3 Best LPN Classes in El Paso, TX (Top Programs Listed)

LPN Classes in El Paso, TX

Hot, dynamic, and modern, El Paso is one of the best cities to start your career in Texas.

The economy is in full bloom and it offers great opportunities.

If you are looking for a medical career, you will find great LPN classes in El Paso.

1 The University of Texas

Modern, dynamic, and suitable for every student, The University of Texas is the go-to place to start a new career. No matter if you are thinking about a theoretical or practical career path, this university will lead you to a great future. With rich experience and expertise behind it, the school is proud of every student that studied here.

One of the best programs at the El Paso branch is LPN. This program is very intensive and interactive and it will teach you everything you need to know to become one of the best in your field.

AddressAddress: 500 W. University Ave El Paso, TX

2 Excel Learning Center

Excel Learning Center is truly an excellent place to start a new career path. The center is well-known for its integrative way of teaching and for the modern facilities. All the programs here are designed to give you real-life skills for some of the most popular jobs on the market. There are many financing opportunities, making this school a great choice no matter the budget.

The LPN program in El Paso will give you all the required hands-on and theoretical skills to enter a great industry. Upon graduation you will be ready to take your future in your own hands.

AddressAddress: 1605 George Dieter El Paso, TX

3 El Paso Community College

El Paso Community College is one of the most friendly and professional learning facilities in the whole region. The school is dedicated to helping everyone start a new career path and for that, it has some of the most modern facilities and some of the best teachers. The campus is very cozy and it will make your stay here very fun and pleasant.

The LPN training is perfect for those looking for an interesting and exciting job. The program comprises the theory and practice in a fun and integrative manner, giving you all the skills to become one of the best.

AddressAddress: 9050 Viscount Blvd El Paso, TX

Schools Summary Table

Rank School
#1 The University of Texas
#2 Excel Learning Center
#3 El Paso Community College

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