LPN Training in Florida (Paid Classes Info)

LPN Classes in Florida

In case you’re looking for LPN training courses in Florida, you should know that it isn’t such a difficult task and there is a bunch of various offers.

There’re lots of colleges where you can enter ‘earn as you learn’ program for students who want to become nurses.

It means that you have a possibility to get your education while working which makes it easier to pay for your training.

One of such offers is provided by Morton Plant of the Baycare Health System.

Consider that there aren’t so many openings and will be better to address a number of hospitals and check whether they can provide you with any support.

Usually, you can find such offers in those hospitals that co-operate with colleges to provide their employees with necessary training.

Also, it’s a great opportunity to get plenty of practical experience in a hospital.

The point you should pay attention to is the period you should work at the chosen hospital after finishing your training.

It will be a good idea to contact hospitals and medical facilities and ask whether you can start working while learning.

The home health agency is one of the great opportunities to find appropriate LPN training courses.

All these tips will help you to find the best training courses and become an LPN in Florida.

In this article, you’ll be able to find information about some programs, grants, and scholarship that will let you get your LPN training in Florida.

Grants & Scholarships in Florida:

Florida Nurses Foundation – State Nursing Scholarships

This scholarship is available for those students who have already finished at least one semester of their nursing education.

Also, to get this scholarship you should be the resident of Florida for a one-year minimum.

It is provided by the state and aims to provide an appropriate number of qualified nurses in local hospitals.

You should know that this program applies high standards for its applicants.

Haitian American Nurses Association Scholarships

If you’re a Haitian Descendent and you want to become a nurse this scholarship will be a perfect choice for you.

To apply for this scholarship you should be the resident of Florida.

Entering the program you’ll be asked to write an essay where you need to describe your reasons for becoming a nurse and indicate your plans for future as LPN specialist.

Also, you must have at least 3.0 GPA.

If you meet the requirements you obviously should try and enter the program.

Achieving the Dream Scholarship

This scholarship was started to support Hispanic descents in Florida.

Consider the fact that to enter the program you’re obliged to attend a four-year school on a full-time basis.

One another requirement is good marks and pretty high GPA.

Also, you’ll be asked to write an essay to explain why you deserve to get this scholarship.

Make sure your essay is well written, deliberated and reflects your intentions, motivation and plans perfectly.

WIA Approved LPN Training Courses in Florida:

Brevard Community College – 1519 Clearlake Road, Cocoa, FL 32922

Brevard Community College is WIA approved educational institution that offers high-quality LPN training course.

You should know that there is a variety of programs and courses including fast-track courses.

Starting your LPN education at Brevard Community College you’ll be able to get high-quality tuition and hands-on experience during twelve months in Florida.

College of Central Florida – Ocala, FL (352) 237-2111

College of Central Florida offers high-level education for its students for about 50 years.

Previously, it was known as Central Florida Community College.

The main point you should know is that this public college offers excellent courses for affordable prices.

Being a WIA approved college, College of Central Florida provide their students with a high level of knowledge and a degree to become a competitive specialist on the labor market.

South Florida Community College – 600 West College Drive Avon Park, FL 33825

SFCC is a provider of numerous courses and programs for people of various ages.

Entering this college you can be sure that you’ll get an excellent education.

Also, you can be a citizen of Florida or any other state within the country to enter this college.

Each year SFCC offers LPN training program for its students but this program is really competitive and you should work hard to enter it.

To get more information about the college and training courses, meet with an admission counselor.

Florida Licensed Practical Nurse Salaries

*Salaries Updated for 2024.

LocationAvg. Salary
Jacksonville, FL$45,786
Miami, FL$46,510
Tampa, FL$45,856
Orlando, FL$45,326
St. Petersburg, FL$45,426
Hialeah, FL$46,094
Tallahassee, FL$43,278
Cape Coral, FL$44,832
Fort Lauderdale, FL$46,835
Port St. Lucie, FL$44,749
Port St. Lucie, FL$46,037
Hollywood, FL$46,865
Miramar, FL$42,945
Gainesville, FL$43,403

Job Corps:

Job Corps is a perfect opportunity for you to get information about colleges, financial support and a piece of advice.

In Florida, there are five Job Corps offices that are located in Gainesville, Homestead, Jacksonville, Miami, and St. Petersburg.

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