LPN Training in Utah (Paid Classes Info)

LPN Classes in Utah

Starting your LPN training you can apply for various scholarships to get your education for free.

Usually, LPN courses are quite cheap but it gives you an opportunity to get a significant income after starting your career.

Applying for financial aid in Utah, you can get a full-coverage grant or combine a few scholarships to pay for your education.

To begin with, you need to complete the Federal Application for Financial Aid to apply for any financial aid.

Also, don’t forget to check all the requirements for all the scholarships you’re interested in.

Usually, you’ll be asked to present the letters of recommendation and academic transcriptions.

Also, you may be obliged to write an essay or answer some questions.

Make sure you’ve learned all the requirements so you can successfully apply for a scholarship.

Consider the fact that there is a variety of scholarships and grants offered by various funds, organizations, and companies.

Among the available opportunities to reduce the cost of your education, there are WIA programs, military benefits or vocational courses.

Of course, you shouldn’t forget about sponsoring employer programs.

Grants & Scholarships in Utah

Looking for an opportunity to get your LPN training for free, you should begin with the numerous scholarships and grand available within the state.

Cappex.com Health Care Scholarships

This scholarship was started to support healthcare and nursing students in the state of Utah.

You can apply for this program if you’ve started your education or you’re a high-school student and going to enter a college in a year or less.

One of the main requirements is “Tell Us More” so you can be evaluated properly as the scholarship is given only for those who are really interested in becoming a professional nurse.

Winning the scholarship, you’ll get $1000 for your educational expenses.

To get more information visit the website: Cappex.com.

College of Eastern Utah-USU Eastern Scholarships – Academic – 451 East 400 North-Price, UT 84501

In case your GPA isn’t lower than 3.0, you have an opportunity to apply for academic scholarships offered in Utah.

One another requirement is that you should have impressive academic results in 12 credit minimum.

Entering your LPN training courses, you can apply for an academic scholarship.

To get some extra information on the issue, address the financial aid office.

Don’t lose this chance as can help you to reduce the cost of your education significantly.

Utah Nurses Foundation Grant

The Nurses Foundation offers scholarships and grants to support graduate and undergraduate students who want to become nurses in Utah.

To apply for this program, you need to be enrolled in one of the certified nursing programs within the state.

One another requirement is that you need to have at least 6 credits of study during a semester.

Consider the fact that the preference will be given to full-time school students.

WIA Approved LPN Training Courses in Utah

Salt Lake Community College – 4600 South Redwood Road • Salt Lake City, UT 84123

Students that want to start their LPN training and can apply for the WIA program benefits, should try to enter the Salt Lake Community College.

There you can enter the LPN training course and after finishing it, you’ll be able to sit for the NCLEX-PN exam.

Also, there is an ADN course for those who have already finished their LPN training and want to improve their skills.

Utah State University – College of Eastern Utah – 451 East 400 North-Price, Utah 84501

If you were able to get the tuition payment support through the WIA program, you can reduce the course of the coursework needed to become an LPN.

You can apply for financial aid in case you aren’t able to get a job because of various reasons that aren’t caused by you.

The LPN training course lasts for a little more than 2 semesters and it starts when the summer semester begins.

Moreover, there are RN and CNA training courses in the college.

Snow College-South – 800 W 200-Richfield, UT 84701

If you meet all the requirements to become a participant of the WIA program, you need to contact the financial aid office at Snow College.

This college can provide students with an absolutely high-quality education in the sphere of nursing.

In fact, it’s your chance to get your tuition and start a successful career at a short period of time.

The LPN program offered in the college is absolutely comprehensive and gives you plenty of necessary experience and knowledge.

Also, finishing the course, you’ll be able to sit for a qualification exam and start your nursing career.

Nightingale College – 4155 Suite 100 Harrison Blvd. Ogden, Utah 84403 | (801) 689-2160

Utah Licensed Practical Nurse Salaries

*Salaries Updated for 2024.

LocationAvg. Salary
Salt Lake City, UT$45,257
West Valley City, UT$46,722
Provo, UT$43,325
West Jordan, UT$45,092
Orem, UT$43,325
Sandy, UT$45,113
Ogden, UT$44,090
St. George, UT$48,909
Layton, UT$43,924
Millcreek, UT$44,196
Taylorsville, UT$46,722
South Jordan, UT$45,050
Logan, UT$43,470
Lehi, UT$43,118

Job Corps

Clearfield – 20 West 1700 South P O Box 160070 Clearfield, UT 84016-0070 | (801) 774-4000

Weber Basin – 7400 South Cornia Drive Ogden, UT 84405-9605 | (801) 479-9806

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