veterinary Technician
Welding and Fabrication
Architectural and Structural CADD and Graphics Technician
Construction Estimating
Construction Operations
Construction Supervision
Heat and Frost Insulator
Hydronic Technician
Industrial Electrician
Ironworker - Reinforcing
Metal Fabricator
Piping foundation
Pump Maintenance
Roadworks Maintenance
Security Systems Technician
Sheet Metal Worker Foundation
Security Systems Technician
Telecommunications Technician
Wireless Communications Technician
CNC Machinist Technician
Fire Protection Inspection and Testing
Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technician
Power and Process Engineering
Refrigeration Mechanic Foundation
Refrigeration Systems
Aircraft Gas Turbine Technician
Airport Operations
Airline and Flight Operations - Commercial Pilot
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Automotive Service Technician
Automotive Technical Studies
Automotive Technician
Bridge Watchman
Chief Mate
Commercial Transport
Heavy Duty Mechanic
Marine Engineering
Master 150GT Domestic
Master 500GT Domestic
Nautical Sciences
Railway Conductor
Motorcycle and Power Equipment Technician
Aboriginal Policing Preparation
Addictions Counselling
Advanced Care Paramedic
Agricultural Machinery Technician
Bachelor of Psychiatric Nursing
BioScience Technology
Building Systems Technician
Business Information Systems
Business Planning
CAD/CAM Engineering Technology
Chemical Technology
Civil Engineering Technologies
Civil Technician
Combined Laboratory and X-Ray Technology
Computer Systems Technology
Continuing Care Assistant
Correctional Studies
Court Services Administrator
Critical Care Nursing
Culinary Arts
Dental Assisting
Diabetes Education for Health Care Professionals
Diabetes Education for Health Care Providers
Digital Graphic Design
Disability Support Worker
Dynamic Web Development
Educational Assistant
Electrical Engineering Technology
Electronics Technician
Engineering Design and Drafting Technology
Entrepreneurship and Small Business
Environmental Engineering Technology
Funeral Service
Food Service Cook
Geographic Information Science for Resource Management
Geomatics and Surveying Engineering Technology
Graphic Communications
Health Information Management
Heavy Equipment Operator
Hotel and Restaurant Management
Human Resources Management (Certificate)
Indigenous Peacekeeping
Industrial Mechanics (Applied Certificate)
Industrial Mechanics (Certificate)
Institutional Cooking
Institutional Meat Cutting
Instrumentation Engineering Technology
Integrated Resource Management
Interactive Media Production
Leadership Skills
Library and Information Technology
Meat Processing
Mechanical Engineering Technology
Media Arts Production (Certificate)
Media Arts Production (Diploma)
Medical Device Reprocessing Technician
Medical Laboratory Assistant
Medical Laboratory Technology
Medical Radiologic Technology
Mental Health and Addictions Worker
Mining Engineering Technology
Multi-Mechanical Trades
New Media Communications (Certificate)
New Media Communications (Diploma)
Nursing Re-entry
Occupational Health and Safety Practitioner (Applied Certificate)
Occupational Health and Safety Practitioner (Certificate)
Office Administration
Parts Management Technician
Parts Person
Perioperative Nursing/LPN
Perioperative Nursing/RN
Power Engineering Technician
Power Engineering Technology
Power Sports Equipment Technician
Primary Care Nurse Practitioner
Primary Care Paramedic
Production Line Welding
Professional Cooking
Psychiatric Nursing (Diploma)
Radiation and Environmental Monitoring Technician
Recognition of Prior Learning Practitioner
Recreation and Community Development
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
Resource and Environmental Law
Retail Manager
Retail Meat Specialist
Retail Customer Service
Security Officer
Service Excellence
Stucco Applicator
Therapeutic Recreation
Tri-Trades Heavy Equipment, Truck and Transport, Agricultural Machinery Technician
Underground Mining Core
Underground Mining Raise Boring
Underground Mining Shaft Operations
Veterinary Assisting
Victim Services Coordination
Warehouse Worker
Water and Wastewater Technician
Water Resources Engineering Technology
Welding Applied Certificate
Youth Care Worker (Certificate)
Youth Care Worker (Diploma)
Utility Lineworker Technology

Healthcare and Social Assistance

This field offers numerous opportunities for learners to attain vocational training.

The market demand is such that there is always a need for nursing assistants to work in hospitals, care homes, offer day care services and residential services.

The bureau of labor statistics estimates that this sector alone creates at least 5.6 million jobs annually.

This sector offers a decent pay to its workers which is normally above the U.S. average.

Examples of average salaries for several vocational jobs in the Healthcare sector:

  • Dialysis Technician – $38,217
  • Medical Technologist – $66,513
  • Respiratory Therapist – $64,706
  • Ultrasound Technician – $72,328
  • Healthcare Administration – $75,470

Construction Industry

Regardless of the economic conditions, the demand for housing will always be there.

