LPN Training in Indiana (Paid Classes Info)

LPN Classes in Indiana

You should know that you can find numerous possibilities to get your LPN training for free or at least reduce its cost in Indiana.

In fact, each state usually offers some scholarships or grants for those people who meet the requirements and have high grades.

In other words, you always can find some scholarships to apply for as well as various federal, state and WIA programs.

Also, you should forget that Job Corps provides students with financial help.

If you’re already working as a CNA you may ask your employer whether they can help you with your LPN training.

In such a case, you’ll be able to get your education for free but remember that you’ll be obliged to maintain your work at the facility for the agreed period of time.

One another scholarship you can apply for is a sports scholarship in case you’re good at some sport and can be a part of a college team.

Moreover, some organizations and companies offer scholarships as well.

There are numerous grants such as the Pell Grant Program that you can apply for.

To get it, you need to do a lot of paperwork but still, it’s a perfect opportunity to start your LPN training.

You should know that the main part of these grants is assigned due to your financial status and need.

Here is the list of the most popular scholarships and grants offered in Indiana.

Grants & Scholarships in Indiana

American Legion Auxiliary – Department of Indiana: Past Presidents’ Parley – State Nursing Scholarship

To enter this program you need to be a woman and a resident of the state of Indiana.

It was started to support women whose parents, grandparents and even great-grandparents worked at Legion.

one another requirement is that you should be a student of a college in Indiana and be s state resident for a certain period of time.

The main point that each student gets a unique sum of money for their education but, in any case, it’s still a great opportunity to reduce the cost of your training.

Indiana Nursing Scholarship Fund

This scholarship was started to support individuals who live and attend college in Indiana.

You should know that this scholarship is renewable and can apply for it each year even if you got it before.

The maximum you can get during one academic year is $5000.

One another aspect you should take into consideration is that you’ll be asked to work as a nurse in Indiana for 2 years after finishing your education.

In any case, it’s a perfect opportunity to start your career and receive your first job.

St. Francis Healthcare Foundation – 5255 E Stop 11 Rd., Ste. 245-Indianapolis, IN 46237

This scholarship will be a perfect choice for those who have already started their career in the healthcare field.

If you’re an employee at St. Francis it’s a great opportunity to improve your skills and get financial support to start your LPN training.

The volume of scholarship varies each year depending on the available funds and applicants’ needs.

It’s your chance to get financial support and start your LPN training.

WIA Approved LPN Training Courses in Indiana

MedTech – 7320 Engle Road, Forty Wayne Indiana 46804

If you want to become a professional nurse you should apply for one of the programs offered by the MedTech.

It offers LPN as well as RN programs for those who only start their education and for those who want to improve their skills and gain more experience.

You should know that MedTech is WIA approve educational facility.

WIA programs are made to provide with financial help those individuals who look for an opportunity to start their career and become a real professional.

Advanced Healthcare Vocational Institute – 6350 Westhaven Dr. Ste. P Indianapolis

Advanced Healthcare Vocational Institute offers its students WIA approved programs.

It’s a perfect opportunity to start your career, improve your skills or restart your career if you were dismissed earlier.

You should know that the Vocational Institute is one of the best healthcare educational facilities within the state.

In other words, its educational programs aim to prepare really skillful and qualified specialists.

Attending this institute, you may choose a number of vocational and healthcare courses, and get a number of WIA benefits.

Ivy Tech Community College – 4301 100 West Muncie, IN 47302

This college offers a number of possibilities for those who just finished their school education and for those who want to improve their skills.

Also, entering this college you can apply for state WIA program.

It is your chance to get all possible support to reduce the payments for your education.

You should know that the college has a whole bunch of options that may interest people who want to work as nurses or already started their career.

Ivy Tech Community College has a great number of colleges that are located in Richmond, Anderson, Bloomington, Columbus, Franklin, Madison, New Castle, Warsaw, Connersville, East Chicago, and Fort Wayne.

You can find more information on the official website: http://www.ivytech.edu/campuses/

Indiana Licensed Practical Nurse Salaries

*Salaries Updated for 2024.

LocationAvg. Salary
Indianapolis, IN$46,395
Fort Wayne, IN$44,420
Evansville, IN$44,910
South Bend, IN$44,424
Carmel, IN$46,337
Fishers, IN$44,090
Bloomington, IN$43,954
Hammond, IN$47,526
Gary, IN$47,426
Lafayette, IN$46,108
Muncie, IN$44,014
Noblesville, IN$44,052
Terre Haute, IN$43,809
Kokomo, IN$44,132

Job Corps:

One another great opportunity to get your education for free is programs provided by Job Corps.

There are two offices in the state of Indian that are located in Indianapolis and Edinburgh.

To get more information on the issue you should contact Job Corps offices.

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