LPN Training in Vermont (Paid Classes Info)

LPN Classes in Vermont

Vermont offers lots of possibilities to start your LPN training for free or at least at a lower cost.

If you’re ready to work in a specified location for a certain period of time, you have an opportunity to apply for a loan forgiveness program.

Also, there is a bunch of programs that aim to encourage students to start their nursing education and become professional nurses within the state.

Moreover, you can use a sponsoring employer program to get your LPN training for free or at a lower price.

The point is that such programs aim to provide a sufficient amount of nurses in the state.

Applying for this type of financial aid, you’ll be asked to work for your sponsoring employer for the assigned period of time.

Also, you can perform some non-nursing duties in healthcare facilities while getting your education.

Of course, there is a variety of grants and scholarships in Vermont.

Lots of them are available for healthcare students and can help to reduce the cost of your education significantly.

Some of these programs aim to support disadvantaged students or those who have financial difficulties.

Moreover, you can apply for federal scholarships and Pell Grant.

You should remember that you need to apply for all the available scholarships as it’s a perfect chance to get your LPN training for free.

Grants & Scholarships in Vermont

Exceptional Nurse Disability Scholarship

ExceptionalNurse.com provides a scholarship for those students who have any kind of disability or other medical challenges.

This scholarship was started to support students who overcome medical challenges and need help to start their career.

To apply for it you also need to prove that you will be working hard and perform well during your nursing career.

Vermont Educational Loan Program or Nurses – State Nursing Scholarships

Applying for this loan program, you should be ready to work at a high needs area after finishing your training.

The program allows providing a sufficient amount of qualified nurses and medical workers all over the state by helping them to get high-level education.

If you get interested in this program and want to learn more about the requirements, visit its official website: http://www.med.uvm.edu/ahec/TB8+BL+I.asp?SiteAreaID=94#AbsoluteLink1.

Ella Grindle Scholarship -Vermont Technical College

Vermont Technical College offers a whole bunch of grants and scholarships to support students from numerous academic fields.

One of such offers is Ella Grindle Scholarship which aims to support students who face any types of financial needs.

To apply for it, you’ll be asked to complete an application and write an essay.

More information on the program is available at the financial aid office.

WIA Approved LPN Training Courses in Vermont

Vermont Technical College – 124 Randolph, Vermont 05061

Vermont Technical College is a single WIA approved provider of LPN training courses in the state of Vermont.

If you want to become a nurse and were qualified to participate in the WIA program, you need to contact the college.

Entering the college you’ll get qualified experienced tutors, absolutely necessary practical experience and excellent piece of knowledge to become a great nurse.

You should know that the college has a few campuses and LPN courses are available in all of them.

Vermont Licensed Practical Nurse Salaries

*Salaries Updated for 2024.

LocationAvg. Salary
Burlington, VT$47,096
Essex, VT$47,096
South Burlington, VT$47,096
Colchester, VT$47,096
Rutland, VT$47,464
Bennington, VT$48,337
Milton, VT$47,068
Hartford, VT$48,909
Springfield, VT$48,909
Barre, VT$46,667
Williston, VT$47,096
Middlebury, VT$46,667
Montpelier, VT$46,667
St. Johnsbury, VT$45,550

Job Corps

Northlands – 100A MacDonough Drive Vergennes, VT 05491 | (802) 877-2922

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