8 Best LPN Classes in New Orleans, LA (Top Programs Listed)

LPN Classes in New Orleans, LA

Fun, dynamic, and full of life, New Orleans is one of the most famous cities in the state.

The economy is in full development and it will continue to grow.

The school system is great and it offers great LPN classes.

1 Louisiana State University

Louisiana State University is one of the superstars of the state in the educational world. The school provides personalized and professional education. The school also offers financial assistance under certain conditions. To provide the best possible experience, the university has a very dynamic and modern campus that is full of fun leisure activities and opportunities.

The LPN program is very intensive and it is provided by the best nurses and healthcare professionals. This way you will be fully prepared to enter any hospital with your head up.

AddressAddress: 433 Bolivar St New Orleans, LA

2 Loyola University New Orleans

Loyola University New Orleans is one of the rockstars of the New Orleans educational system. The school has both theoretical and practical programs and it is focused on the real-life skills and needs of the market. In terms of facilities, the school is very modern and it has everything for a successful and relaxing study time.

The LPN vocational program has an amazing curriculum provided by the best educators. You will be ready in no time to take on an amazing train journey to success in a short time.

AddressAddress: 6363 Saint Charles Ave New Orleans, LA

3 Unitech Training Academy

Unitech Training Academy is the perfect place to start your education if you are a technical and dynamic person. The school has all sorts of programs that respond to the current needs of all the technical and hands-on industries. The facilities are very modern and they will simulate the real-life experience and requirements. Financial aid can also be accessed under certain conditions.

Among all the vocational programs, the LPN class is definitely one that will open great opportunities. The program is very short and intensive, making you job-ready in a short time.

AddressAddress: 6660 Riverside Drive Metairie, LA

4 Healthcare Training Institute

Healthcare Training Institute has excellent student resources and facilities and it is considered one of the very best choices if you want to start a medical career. The institute selected the best educators and the curriculum was developed by education experts. The campus is very comfortable and the labs and classes exceed the national standards in terms of comfort and equipment.

The LPN is very good and it will quickly get you ready for a bright career. The program will teach you everything about the healthcare system, patient care and many more.

AddressAddress: 322 Williams Boulevard Kenner, LA

5 Delgado Community College

Dynamic, professional, and renowned for its great teachers, Delgado Community College is one of the best choices in Louisiana if you want to start a new career or to upgrade the existing one. The college provides amazing resources and study halls that will make your study easy and enjoyable. We can also assist you with financial aid.

The LPN class is intensive and well-rounded, focusing on the key points of this medical job. During a short learning time, you will be ready to proudly enter any hospital or medical facility and to start an amazing career.

AddressAddress: 615 City Park Ave New Orleans, LA

6 Nunez Community College

Nunez Community College offers and very integrative and modern educational approach. Very modern and dynamic, the college has multiple classes that are designed to help you get a new career in a very short time. No matter the previous training or job skills, you will get the advantage of learning from the very best.

The LPN class is great and it will guide you through an amazing medical experience. The teachers are top experts in their field and they will share their experience and tips with all the students.

AddressAddress: 3710 Paris Rd Chalmette, LA

7 Delta College-Slidell Campus

Delta College-Slidell Campus is part of the great Delta College system. Professional, modern but still very fun, the campus in Slidell provides all the needed facilities and learning resources to reach your full potential. The labs and classes follow all the requirements of the market field and they will prepare you for any job opportunity and promotion.

Among all the vocational programs, the LPN class is an amazing choice. The class combines the beauty of medical care with the hands-on skills needed in this job, giving you full preparation for this great career.

AddressAddress: 105 Gause Blvd. Slidell, LA

8 Delta College Inc

Delta College Inc guarantees the best educators and trainers. The college has many locations that follow the same belief for quality and professionalism. The curriculum is updated all time to make sure that you only get the newest and the best information. You will be have the best student experience and an amazing upbringing.

The LPN training program provides exquisite education and it will prepare you in a very short time. You will be ready to take on any challenge in your future career.

AddressAddress: 19231 N. 6th Street Covington, LA

Schools Summary Table

Rank School
#1 Louisiana State University
#2 Loyola University New Orleans
#3 Unitech Training Academy
#4 Healthcare Training Institute
#5 Delgado Community College
#6 Nunez Community College
#7 Delta College-Slidell Campus
#8 Delta College Inc

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