19 Best LPN Classes in Chicago, IL (Top Programs Listed)

LPN Classes in Chicago, IL

Big and bustling, Chicago offers some of the best opportunities in the United States.

The economy is very stable and developed and it will continue to grow.

The educational institutions are amazing and you will easily find LPN classes in Chicago.

1 DePaul University

DePaul University is ranked as a dynamic, professional and serious educational institution. The college has some of the best teachers in the field and the staff is famous for its professionalism and warm behavior. The university has top-notch facilities and it also offers financial aid for the students in need.

The LPN class is very well-rounded and it is designed to help every single student reach its goals. The program has both theory and practice and during it, you will learn everything you need about this industry and patient care.

AddressAddress: 1 E Jackson Blvd Chicago, IL

2 College of DuPage

College of DuPage is the go-to place if you want a quick upgrade. The school invested a lot in all our facilities and resources. This way you will be guaranteed that you are studying at one of the best institutions of Illinois. The staff and trainers are very well-trained and they will fully support you during your education and formation.

The LPN class is one of the best at this technical center and it is taught following the national and international standards. At the end of your studies, you will be one of the best-prepared graduates in the state.

AddressAddress: 425 Fawell Blvd. Glen Ellyn, IL

3 J Renee Career Facilitation

J. Renee Career Facilitation helps everyone start a new future. We understand that the need for excellence is a common desire and for that, we constantly invest in out reachers and resources. Come and see the best labs and resources in the state and embrace a great future career. Our accommodation will give the needed rest after your intensive study.

The LPN program has amazing resources and facilities. It will take you through all the needed steps to form you into an outstanding professional, ready to take on a great career.

AddressAddress: 415 Airport Road Elgin, IL

4 University of St Francis

The University of St. Francis is one of the most renowned and highly-ranked schools in Ilinois. The local campus is famous for its warm atmosphere and for the diversity of clubs and leisure activities. The dorms, labs, and classes are all new and the campus has very modern and fun resources. The curriculum is very modern and it focuses on the current market trends.

The LPN program is very student-focused and it delivers only the information and skills that are truly essential for your professional development. You are guaranteed to have a great education and upon graduation, you will have all the needed skills and knowledge.

AddressAddress: 500 N Wilcox St Joliet, IL

5 Ambria College of Nursing

Fun, professional, and constantly upgrading, Ambria College of Nursing is definitely an excellent place to discover the marvels of the medical world. The school has a very friendly atmosphere and it is famous for its modern perspective and approach. The campus provides sports, clubs, and many socializing hubs.

The LPN program is one of the most successful and interesting in the medical world. The demand for LPN professionals is increasing and following this career path will give you many professional advantages.

AddressAddress: 5210 Trillium Blvd Hoffman Estates, IL

6 Lewis University

Lewis University provides the best teachers and resources in the area. The school is renowned all over the country for its excellent programs and high rate of job integration of graduates. The local campus is very friendly and comfortable and it will provide you a great student experience and very beautiful memories. You can also access financial aid and guidance.

Among all the vocational programs, the LPN one is definitely amazing. The school will teach you everything you need to know in order to become a professional and high-rated nurse.

AddressAddress: One University Parkway Romeoville, IL

7 Governors State University

Governors State University is a modern and respected learning facility that has the aim to shape the future of every student and to train for life. Modern, dedicated, and experienced, the teachers are some of the most professional in each field. There are many excellent programs that aim to prepare you for the current job and market trends.

The LPN class will help you get ready to work in a short time. The program will help you reach your full potential and get you ready for any challenge and patient.

AddressAddress: 1 University Pky University Park, IL

8 William Rainey Harper College

William Rainey Harper College is ranked among the best places to become a better version of yourself. All the tutors and teachers are professionals with great experience and expertise in their field. In terms of facilities, the college invests to provide the best education. The school has many educational options for both theory and practical jobs.

The LPN class here is focused on real-life situations and challenges. It provides very useful job skills from the most respected health professionals in the state, guaranteeing you efficient and personalized training.

AddressAddress: 1200 W Algonquin Rd Palatine, IL

9 Purdue University

Purdue University is a friendly and dynamic learning facility that is considered an excellent choice if you want to grow. The university is amazing in terms of facilities and labs and the trainers and teachers are top-rated. The classes and lectures are constantly updated to offer you the best knowledge in the area. In case it is needed, financial aid is also available under special conditions.

The LPN class is intensive and job-ready, teaching you only the knowledge that is new and matters. If you like medicine and hands-on skills, the LPN program is here to give you the best job opportunities.

AddressAddress: 2200 169th St Hammond, IN

10 National Louis University

National Louis University is an excellent place to develop yourself as a person and your skills. It has some of the best teachers in the state and all the programs are designed to offer useful skills. The facilities are very modern and the campus offers you all you need for comfort and pleasant memories. The school also offers financial and scholarships.

The LPN class is great and it will guide you through all this whole profession. The teachers are experts in their field and they will share their knowledge and vast experience, making you a respected professional.