For this reason, the construction industry is always hiring.

The available jobs include positions for plumbers, elevator installers, electricians, masons as well as building inspectors among many others.


Here’s some information about annual average salary for these type of jobs:

  • Plumber – $50,339
  • Elevator Installer – $68,967
  • Electrician – $51,760
  • Mason – $47,606
  • Building Inspector – $51,049

The Manufacturing Sector

As one of the industries that fuel a rapid growth of the economy, manufacturing is a very important sector.

The field is always looking for new employees that have to receive special vocational training to perform their duties.

This industry requires employees with advanced manufacturing skills and thus the employees that get trained are likely to earn some good salaries.

Food Service

The food industry is huge and one that requires a lot of workers.

The need for fresh labor is the reason the industry is always hiring.

Food services employees such as chefs and food processing workers are in high demand.

Considering that people have to eat all the time, the industry has a bright future.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Every small business requires someone with accounting knowledge.

A good number of workers in the accounting industry start off as accounts clerks with basic knowledge and then advance their skills to become accomplished accounts professionals.

Cosmetology and Hair Stylists

It is no secret that ladies have to look beautiful.

The demand for good hair stylists will always be high no matter the season.

The advantage of this career is that one can start with no skills at all and advance through vocational training to become a most sought-after hair stylist.

The industry also offers attractive pay for the right workers.

Computer and IT Support

To get started in this industry, one does not have to be a computer expert.

There are numerous computer support jobs available that one can get with moderate on-the-job training.

Tips to become a great IT support every company will want to keep:

  • Be a team player – People needs to see that you can work with others well and if ever your boss asks your colleagues about you then you’ll want them to give you a good review.
  • Have a special skill – Something you know better then anyone and is vital to the company.
  • Become Unfireable – Take more responsibility, If you take care of a lot of things within the company, you are too much valuable to the company and to fire you will cause too much problem because only you know of these things you are responsible for, that’s how you become unfireable (indispensable to the company so there isn’t a chance you will get fired).

Trucking and Transport Industry

Transport is a key driver of the economy and also an industry that employs a large number of people.

One can join the trucking industry and make a decent living.

A trucking job only requires a high school diploma and some driving experience.

Once recruited, a person undergoes a short vocational training and can start earning within a few weeks.

Auto Servicing

The number of cars on the roads continues to increase with every passing day.

The cars require servicing, and thus anyone interested in vehicles should take vocational training on car repair and service.

The sector has many new opportunities with car owners choosing to add some personalized features to their cars to make a statement.

Why Choose Vocational Training Courses?

Faster Qualification

Having decided on a career, a vocational course offers a quick entry to the field.

The training sometimes takes as little as 6 weeks and within the period you may have acquired the skills you need to get started.

If you need to get an associate degree, it is possible to get it within 2 years.

The feat that is not possible if you were to study for an academic degree.

The process is simple:

Learn a profitable skill to make money with - this is what vocational programs are all about


Considering that vocational courses are designed for working people in mind, the programs are very flexible in terms of the study program.

The courses give you the option of starting out when it is convenient.

One can also choose to study online or part-time depending on their schedule.

Join the Career of Your Choice

One of the biggest advantages of vocational courses is that you get to join your dream career.

Some students in academic courses may enroll in programs that they are not certain about.

With vocational courses, you make a choice to join the career you have always wanted.

Practical Training

If you love hands-on experience, vocational training courses are designed for you.

The programs include a lot of practical approaches to learning as opposed to academic programs that favor theory at the expense of practice.

During the lessons, you encounter real-life situations that you will deal with on the job.

The approach ensures that you are ready for the job as soon as it is available.

Most of the instructors in the colleges have hands-on experience and will teach you the skills they have gained through practice.

Vocational Skills Are in High Demand

A huge advantage of enrolling for vocational training courses is that most of the skills are in demand.

Whether you train for the healthcare or trucking industry, you are assured of landing a good job as soon as you are through with the training.

Being specialized training, you will excel on the job because of the practical training you have received.

Final Thoughts

If you have identified your career of choice, taking vocational training courses will ensure that you get started right away and you can start earning some good income in a matter of weeks.

Vocational training programs normally lead to industrial skills certificates and diplomas or associate degrees.

These programs are important and can either be a basis to a career, or an enhancement in any career discipline.

Apart from being important, the programs are easy to integrate since they have been designed to help students learn fast, and most of the programs are more practical than theory.

Furthermore, they take a considerable amount of time making them easy for students to learn.

There are many vocational courses offered with vast career applications, to find out more, use our quick school finder.

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