9 Best LPN Classes in Tampa, FL (Top Programs Listed)

LPN Classes in Tampa, FL

Hot, bustling, and full of life, Tampa is definitely a great place to be.

The city has seen great economic development in the past years and it will not stop very soon.

The educational district is amazing and it provides amazing LPN classes in Tampa.

1 The University of Tampa

Bustling and modern, The University of Tampa is one of the most famous educational facilities in Florida. Extremely modern and dedicated, this school is the perfect place to start a new career. The teachers are very welcoming and they were selected from the best in each field. The facilities, classes, dorms, and labs are new and modern and also have many fun activities to choose from.

One of the best vocational career choices here is the LPN class. Well-rounded and job-focused, the program will quickly prepare you to become one of the best in this amazing medical field.

AddressAddress: 401 W Kennedy Blvd Tampa, FL

2 Brewster Technical Center

Brewster Technical College is one of the best vocational training schools from all over the state and it also has multiple educational programs. The college has some of the best teachers in the field and the staff is famous for its professionalism and warm behavior. The school in San Antonio has excellent facilities and it also offers financial aid for the students in need.

The LPN class is very well-rounded and it is designed to help every single student reach its goals. The program has both theory and practice and during it, you will learn everything you need about this industry and patient care.

AddressAddress: 2222 N Tampa St Tampa, FL

3 D G Erwin Technical Center

D. G. Erwin Technical Center is the go-to place if you are a technology enthusiast. The school invested a lot in the quality of the labs and facilities. This way you will be guaranteed that you are studying at one of the most modern schools in Florida. The staff and trainers are very well-trained and they will fully support you during your education and accreditation exams.

The LPN class is one of the best at this technical center and it is taught following the national and international standards. At the end of your studies, you will be one of the best-prepared graduates in the state.

AddressAddress: 2010 E. Hillsborough Avenue Tampa, FL

4 Galen College of Nursing

If you are interested in a medical career, Galen College of Nursing is the best place for you. The college created the best medical programs in the state and it teaches using the recommendations of national international education experts. Galen College like to work hard and play hard. For that, we have one of the most fun and exciting campus activties and facilities.

The LPN class will give you some of the best opportunities in the medical industry. The program takes a short time and you will be guided and assisted from the first lectures throughout your education.

AddressAddress: 11101 Roosevelt Boulevard N. Saint Petersburg, FL

5 Pasco-Hernando State College

Modern and dynamic, Pasco-Hernando State College is the perfect place to study if you want to fully experience the student life. Proud of the sports teams and all the clubs here, the college invested a lot in the quality of the campus, making this place very cozy and welcoming. The teachers and curriculum are very professional and they will lay a great career path in front of you.

The vocational programs here offer great jobs and LPN is no exception. Focused on theory and hands-on skills, this program will quickly prepare you for any opportunity and challenge.

AddressAddress: 10230 Ridge Road New Port Richey, FL

6 Manatee Technical Institute

Manatee Technical Institute is at the top of educational and facility investments in the state. We simply love technology and we know you do, too. Come and see the best labs and resources in the state and embrace a great future career. Our accommodation and campus provide the ultimate student experience as well as quiet places for study.

The LPN program has amazing resources and facilities. It will take you through all the needed steps to form you into an outstanding professional, ready to take on a great career.

AddressAddress: 6305 State Rd 70 East Bradenton, FL

7 Traviss Career Center

Traviss Career Center provides outstanding training for those who want to polish their existing skills or to start a completely new career. We have the best educational approach in the region and we provide a well-designed and comprised curriculum. Our accommodation is very comfortable and modern, guaranteeing you a pleasant experience.

Of all our programs, LPN is definitely the best. The program is very short and intensive and it teaches everything from patients care, management, personal development to stress management.

AddressAddress: 3225 Winter Lake Rd Lakeland, FL

8 Pinellas Technical College-Clearwater

The Clearwater branch of the Pinellas Technical College is one of the most modern and well equipped. The college has some of the best graduates in the work field and is renowned for its great curriculum. The campus stands for fun and leisure activities while having many libraries and study places. We can also assist you with financial assistance and guidance.

The LPN program will get you ready to work in no time. This program provides on-job patient care experience, personal development, theory and practical skills in a short and comprehensible manner.

AddressAddress: 6100 154th Ave N Clearwater, FL

9 Pinellas Technical College-St. Petersburg

Pinellas Technical College is one of the most renowned and professional vocational schools in Florida. The school in St. Petersburg is famous for its warm atmosphere and for the amazing activities you can do here. The dorms, labs, and classes are all new and the campus has very modern and fun facilities. The curriculum is very modern and it focuses on the current needs of each industry.

The LPN program is very student-focused and it delivers only the information and skills that are truly essential for your professional development. You are guaranteed to have a great education and job opportunities thanks to this program.

AddressAddress: 901 34th St S Saint Petersburg, FL

Schools Summary Table

Rank School
#1 The University of Tampa
#2 Brewster Technical Center
#3 D G Erwin Technical Center
#4 Galen College of Nursing
#5 Pasco-Hernando State College
#6 Manatee Technical Institute
#7 Traviss Career Center
#8 Pinellas Technical College-Clearwater
#9 Pinellas Technical College-St. Petersburg

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