5 Best LPN Classes in Indianapolis, IN (Top Programs Listed)

LPN Classes in Indianapolis, IN

Indianapolis is considered one of the best places to live and work in the state.

The economic district is in full bloom and it offers new opportunities every day.

If you are looking for great LPN classes, this city is the best place for you.

1 University of Indianapolis

The University of Indianapolis is one of the greatest places to study in the whole country. It has countless acreditations and prizes for excellence awarded by national and international entitites. With a long history behind it, the school has all the needed knowledge and tradition to teach you in a professional and efficient manner.

The LPN program in our university is delivered by the best teachers in the state and using the best resources. You will find this program very easy to comprehend and intesive, preparing you for a bright career.

AddressAddress: 1400 E Hanna Ave Indianapolis, IN

2 Indiana University

We at Indiana University are proud to say that we have the best campus facilities and the coolest educators. If you want to study in a place that has excellent student feedback, we are the place. The campus is equipped at the highest national standards and the needs of the students and it also has many leisure activities and cafes.

One of the best hands-on programs here is LPN. This program is very well-rounded and it offers amazing classes. After graduation, you will be ready for the accreditation exams and to kick-start your new career.

AddressAddress: 425 University Blvd Indianapolis, IN

3 J Everett Light Career Center

J Everett Light Career Center has great notoriety and fame for its educational performance. Dynamic, professional, and full of life, this place has an amazing campus where you will easily enjoy your student life. The teachers here are very professional and skilled and the staff will help you with job hunting and financial assistance.

Among the vocational classes, the LPN is one of the very best. This program will quickly form you into a professional and mature and responsible person, getting you ready for an amazing life.

AddressAddress: 1901 E 86 St Indianapolis, IN

4 MedTech College-Greenwood Campus

MedTech College-Greenwood Campus is the go-to place if you want to start a medical career. The campus has very modern dorms and you will also find many cafes, shops, and other facilities in close proximity. The staff here is very welcoming and it will make your stay here very fun and relaxed. You can also ask for financial assistance under certain conditions.

In terms of programs, LPN is excellent if you are planning to start a medical career. Well-rounded and designed to give you hands-on job skills, this program will quickly prepare you for many job options.

AddressAddress: 1500 American Way Greenwood, IN

5 MedTech College

MedTech College is ranked as one of the best facilities to begin a medical career path. The dorms and campus are top-rated in this state and you will have exclusive access to many fun and interesting resources. The teachers are some of the best in the state and they will teach you everything you need to start a great career.

The LPN training is focused on delivering you all the needed theory and practice to prepare you for any job in this industry. Our educational board will guide you from the first day up to the certification exam.

AddressAddress: 6612 E 75th St Suite 300 Indianapolis, IN

Schools Summary Table

Rank School
#1 University of Indianapolis
#2 Indiana University
#3 J Everett Light Career Center
#4 MedTech College-Greenwood Campus
#5 MedTech College

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