LPN Training in New York (Paid Classes Info)

LPN Classes in New York

If you want to become an LPN, you should know that working hard and being skillful you have an opportunity to earn about $45 000 and even more.

Depending on the educational program, you may be ready to start your career in a year after starting the education.

Of course, there are a lot of opportunities to become an LPN but payments for education can be a big problem.

New Your has a variety of opportunities to get your LPN training for free.

High school students that are interested in becoming nurses can find some LPN courses.

It’s a perfect opportunity to get your LPN training together with a high school diploma.

Also, vocational LPN courses can be a great decision for high-schoolers.

The point you should keep in mind that some courses can require some additional training after finishing education.

In case you’ve already graduated from high school, you may find numerous grants and scholarships for LPN students in local colleges.

In fact, any student in New York can easily find some kind of financial aid or scholarship to reduce educational expenses or get your education for free.

In case you want to take a slower pace and develop your skills gradually, you can look for some CNA training courses in New York.

Grants & Scholarships in New York

You should know that there is a variety of state and federal grants and scholarships in New York.

It gives you an opportunity to chose the college where you want to get your education.

New York City HHC – 346 BROADWAY ROOM 514 NEW YORK, NY 10013 [Update March 2013]

The HHC program was created to support individuals who want to become RNs or LPNs in New York.

It’s based on the funds received from the Mayor’s center for economic opportunity.

The LPN training course offered by the program last for about 11 months.

Also, you should know that only 40 students can enter the program which means that you should fulfill your application as soon as possible.

Moreover, take into consideration that you should be 17 to apply for the program and ready to work for the facility for a certain period of time.

You can get more information addressing the representative: Tel. (212) 442-3768 or Email: EO@nychhc.org.

The 1199SEIU Funds LPN Scholarship

The 1199SEIU Fund offers numerous benefits to current and retired workers of the healthcare system in New York.

Moreover, the program provides students with financial aid to help them get their education.

One of such offers will be a great opportunity for LPN students.

If you got interested and want to apply for it, you can get more information on the issue at the Educational Benefits Administer.

New York State Memorial Scholarship

The NYSM Scholarship was created to support those students whose parents served in Public Safety Careers and lost their lives while working.

It’s available for those whose parent was, for example, EMT, Paramedic and law enforcement officer.

You can use the program benefits applying for any public institute or college.

The main point that it has no restrictions related to the field of study.

It means that it’s a suitable choice for LPN students.

One another point is that the sum of scholarship varies depending on numerous aspects.

Foundation of the Student Nurses Association – Bronx Community College – 2155 University Avenue-Bronx, NY 10453

If you’re a college student at nursing or pre-nursing studies this scholarship is exactly what you need.

To apply for it you should be actively involved in community issues, have high grades and, of course, be in financial need.

Those who decide to apply for the program need to pay a fee – $10.

Among the participants, there is Bronx Community College.

To get more information, visit the official website: nsna.org/foundation/scholarships/undergrad.asp.

WIA Approves LPN Training Courses in New York

Duchess Community College – 53 Pendell Rd-Poughkeepsie NY 12601

Duchess Community College is one of the WIA participants and offers LPN training courses and education program for those who want to continue their tuition at the university.

Entering this college, you have an opportunity to apply for LPN course which lasts one year.

It contains 500 credit hours of lectures and on-hands experience in local hospitals.

If you’re qualified you can get financial support as a part of the WIA program.

Hudson Valley Technology Development Center – 1450 Route 300 Ste 1-Suite 280-Newburgh NY 12550

You should know that this center is a participant of the WIA program and other similar programs.

If you have difficulties with your employment, this program is your chance to get your education and start your career.

In fact, this center aims to support individuals an provide them with the opportunity to get a great job, become successful and start earning.

It’s your chance to become successful and fulfill your dream of becoming a professional nurse.

LaGuardia Community College – 1-10 Thomson Ave. Long Island City, NY 1110

LaGuardia Community College is WIA approved educational institution in the state of New York.

There you can find a variety of educational courses and training programs.

Of course, the LPN training course is one of the offered courses.

To complete it you need 48 credits and have impressive academic results.

If you want to continue your education after finishing LPN training, you can enter an ASN Program.

The main point is that entering the college you’ll get a high-quality education for sure.

New York Licensed Practical Nurse Salaries

*Salaries Updated for 2024.

LocationAvg. Salary
New York, NY$57,737
Buffalo, NY$45,632
Rochester, NY$47,349
Yonkers, NY$55,001
Syracuse, NY$47,239
Albany, NY$48,781
New Rochelle, NY$54,514
Mount Vernon, NY$54,978
Schenectady, NY$48,305
Utica, NY$45,693
White Plains, NY$54,990
Niagara Falls, NY$45,537
Troy, NY$48,499
Binghamton, NY$45,989

Job Corps

One another opportunity you should take into consideration is Job Corps offices. It’s a great opportunity to get your LPN training for free. Here are the addresses of Job Corps offices in New York:

Brooklyn – 585 DeKalb Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11205 | Tel: (718) 623-4000

Cassadaga – 8115 Glasgow Road Cassadaga, NY 14718-9606 | Tel: (716) 595-8760

Delaware Valley – P O Box 846 9368 State Route 97 Callicoon, NY 12723 | Tel: (845) 887-5400

Glenmont – P O Box 993 822 River Road Glenmont, NY 12077-0993 | Tel: (518) 767-9371

South Bronx – 1771 Andrews Avenue Bronx, NY 10453-6803 | Tel: (718) 731-7700

for more office addresses on the website: http://www.jobcorps.gov/centerlocations.aspx?statename=ny

USA LPN Classes by City

USA LPN Classes by State

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