12 Best LPN Classes in San Jose, CA (Top Programs Listed)

LPN Classes in San Jose, CA

Tranquil and beautiful, San Jose is definitely a great place to be in California.

The economy of the city offers great business and job opportunities.

If you are looking to start a new career, San Jose excellent LPN classes.

1 Carrington College

Desired by many students all over the country, Carrington College offers the perfect environment for education and growth. We believe that every student can achieve peak performance in a competitive and professional environment and for that, we provide valuable resources and high-trained teachers. Under certain conditions, financial aid can be access.

Our medical programs are excellent and if you are looking to start a new and interesting career we highly recommend the LPN one. It takes a short time to complete and we will also aid the accreditation process.

AddressAddress: 5883 Rue Ferrari Suite 125 San Jose, CA 95138

2 Unitek College

We are one of the best choices if you are looking for a high-tech and professional learning facility. The campus located in San Jose is among our very best in terms of accommodation and comfort. You will find many interesting locations nearby and we also provide relaxing activities on campus. Come and start a new and exciting career with us!

Are you a medicine fan but you don’t know what to choose? Our LPN program will answer all your calls by providing the best-designed curriculum and the most professional trainers.

AddressAddress: 6800 Santa Teresa Blvd Ste. 200 San Jose, CA 95119

3 Holy Names University

Holy Names University stands as the perfect launching ramp for any vocational career you can imagine. We dedicate all our resources and staff for you and for your formation. The campus provides a relaxing and student-friendly facilities and activities, giving you a perfect experience. Ou long history stands as a proof of quality and dedication.

Our programs are designed to answer the needs of everyone and one of the best is the LPN. Short, intensive, and guaranteeing a great future, this program will fully form you into a great professional.

AddressAddress: 3500 Mountain Blvd Oakland, CA

4 WestMed College

Come and choose your perfect medical career at WestMed College. We are one of the most respected and recommended places to start a new medical career or to polish the skills you already have. All our programs are job-focused and they give you the advantage to finish your studies in a short time. To give equal chances and opportunities, the college grants financial assistance under certain conditions.

An exciting and promising medical career is the LPN one. The current market needs more and more specialists in this field and you have the great chance to embark this train to success.

AddressAddress: 3031 Tisch Way San Jose, CA

5 Samuel Merritt University

Serious, dedicated, and constantly improving, Samuel Merritt University gives a helping hand to everyone that wants to change their lives through education. If you are looking for interesting and premium-quality educational programs, you have come to the right place. All our accreditations and certificates will give you the advantage to stand out from the crowd of graduates.

The vocational programs found here are great and one of the most popular is LPN. This program will take you from the basics and turn you into a successful professional in a matter of weeks.

AddressAddress: 3100 Telegraph Avenue Oakland, CA

6 Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts

We at Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts dedicate all our resources and efforts to make sure that we provide you the best possible education. Our labs and simulations follow the real-life needs of all our vocational programs and they will give you the knowledge to care for any patient. Our accommodation conditions are very relaxing and pleasing, being ranked the best among the medical schools.

The LPN program is the perfect choice for those looking for a trending and successful career path. This specialty is wanted by many private and public hospitals and it will give you many job satisfactions.

AddressAddress: 2121 South El Camino Real Building C 200 San Mateo, CA

7 University of San Francisco

The University of San Francisco is one of the oldest and highest-rated institutions in the United States thanks to the multiple quality prizes and to the outstanding performance of the graduates. We provide both theoretical and vocational programs that are tailored to give you the best formation and the best student experience.

The LPN vocational class is becoming one of the most popular thanks to the emerging need for professionals all over the world. We will aid you at every step of this program and during your final exams.

AddressAddress: 2130 Fulton St San Francisco, CA

8 City College of San Francisco

City College of San Franciso believes that education and training can remarkably change the lives of everyone. The college is famous for the high rate of job integration of the graduates and for the high-quality facilities and resources. The staff is carefully selected and trained to be able to guide and teach in a warm and professional manner.

Vocational programs here are amazing and they will open many job opportunities, the LPN class being one of the best. This program is short and designed to give you all the knowledge needed.

AddressAddress: 50 Phelan Ave San Francisco, CA

9 California Community College System

To provide the largest variety of programs and classes, the California Community College System comprised the best colleges and vocational schools in the state. In this system you will find only the best of the best, being guaranteed that you will be taught by the best teachers and from the newest resources.

The system has many interesting vocational programs and LPN is one of the most promising. This program benefits from financial assistance and constant guidance from the first to the last day of your education.

AddressAddress: 3000 Mission College Blvd Santa Clara, CA

10 California Community College System

California Community College System is a very interesting and successful educational institution that gathered the best schools and colleges in the state. This way you are given a very wide selection of programs and locations, guaranteeing that all of them have the same standards of quality. The schools have great teachers that will carefully watch your every education step.

THe LPN vocational class is full of interesting and interactive courses that will take your from the vey basics, patient management, time management and so on until you reach your full potential.

AddressAddress: 12500 Campus Dr Oakland, CA

11 NCP College of Nursing-South San Francisco

NCP College of Nursing is a professional and future-oriented place to start your studies. The college provides exceptional medical formation for beginners or professionals that are looking to step up on the career ladder. The campus of South San Francisco has excellent conditions that were designed by educational and leisure professionals.

The nursing programs are amazing and the LPN one will prepare you for a great future. The period of study is short and the college can assist you financially under certain conditions.


AddressAddress: 257 Longford Drive South San Francisco, CA

12 NCP College of Nursing-Hayward

High-quality programs and professional teachers are just some of the advantages you will get by studying at NCP College of Nursing, the Hayward branch. If you were wondering what advantages you will get from studying here, cozy dorms rooms, professional educators, and fun leisure activities are just some of the points. Come and meet us in Hayward.

One of our best programs at this local branch is LPN. This program will give you lots of job opportunities and all the knowledge to take care of your patients in a professional manner.

AddressAddress: 21615 Hesperian Boulevard Hayward, CA

Schools Summary Table

Rank School
#1 Carrington College
#2 Unitek College
#3 Holy Names University
#4 WestMed College
#5 Samuel Merritt University
#6 Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts
#7 University of San Francisco
#8 City College of San Francisco
#9 California Community College System
#10 California Community College System
#11 NCP College of Nursing-South San Francisco
#12 NCP College of Nursing-Hayward

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