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When the economy is uncertain, more Americans have trouble finding secure and stable jobs.

With rising rates of unemployment, many Americans feel expandable in their current positions.

Luckily, in the world of trucking, ongoing demand and industry stability have been long-standing constants.

Greater Security In As Few As 3-6 Weeks

Starting a new career can be exciting but frightening at the same time.

Those who live from paycheck to paycheck find spending much time and money to complete training very hard to accomplish.

However, CDL training is a great solution to both problems

CDL schools usually cost between $1,800 and $6,500.

This does not include GI Bill eligibility or financial aid.

While the cost is still relatively high, it’s a valuable investment to your future and a small price for a long-term high-paying career.

Regarding the time of training, you can attend a local school in your area and be ready for a new career in only 3 to 6 weeks.

At some schools, you can find flexible schedules, so you can keep working at your current job while studying for the new one.

So, you can be on the road in a high-demand field in only three weeks.

Drivers’ Recommendations To You: Try It

If you still have doubts, take it from the experts.

Three CDL-A drivers shared their insight on the career in trucking, the value of CDL training, and if it was a good investment in the future.

Do you see trucking as a stable career?

Joe Betrucci states that trucking is a 100% stable job.

After working in the field for 8 years, Joe has never been short on work.

If you keep your MVR clean, picking where you want to work in no problem.

Ashanta Owens also finds trucking a very stable career.

JR Starkey believes that trucking is a stable career JR would recommend to anyone who loves being behind the wheel on the open road or the highway.

According to JR, the field is stable because of a variety of opportunities in trucking, such as reefer, flatbed, dry freights, tanker, and local, regional, and over the road.

Was training fast and/or affordable?

Joe said the training was super easy.

He went to a local school in Phoenix, AZ, where they offered various options on how fast you could go through the training.

With upfront payment, the CDL can be completed in 4 to 6 weeks.

Joe used financial aid, so it took about 90 days, but with no upfront payment.

Ashante also confirms that it was extremely easy to get into a school that was very affordable.

JR Starkley found getting into trucking smooth, exciting, and comfortable.

The school cost $3,000 and was quick to finish.

The schooling was fun and exciting, and JR enjoyed learning rules, do’s and don’ts, etc.

Do you feel that training was a good investment for your future?

Joe reports that getting the CDL was the best decision.

Now he makes great money, comes home every night, and stays in demand.

Ashante found pursuing CDL training to be a great investment.

After earning the CDL in 2013, JR felt that the training was a great investment in the future as well, which still pays off.

JR says that along with buying a truck and becoming an owner-operator, this was the best investment.

What might you say to others considering getting into trucking?

Joe Betrucci recommends to anyone who’s debating on getting in the field to do it.

While it can be hard being away from home for a long time, with more experience, you can find opportunities where you can come home every night and have a stable social life.

Ashante Owens recommends to not hesitate if you are considering the career.

If you feel this is what you want to do, take action.

JR Starkley also encourages anyone considering trucking to go for it.

Do a little research about the duties of truck drivers to get a good understanding of what it comes with.

You can talk to truckers that work in the area for many years.

JR would tell you to always stay safe and do the right thing to protect your CDL as it is a privilege to hold one and operate a commercial vehicle, which shouldn’t be taken for granted.

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