LPN Training in New Mexico (Paid Classes Info)

LPN Classes in New Mexico

Colleges and educational institutions in New Mexico offer a bunch of options to reduce the cost of your LPN training courses or even get it for free.

To begin with, you can contact some local healthcare providers and ask them whether they can help you with your educational payments.

Some of them offer support for students who are ready to work for them after finishing their education.

If you have a CNA certificate you can start working for a local healthcare provider while getting your LPN.

One another point is that you should be ready to work for the chosen employer for a certain period of time.

In fact, it’s only one option among the all available in New Mexico.

In case, you weren’t able to find such an offer in your location, look for a loan forgiveness program.

Normally there is plenty of such offers in various locations and it’s your chance to start your LPN training.

Remember that the main requirement of such programs is that you’ll be asked to work at a certain place for a certain period of time.

Also, don’t forget to apply for various grants and scholarships to reduce the cost of your LPN courses.

This is all possibilities you can use to reduce the cost of your education or even get it for free.

Grants & Scholarships in New Mexico

The A.T. Anderson Memorial Scholarship

The scholarship was started as a memorial of A.T. Anderson who was a famous chemical engineer and one of the founders of the American Indian Science and Engineering Society.

This scholarship is available for American Indians and Alaskan Natives.

One another requirement is that the chosen course should be one of medical, engineer or science related field.

And, of course, your score should be really high.

To apply for the scholarship visit the official website: http://www.aises.org/what/programs/scholarships/ata.

Central New Mexico Community College – 25 Buena Vista Dr. SE-Albuquerque, NM 87106

The Central New Mexico Community College has a variety of scholarships to support its students.

You should know that the requirements vary greatly depending on the program or scholarship you are interested in.

To get more information on the issue you need to address the financial aid office.

If you want to start your LPN training, Central New Mexico Community College has some scholarships for you, including Alfred A. Abbott Scholarship.

This scholarship is available for students who have great academic results but don’t have enough money to complete their education.

The Medical Professionals of Tomorrow Scholarship

This scholarship is aimed to support students who want to start their education in the sphere of medicine.

LPN students, of course, is no exception.

The main requirement for this scholarship is that you need to be a full-time student.

The winners can get $5000 for their educational payments.

You should know that this scholarship is really competitive and lots of students can participate in the contest.

It’s your opportunity to become a professional nurse and make your dreams come true.

Visit the official website to apply for it: http://www.usmedicalsupplies.com/scholarship.

WIA Approved LPN Training Courses in New Mexico

Central New Mexico Community College – 525 Buena Vista Dr. SE-Albuquerque, NM 87106

If you want to become a nurse and consider the Central New Mexico Community College as the place to receive your education, check whether you can participate in the WIA program.

Entering this program, you may get a possibility to earn up to $40 000 per year.

In fact, New Mexico has a bunch of offers for nurses and the college provides a really high level of education.

To enter the program you should be able to meet the pre0admission requirements so they can start their LPN training in CNMCC and become a licensed nurse.

Mesalands Community College – 911 South Tenth Street-Tucumcari, New Mexico 88401

Mesalands Community College is a member of the WIA program.

It has a pre-nursing program that can be the first step to your future career.

After it, you can enter two- or four-year training courses.

You should know that the college has a variety of other pre-medical courses.

If you were qualified for the WIA program and want to start your pre-nursing education, you need to take the college into consideration.

Luna Community College – 366 Luna Drive Las Vegas, NM 87701

Luna Community College is one of the WIA providers and offers its students LPN training courses in New Mexico.

If you can apply for the WIA program benefits and want to become a professional nurse, this college is your opportunity to make your dreams come true.

The LPN course is organized in the way you can receive enough of theoretical and practical experience and knowledge.

Starting your LPN training you should know that this field can offer you lots of opportunities in the future.

New Mexico Licensed Practical Nurse Salaries

*Salaries Updated for 2024.

LocationAvg. Salary
Albuquerque, NM$44,567
Las Cruces, NM$40,559
Rio Rancho, NM$44,424
Santa Fe, NM$45,095
Roswell, NM$41,847
Farmington, NM$44,114
Clovis, NM$42,270
Hobbs, NM$41,165
Alamogordo, NM$42,563
Carlsbad, NM$41,847
Gallup, NM$43,851
Los Alamos, NM$44,519
Deming, NM$39,843
Los Lunas, NM$44,138

Job Corps

Albuquerque – 1500 Indian School Road NW Albuquerque, NM 87104 | (505) 222-4243

Roswell – P O Box 5970 57 G Street Roswell, NM 88202-5970 | (575) 347-5414

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