17 Best LPN Classes in Philadelphia, PA (Top Programs Listed)

LPN Classes in Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia is famous for many things from food to history and art.

The economy of the state and the city have stabilized and it is in constant growth.

The schools and colleges are great and they provide interesting and high-quality programs.

1 Fortis

Renowned all over the country for the amazing opportunities it offers, Fortis is the ultimate place to start a new career. The institute has many national and international affiliations with many other educational institutions, guaranteeing an excellent curriculum and great teachers. The facilities are very modern and they will aid your studies.

The LPN program at Fortis is very professional and exciting and it will open many job opportunities. The college can also cover some of the tuition costs under certain conditions.

AddressAddress: 50 W. Powhattan Avenue Essington, PA 19029

2 Eastern Center for Arts and Technology

Eastern Center for Arts and Technology is one of the most modern and dedicated schools in the country. It gives you an amazing chance to study multiple crafts and arts, making sure that you are not only a professional upon graduation but also a well-rounded person. The school offers great facilities and accommodation.

In the medical-vocational course list, LPN stands out as one of the most interesting and future-oriented. This course takes just a few months and it will open a great career path for you.

AddressAddress: 3075 Terwood Rd Willow Grove, PA

3 PITC Institute

Fresh out of high-school ad wanting to start a technical career? We at PITC Institute provide the best learning conditions in the state and we are proud fo our modern and realistic curriculum that teaches only relevant information. The institute is rated as one of the top choices for vocational and technical careers and it has very inclusive admission criteria.

The LPN class here is one of the best technical ones given that you are going to learn from the very best. The institute will also guide you through your certification exam and job hunting.

AddressAddress: 140 South Easton Road Glenside, PA

4 La Salle University

Proud, dedicated, and professional, La Salle University is the top choice for people who want to learn from the best. We have one of the best educational ratings in the state and you will have the unique advantage to become a professional within the walls of one of the most respected institutions. In addition, we also have one of the best campus activities and dorms.

One of our best medical programs is LPN. This short and interesting class will make sure that you are ready to take an exciting career and to make our school proud.

AddressAddress: 1900 W Olney Ave Philadelphia, PA

5 Thomas Jefferson University

With an amazing tradition of excellence behind it, Thomas Jefferson University has one of the most diverse course lists in the state and it invests a lot in the quality of the labs, classes, the training of teachers, and accommodation. You will not find a better place to start a career and to make sure that you are relaxed while studying, we provide great leisure activities.

Among our vocational programs, the LPN is tailored for those who want an intensive and dynamic job. If you are one of those people, come join us in the next university year!


AddressAddress: 1020 Walnut Street Philadelphia, PA

6 Drexel University

Embrace your new future at Drexel University! Top-rated and renowned for the amazing performance of the student, we at Drexel focus on the studies and student experience of everyone that walks through our doors. We believe that everyone has amazing potential and for that, we provide the best learning facilities and resources available.

If you want to start a medical career you should check out our LPN program. This program is one of our very best and it will quickly make you a true professional and a graduate we will be proud of.

AddressAddress: 3141 Chestnut St Philadelphia, PA

7 University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania stands as one of the most desired places to study in the whole world. WE are proud that students from all over the globe choose to come here to become professionals and respectable citizens. To provide the best resources we constantly update our curriculum, library, teachers, and staff.

Besides the theoretical programs, our vocational ones are excellent. The LPN program is the ultimate choice if you want a dynamic and interesting career that will offer many job opportunities.

AddressAddress: 34th & Spruce Street Philadelphia, PA

8 Camden County College

Camden County College opens its doors to everyone that wants to start a new and exciting career. We will make sure that you are taught the newest and most relevant information for your specialty and that you are fully enjoying your stay here. Modern and comfortable, our campus will forever stay in your heart.

Our LPN class will kick-start a new and exciting career by teaching you real-life skills and preparing you for every situation that may occur during your work.

AddressAddress: 200 College Drive Blackwood, NJ

9 Widener University

Widener University is one of the most respected educational institutions in the country and it has many national and international partnerships. This way you will be guaranteed to have the best education and student experience while having exclusive opportunities for internships and experience programs. Under certain conditions, we can also provide financial assistance.

If you are looking for a new medical career you have come to the right place. One of our best programs is the LPN one thanks to the great curriculum and the amazing job options it offers.

