LPN Programs Online

LPN Programs Online

No LPN programs are 100% online.

To become an LPN, taking online courses isn’t enough.

However, there are hybrid and other programs.

Below, we will explore online LPN to RN programs designed for those who already became an LPN/LVN.

Popular Programs

Becoming an LPN and obtaining a license involves hours of clinical work, so there are no completely online LPN programs.

Students have to complete most of their coursework in buildings and hospitals where they interact with professors and other students.

This is why you have to be careful with schools that claim to hold 100% online programs.

Hybrid LPN Programs

LPN students looking for the flexibility of online programs can enroll in schools offering hybrid programs.

Their curriculum involves coursework that can be completed online and some should be completed onsite at a medical facility or nursing school.

However, since clinical hours are a significant part of LPN coursework, students have to live close to the facilities where they get hands-on training.

LPN to RN programs

LPN Refresher Courses

LPNs who left the profession, are certified and wish to re-enter the industry can take refresher courses online.

These programs usually include a hands-on and in-person clinical practice so that former LPNs could get comfortable with their duties again.

LPN Core Classes

For many LPN programs, students should complete various core classes in math and science.

Many of them are available at local community colleges and online.

Next Steps: LPN & More…

At this point, there are basic tracks to pick an LPN to RN bridge program.

After each of them, you will acquire the status of an RN, but the programs aren’t all the same.

You can take the following programs:

  • LPN to RN Programs.
  • Online LPN to RN Programs.
  • LPN to ADN (Associate Degree in Nursing).
  • LPN to BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing).

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