6 Best LPN Classes in Kansas City, MO (Top Programs Listed)

LPN Classes in Kansas City, MO

Renowned from tales and stories, Kansas City is a great place to live.

The city has seen a great economic rise and will continue to develop.

The schools are great and if you are looking for LPN classes, this is the best place.

1 Concorde Career College

Renowned for its high-quality education and great classes, Concorde Career College is one of the best places to study in the United States. The school is very dedicated and it has very modern dorms and classes. The teachers are focused on real-life skills and they will guide through your studies.

The LPN program is designed to offer you all the needed skills to start a great career in the medical field. Modern, well-rounded, and intensive, this program is ready to deliver you a great future.

AddressAddress: 3239 Broadway Kansas City, MO

2 Donnelly College

Located in the famous city of Kansas, Donnelly College is an excellent place to start your future. The college has very modern dorms and a great campus where you can find friends for life and relax while studying. The school is very professional and in order to offer everyone equal chances, scholarships and financial aid are available.

The LPN program is perfect for those who are looking for an interesting and dynamic job. The practical labs and interesting classes will give you all the needed knowledge to start an exciting career path.


AddressAddress: 608 N 18th St Kansas City, KS

3 Kansas City Kansas Community College

Kansas City Community College is one of the most friendly learning facilities in the state. It is very professional and the classes are designed to give you job skills that will help you for a lifetime. The programs are designed to answer the needs of today’s needs and job requirements, guaranteeing you an awesome time here and a great future.

Among the hands-on programs, LPN is great if you are a fan of the medical field. The program is very intensive and well-structured and it will give you all the needed knowledge.

AddressAddress: 7250 State Ave Kansas City, KS

4 Johnson County Community College

Johnson County Community College is located in one of the most beautiful areas of the state. The school is famous in the region for the friendly and dedicated teachers that will quickly become your favorite mentors. The campus and dorms are very modern and comfortable, making your stay here a pleasure.

If you are interested in a dynamic future, the LPN training program is the answer for you. The program will make you one of the best in this field in no time and it will open you a great career path.

AddressAddress: 12345 College Blvd Overland Park, KS

5 Northland Career Center

Northland Career Center is considered a great place to start your studies. The career center is dedicated to giving you the best education, no matter the age or previous training. The school has some of the best teachers and trainers in the area and they will guide you from the first day until your graduation. If it is needed, financial aid is also available.

The LPN class here is excellent and it offers both theory and hands-on skills. At the end of the short training program, you will be prepared to enter this fun and dynamic industry.

AddressAddress: 1801 Branch Platte City, MO

6 Cass Career Center

Located in one of the most dynamic areas in Harrisonville, Cass Career Center is a great place to study. No matter the age or previous knowledge, this center will give you a new and bright future in no time. The school is focused on the current needs of the market and constantly updates the labs and programs to provide you the best possible education.

The LPN class is extremely professional and it provides all the needed skills and knowledge for a great future. Upon graduation, you will be able to tackle any situation at your job and to become an expert in your field.

AddressAddress: 1600 E Elm Harrisonville, MO

Schools Summary Table

Rank School
#1 Concorde Career College
#2 Donnelly College
#3 Kansas City Kansas Community College
#4 Johnson County Community College
#5 Northland Career Center
#6 Cass Career Center

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