AddressAddress: One University Place Chester, PA

10 The College of New Jersey

With one of the most fun student activities and campus, the College of New Jersey is the place to be. We are known for our amazing atmosphere that makes every day of study pleasure and we are certain that you will start many friendships here. Our classes and resources are among the best and we will aid you with everything you need.

Ranked as one of the best vocational programs, LPN will be a perfect launching point for your career. At the ends of your studies, you will be ready to embrace a beautiful career.

AddressAddress: 2000 Pennington Road Ewing, NJ

11 Villanova University

Villanova University is one of the best places to get a premium education from the best professors in the whole state. The university is proud of its modern curriculum and teaching approach that makes every day here a pleasure. Our educational institution won many national prizes for remarkable dedication and quality.

Willing to start an exciting medical career? The LPN program will fulfill all your dreams by delivering your the best possible training and education in a short time.

AddressAddress: 800 Lancaster Avenue Villanova, PA

12 Delaware County Technical School

Delaware County Technical School stands as one of the best colleges to begin a successful career story. Modern, dedicated, and full of fun activities, we provide one of the best student experiences in the whole state. If you are needing financial aid, we will do our best to make sure you have equal access to education and formation.

The LPN program is excellent if you are a dynamic and hard-working person that wants to build a solid career. All the market trends point out that this will be one of the most needed jobs in the medical field.

AddressAddress: 85 North Malin Road Broomall, PA

13 Pennsylvania Institute of Technology

Pennsylvania Insitute of Technology represents the ultimate place to start a technical career. Our facilities are some of the best in the state and you can easily see this in our great reviews. We take every single student from the rookie status and transform it into an amazing professional. Come and improve yourself with us!

We provide some of the LPN classes in the state and they are focused on both the basic knowledge and the cutting-edge technology that is emerging. If you want to make sure that you will be the best, come and start your future with our help.

AddressAddress: 800 Manchester Ave Media, PA

14 DeSales University

DeSales University is one of the staple names in terms of high-quality facilities and educational excellence in this state. Here you will find the best-trained teachers and trainers and the best resources. Our library and computer halls are available for everyone and they will give you the needed basics for any vocational or theoretical career.

If you want a vocational career in the medical field we highly recommend the LPN course. This short course will make you a professional and time and give you many job options.

AddressAddress: 2755 Station Avenue Center Valley, PA

15 Chester County Intermediate Unit

Chester County Intermediate Unit is the perfect pit stop to recharge your professional path. We provide amazing classes that will take you from the very basics, polish your existing skills, or take you to a whole new level in your career. We focus on the individual needs of every student and we tailor our curriculum and classes based on that.

One of our best choices for those who want to start an interesting and well-paid career is the LPN one. Dynamic and short, this program will quickly prepare you for a great career.

AddressAddress: 443 Boot Road Downingtown, PA

16 Prism Career Institute

We at Prism Career Institute believe that everyone can start a new future and we are ready to give you a helping hand. If you want to study in a warm atmosphere, this is the perfect place for you. You will find some of the most interesting resources and facilities in our campus and we also provide the best leisure activities and cozy dorm rooms.

Our LPN class is an excellent choice if you are looking for a medical career. This course will introduce you to the medical work in the most integrative and realistic manner.

AddressAddress: 3 Executive Campus Rt 70 Cherry Hill, NJ

17 Prism Career Institute

Sre you wondering if a medical career is suitable for you? Come and find out at Prism Career Insitute. Specialized in medical programs, this educational institute is extremely professional and dedicated. Here you will find the best teachers, trainers, and curriculum that will quickly put you on the path to success.

One of our top-rated programs is the LPN one. During this program, you will have access to all the teaching facilities and resources necessary to take on this amazing career.

AddressAddress: 8040 Roosevelt Blvd Philadelphia, PA

Schools Summary Table

Rank School
#1 Fortis
#2 Eastern Center for Arts and Technology
#3 PITC Institute
#4 La Salle University
#5 Thomas Jefferson University
#6 Drexel University
#7 University of Pennsylvania
#8 Camden County College
#9 Widener University
#10 The College of New Jersey
#11 Villanova University
#12 Delaware County Technical School
#13 Pennsylvania Institute of Technology
#14 DeSales University
#15 Chester County Intermediate Unit
#16 Prism Career Institute
#17 Prism Career Institute

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