10 Best LPN Classes in St. Louis, MO (Top Programs Listed)

LPN Classes in St. Louis, MO

Famous for its dynamic atmosphere and vibe, Saint Louis is one of the most interesting cities in Missouri.

The economic sector is in full bloom and it will not stop very soon.

The educational system is great and it provides amazing LPN classes in St. Louis.

1 Saint Louis University

Saint Louis University is one of the oldest and most prestigious schools in the country. It was established with the dream and goal of making every student that enters its doors a true professional and citizen. The dream continues and the university managed to pass the test of time thanks to constant updates and modern educational strategies.

One of the top vocational choices here is the LPN program. It will be brought to you by our best teachers and trainers that will fully prepare you for an amazing career path.

AddressAddress: One North Grand Blvd Saint Louis, MO

2 University of Missouri

Big and bustling, we are one of the largest schools in the whole state. The University of Missouri was founded a very long time ago and we are very proud of our experience and expertise. Vocational or theoretical, our programs are designed and updated by the best educational experts in the state. If you want to learn more, come and visit us and meet our amazing staff and teaching board.

If you are looking for a great vocational program, the LPN is an excellent choice. It is short, fun and it will give you many interesting career choices in the near future.

AddressAddress: One University Boulevard Saint Louis, MO

3 Applied Technology Services

Applied Technology Services is one of the largest companies in the state that also provide job-oriented education. Here you will learn from working professionals that have many years of experience behind and they may even become your mentors in the future. One of the main advantages of studying here is that every single lecture will be practical and job-oriented.

Our LPN class is delivered by our experts and you will quickly get the full perspective and grab your new career. The program is very intense and it takes a very short time to finish.

AddressAddress: 12721 West Watson Road Sunset Hills, MO

4 St Louis College of Health Careers

St. Louis College of Health Careers focuses on making every single student an exceptional medical professional. From nursing to desk work, you will any program you desire here. Come and see our amazing campus and labs and convince yourself that this is the place where you want to start a career. We can also provide financial aid and scholarships under certain conditions.

If you are a medical enthusiast that wants to have a hands-on career we have the perfect solution for you. The LPN class is very cool and interesting and it will quickly make you a true professional.

AddressAddress: 1297 North Highway Drive Fenton, MO

5 Maryville University of Saint Louis

We at the Maryville University of Saint Louis believe that only together we can truly achieve success. WE strive to provide the best teachers, the best classes, the best dorms, and the most beautiful student experience. Inclusive and integrative, our curriculum focuses on our needs and on the requirements of the job market to deliver the best possible education.

If you are looking for an interesting program, the LPN one is definitely for you. The program focuses on hands-on skills and real-life events that will occur during your new and exciting career.

AddressAddress: 650 Maryville University Drive Saint Louis, MO

6 Southern Illinois University

Come and kick-start your future career with us! Here at Southern Illinois University, you will find every facility a student can dream of. From large and comfortable dorms rooms to activity halls and sports grounds, your stay here will be one of the best experiences ever. The educational curriculum is very modern and tailored to respond to all your needs.

All our medical programs are excellent but the LPN one definitely stands out thanks to the short and dynamic period of study. During this program you will get the needed education to start a flourishing career.

AddressAddress: Il State Rte 157 Edwardsville, IL

7 CALC Institute of Technology

Passionate about hands-on and technical careers? So are we! Come meet our amazing teaching board and visit our modern and comfortable campus from Dr. Alton and convince yourself that this is the place where you should start a new career. We are very dedicated to helping everyone leave our campus with a diploma that will attract a great career.

One of our best medical programs here is the LPN one thanks to the interesting labs and lectures that are fully focused on the current needs of the companies and the work market. This program is also one of the shortest and the most intensive.

AddressAddress: 200A North Center Dr Alton, IL

8 St Charles Community College

Your new future awaits you at St. Charles Community College and it sure looks promising. The college is famous all over the state for the high promotion rate of the students and for the easiness with which they find a job upon graduation. No matter if you are interested in theoretical or hands-on jobs, the college has something for anybody.

The LPN class is perfectly tailored for those who want an interesting hands-on career in the medical field. The program can also be funded through financial aid or scholarships.

AddressAddress: 4601 Mid Rivers Mall Dr Cottleville, MO

9 Jefferson College

If you are looking to start a new and exciting career you have found the perfect place. Jefferson College is one of the highest-ranked institutions in the state and we believe that everyone can be transformed into a true professional. The school provides the best facilities and extra-curricular activities that will make your studies fun and memorable.

Some of our best vocational programs are the medical ones and among them, the LPN is one of the most promising. It will give you all the skills and preparation needed to get an amazing job.

AddressAddress: 1000 Viking Drive Hillsboro, MO

10 Career Center of Southern Illinois

Ready to train for the career of your dreams? If so, come and see what amazing programs and opportunities we have at the Career Center of Southern Illinois. Modern and warm, we have some of the best trainers and the most awesome atmosphere for our students. Reliable and professional, our teachers will make sure you get the best education out there.

If you are a fan of the medical field, the LPN training program is perfect for you. Fun and dynamic, this program will transform you from a complete rookie in a true professional.

AddressAddress: 6137 Beck Rd Red Bud, IL

Schools Summary Table

Rank School
#1 Saint Louis University
#2 University of Missouri
#3 Applied Technology Services
#4 St Louis College of Health Careers
#5 Maryville University of Saint Louis
#6 Southern Illinois University
#7 CALC Institute of Technology
#8 St Charles Community College
#9 Jefferson College
#10 Career Center of Southern Illinois

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