AddressAddress: 122 S Michigan Ave Chicago, IL

11 South Suburban College

South Suburban College is the perfect launch point for any career path. The teachers and trainers are true experts in their domain and they are selected based on experience and expertise. The programs are all student-focused and they will prepare you for any exam, job opportunity, and challenge. You also have the possibility to access financial help and education grants.

The LPN class provides one of the best formation process. It is high-quality and designed based on the newest trends and movements on the market, making you job-ready.

AddressAddress: 15800 South State Street South Holland, IL

12 Saint Xavier University

Dedicated and with amazing education standards, Saint Xavier University stands at the top of the education ranks. The school has an amazing teaching strategy that aims to provide all the needed knowledge and skills in the shortest time possible. The dedication means that the entire teaching board and staff are dedicated to helping you reach all your professional goals.

The LPN vocational program is very professional and focused on the needs of the job market. This way you will be ready to take on your new career path in the fastest way.

AddressAddress: 3700 W 103rd St Chicago, IL

13 City Colleges of Chicago

City Colleges of Chicago gather the very best schools and colleges in this grand city. High-quality education and professional teachers are the main points that guarantee an amazing education. You will be very pleased by the great leisure activities on campus and by the study areas. Financial support can also be accessed under special terms.

The LPN vocational program is an excellent choice for people that want to grow in their careers. The job opportunities opened by this program are very vast and you will be able to enjoy every day of your career.

AddressAddress: 4300 N Narragansett Chicago, IL

14 Loyola University Chicago

Loyola University Chicago is a unique and innovative curriculum and a great teaching technique. The modern approach and the well-trained teachers are the key to a successful learning experience and you are guaranteed to find them in this system. The facilities and campus have everything you need for an amazing student experience.

The LPN program in this system can be done in many of the branches and it provides premium resources and excellent teachers. After graduation,, you will be for any challenge.

AddressAddress: 1032 W. Sheridan Rd Chicago, IL

15 North Park University

North Park University is one of the superstars of the education institutes in this state. The school is focused on the development of every single student and you are guaranteed the best education and resources. The school also offers financial assistance and guidance. To provide the best possible experience, the university has a very dynamic and modern campus that is full of fun leisure activities.

The LPN program is very intensive and it is provided by the healthcare professionals. This way you will be fully prepared to enter this fast-developing industry and to have an amazing career path.

AddressAddress: 3225 W Foster Ave Chicago, IL

16 Morton College

Morton College has extraordinary student resources and facilities and it is considered one of the very best choices if you want to enhance your skills. The college provides some of the best teachers in the field and they will share all expertise. The campus is very comfortable and the labs and classes exceed the national standards in terms of comfort and equipment.

The LPN is very good and it will prepare you for a new career in a matter of weeks. The program will teach you everything you need to know about patient care and techniques.

AddressAddress: 3801 S Central Ave Cicero, IL

17 Elgin Community College

Elgin Community College provides exclusive resources and premium programs. Professional, modern but still very fun, the campus provides all the needed facilities and resources for professional and efficient fomation. The labs and classes follow all the requirements of the market field and they will prepare you for any job opportunity and promotion.

Among all the vocational programs, the LPN is one of the most popular. The class combines the beauty of medical care with the hands-on skills needed in this job, giving you full training.

AddressAddress: 1700 Spartan Drive Elgin, IL

18 Illinois Community Colleges

Large, developed, and diverse, Illinois Community Colleges are rated as some of the best places to upgrade your knowledge or to start a new career. The system is famous for its great alumni and job performance if graduates. The recent investment in the infrastructure and facilities make this place excellent for studying and fun activities.

The LPN class is regarded as one of the best vocational choices and provided by experienced professionals. Modern and well-rounded, this program will quickly prepare you for a bright career.

AddressAddress: 2000 5th Ave River Grove, IL

19 Illinois Community Colleges

Illinois Community Colleges are a large family of amazing educational institutions. The colleges are selected based on their teaching performance and on the results of the programs. These colleges guarantee an amazing experience and professional teaching while providing some of the best facilities. To help everyone access education, the colleges provide financial aid.

The LPN program in Joliet is very professional and it has some of the best resources. The trainers and teachers will quickly prepare you to pass your accreditation exam and to enter this profession.

AddressAddress: 1215 Houbolt Rd Joliet, IL

Schools Summary Table

Rank School
#1 DePaul University
#2 College of DuPage
#3 J Renee Career Facilitation
#4 University of St Francis
#5 Ambria College of Nursing
#6 Lewis University
#7 Governors State University
#8 William Rainey Harper College
#9 Purdue University
#10 National Louis University
#11 South Suburban College
#12 Saint Xavier University
#13 City Colleges of Chicago
#14 Loyola University Chicago
#15 North Park University
#16 Morton College
#17 Elgin Community College
#18 Illinois Community Colleges
#19 Illinois Community Colleges

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