9 Best LPN Classes in Pittsburgh, PA (Top Programs Listed)

LPN Classes in Pittsburgh, PA

Famous for its beauty and atmosphere, Pittsburgh is one of the gems of Pennsylvania.

The city has a very stable economy that continues to grow.

The schools are excellent and you will easily find LPN classes in Pittsburgh.

1 Carlow University

Carlow University stands out from the other educational offers in the state thanks to its high level of professionalism and long history. The school is proud to say that it is one of the top educational facilities here, both in the theoretical and vocational fields. The modern campus and learning facilities are equipped at national standards to provide the best educational experience.

The LPN class is very professional and it will provide the best hands-on labs and theoretical classes. At the end of your short studies you will have all the knowledge to apply for any job in this field.

AddressAddress: 3333 Fifth Ave Pittsburgh, PA

2 Kaplan Career Institute

Kaplan Career Institute is one of the best places to start a vocational career path. The branch in Pittsburgh is one of the largest and it is famous for some of the best teachers in the state. The vocational and theoretical curriculum is based on the trends and requirements of the market and business sector to make sure that every piece of information provided will help the student.

The LPN class is perfect if you are looking to start a medical career in a very short time. The intensive labs and lectures will give you all the needed knowledge to become a true professional in this great industry.

AddressAddress: 933 Penn Avenue Pittsburgh, PA

3 Duquesne University

With a proud and professional conduit, Duquesne University will become the place where you start your new future. Located in the heart of Pittsburgh, this university is famous for the modern campus and facilities. During your stay here you will be guaranteed the best facilities and education thanks to the modern campus and friendly teachers.

One of the best vocational choices here is the LPN course. This class is suitable for anyone that wants to start a practical medical career and it will give you all the needed skills, knowledge, and information to easily start a new career.

AddressAddress: Administration Bldg 600 Forbes Ave Pittsburgh, PA

4 Western Area Career & Technology Center

Western Area Career & Technology Center comes in the aid of every student that wants to study in a professional and experienced learning facility. The center is well-known for the practical and real-life approach of every class and program. This way you are guaranteed to get the best educational experience in a short time. The center also provides financial help under certain criteria.

The LPN class in one of the best vocational choices here. This program is excellent in terms of theory and practice and it will quickly prepare you to take on a new and exciting career path.

AddressAddress: 688 Western Avenue Canonsburg, PA

5 Community College of Beaver County

Community College of Beaver County is a friendly and professional learning facility that is focused on the education and experience of every student. The college is famous for the laid-back atmosphere and the fun campus life. If you are looking to quickly start a new career in a warm but yet very professional atmosphere, this is the perfect place for you.

The LPN vocational class here is centered around the skills and knowledge needed in this field. You will receive only useful and applicable information in order to quickly start a new career path.

AddressAddress: 1 Campus Drive Monaca, PA

6 Penn Commercial Business/Technical School

Penn Commercial Business/Technical School is a staple name in the world of education in this state. This big name and notoriety come from its long history and successful student stories. One of the biggest advantages of studying here is that all the teachers and trainers are experts in their fields and they have lots of experience and information to share.

The vocational programs are very well-rounded and the LPN one will give you many career options thanks to the great educational experience here and the large demand on the market.

AddressAddress: 242 Oak Spring Road Washington, PA

7 Westmoreland County Community College

Westmoreland County Community College is one of the largest schools in the state and it offers a large diversity of theoretical and vocational programs. The high-quality of this college is thanks to the modern and open-minded school board and from the modern and student-friendly campus and facilities. To make sure everyone has access to education, the school offers financial aid under certain conditions.

The LPN program is very short and intensive and it will teach you all the required skills and knowledge to start a successful and exciting career in this great industry.

AddressAddress: 145 Pavilion Lane Youngwood, PA

8 Lenape Technical School

Lenape Technical School is well-known as one of the best choices if you are aiming to start a medical-vocational career. The fame of this school comes from the well-designed programs and from its amazing teachers. The curriculum is very easy to learn and it is focused on real-life situations and skills. The school also has the possibility to offer scholarships and financial aid.

The medical programs here are amazing and the LPN one is one of the best. This program will open you great opportunities and during your studies you will acquire skills and knowledge for a lifetime.

AddressAddress: 83 Glade Drive Kittanning, PA

9 John D Rockefeller IV Career Center

John D. Rockefeller IV Career Center opened its gates with the purpose to help every student that comes to start a new career. The atmosphere here is great and the campus life will make your stay very pleasant and fun. The facilities of the school are very modern and they will help you reach all your professional goals.

One of the best vocational programs is the LPN one. This program is notorious for the great teachers and trainers that will quickly deliver you the skills and knowledge to start a new and exciting career.

AddressAddress: 80 Rockefeller Circle New Cumberland, WV

Schools Summary Table

Rank School
#1 Carlow University
#2 Kaplan Career Institute
#3 Duquesne University
#4 Western Area Career & Technology Center
#5 Community College of Beaver County
#6 Penn Commercial Business/Technical School
#7 Westmoreland County Community College
#8 Lenape Technical School
#9 John D Rockefeller IV Career Center

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