8 Best LPN Classes in Atlanta, GA (Top Programs Listed)

LPN Classes in Atlanta, GA

Dynamic and full of life, Atlanta is one of the best places to be in Georgia.

The economy of the state in full development and Atlanta is no exception.

The schools here are excellent and they guarantee high-quality education and training.

1 Emory University

Ever wondered where to start a bright and successful career? Emory university is considered one of the best educational facilities in Georgia and for good reasons. The university provides the best accommodation conditions and extra-curricular activities. The educational standards are very high to make sure that every hour spent learning will make a difference in your future.

One of the best educational options here is the LPN program. This short and intensive program will make sure that you are fully prepared for your final exams and to get a great job.

AddressAddress: 408 Administration Building Atlanta, GA

2 Georgia State University

Georgia State University is the ultimate educational choice is you are looking for a warm campus atmosphere and top-rated education. The tuition fee can be funded by the university under certain conditions and scholarships are also available. To make sure that you fully enjoy your stay here, the university invested in some of the best campus conditions in the country.

If you are eager to start a dynamic and future-oriented career, the LPN class will fulfill all your conditions. The program is designed by the best trainers and educational specialists in the country.

AddressAddress: 33 gilmer st Atlanta, GA

3 Kennesaw State University

Who rocks? Kennesaw State University! We consider ourselves one of the best schools in the state thanks to our amazing campus life and top-rated programs. We have everything a student may desire from sports, clubs, leisure activities, and many interesting and fun facilities. We worked very hard to select our teaching board and staff to give you a great launching pad for the future.

One of our best-rated programs is the LPN one thanks to the easiness of finding a job upon graduation. We will assist you with everything from registration to the final certification exams.


AddressAddress: 1000 Chastain Rd Kennesaw, GA

4 Atlanta Technical College

Looking to start a technical career? Atlanta Technical College comes to answer your calls. The school has some of the most innovative labs equipped with cutting-edge technology. This way you will be able to learn the newest skills and technologies that will quickly make you an expert in your field. The accommodation is very comfortable and the leisure activities will make your stay fun and relaxing.

The LPN educational program is focused on both basic skills and the newest innovations in this field, delivering you the skills and knowledge to become one of the best.

AddressAddress: 1560 Metropolitan Pkwy SW Atlanta, GA

5 Georgia Piedmont Technical College

Georgia Piedmont Technical College is the dream place to study for geeks and technology enthusiasts. Located in a very modern facility, this school is known as one of the most integrative and innovative in the state. We provide very enthusiastic teaching staff and well-equipped labs and classes. Our tuition fees are some of the lowest in the field and we also give financial assistance.

Looking for a medical hands-on career program? The LPN class is here to turn you from a complete rookie into an effective professional in a matter of months.

AddressAddress: 495 N Indian Creek Dr Clarkston, GA

6 Chattahoochee Technical College

Choosing the perfect place to start a new career can be challenging but we come with everything you may need from a technical college. Modern labs, well-trained staff, and great accommodation are just some of the advantages you will get from studying here. Our programs are job-focused and they will deliver only the relevant information for your future career.

The technical programs we provide are very professional, the LPN one making no exception. It is one of our best-rated programs thanks to the growing medical industry that constantly needs professionals.

AddressAddress: 980 S Cobb Drive Dr SE Marietta, GA

7 Gwinnett Technical College

Gwinett Technical College is famous for being a very welcoming and integrative school. We believe that everyone should have a chance to study and for that, we provide some of the best financial aid strategies and scholarships. In addition, our campus will make your student months a pleasure thanks to the cozy dorms and fun leisure activities.

One of the most desired medical vocational programs is the LPN one. This program will fully prepare you for a great career in a constantly-developing medical industry.

AddressAddress: 5150 Sugarloaf Parkway Lawrenceville, GA

8 Southern Crescent Technical College

Southern Crescent Technical College embraces all the national and international educational standards to give you the best formation and education. We believe that the key to high-quality education is a constant update and development. Following that, we regularly train our teachers and staff and we update our curriculum and lab.

If you are curious to start a medical career, the LPN program is here to give you the job of your dreams. In a short time, you will be ready to take on a very exciting and well-paid career.

AddressAddress: 501 Varsity Rd Griffin, GA

Schools Summary Table

Rank School
#1 Emory University
#2 Georgia State University
#3 Kennesaw State University
#4 Atlanta Technical College
#5 Georgia Piedmont Technical College
#6 Chattahoochee Technical College
#7 Gwinnett Technical College
#8 Southern Crescent Technical College

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