Types Of Vocational Training

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Types Of Vocational Training

Vocational training is part of tertiary training that puts full emphasis on the skills and knowledge required for a particular job function or trade.

It covers a wide range of careers and industries like technology, office work, retail, and hospitality.

Therefore, here are the types of vocational training commonly offered today.

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Types Of Vocational Training

Trade Schools

This is a school that provides education in skilled trades such as plumbing, car repair, and construction.

It provides approximately 3 years of classroom work accompanied by workshop instructions before you seek any job from a potential employer.

After completing this training, you will obtain a license to freely practice the trade.

Trade schools - car repair class example

Administration Schools

This is a program that is intended to equip and prepare students for such careers as; administrative assistants, medical assistants, office clerks or legal assistants.

This program takes one to two years for you to complete.

Administration school - classroom example

Nursing Schools

Nurses are in high demand in the U.S. and in most parts of the world.

As the population grows bigger and the average lifespan is increasing medical careers are on the rise.

Being a nurse is very demanding yet it’s also very rewarding.

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If money is what you’re after, know that nursing is not an easy profession but salaries are on the rise in recent years.

Nursing schools - nursing class for example

Aesthetic Schools

This is a program that offers creative vocations.

It offers programs such as interior decorations, cosmetology, and hairstyling.

It is a training that takes two to three years of study and does not usually require an apprenticeship after you complete your degree.

Aesthetic school - hairdressing example

Adult Education

Adult Education, also known as continuing education.

It’s a form of vocational training for those adults that are already employed.

Many employed people choose to undergo this training due to such reasons as to be considered for promotion or for career development.

Often, employers choose to pay for their employees to undergo such training so as to keep them motivated and remain competitive in the market.


This is a form of training for people with the need to get hands-on training from the ultimate source.

It is a vocational training that is intended to give you the desired experience in your field of study hence helps you acquire a position in an industry of your desire.

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There’s also vocational rehabilitation, which is a different aspect of vocational training.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are types of vocational skills?

Vocational skills are specific jobs that people prepare for that normally include some hands-on learning.

This could be a barber, a welder, an automobile mechanic, and many other types of jobs.

The training has a person ready to start a job upon completion of the program.

What are vocational activities?

Vocational training gets a person ready to do a job, and that includes more than the job itself.

It can include things like resume writing, how to fill out a job application, and tips for job interviews.

It can also include things like learning to read instructions, reading menus, reading and understanding directions, or learning about the local transportation system.

How do you teach vocational skills?

Vocational education requires a lot of practical training, so it is good if the teacher has experience at the job they are teaching.

Show students how the work is done and teach them to do it.

Help them learn the skill by showing them and then helping them do the skill itself.

Teaching vocational skills is not theory, it is how to do things in the real world.

What is the importance of vocational skills?

The importance of vocational skills is that it trains people to do a specific job.

When completed they are ready to go to work and will need very little training when they start the job.

Vocationally trained students are prepared to meet the demands of a working environment in a practical way.

Learning and increasing skills is the importance of vocational training.

What is the purpose of vocational training?

The purpose of vocational training is to get a person ready to do a specific job.

It may help the student learn some other things, like job interviews or resume writing, but the main thing is the preparation for the job.

Vocational training involves little theory and focuses on how to do the job itself.

The student learns how to do the job and develops the skill to do the job.

What are the benefits of vocational training?

The benefit of vocational education is the skills students develop during training.

It prepares a student to handle life in the working world.

The student learns the skill needed for the specific job, and other things that will help the student do the job well once it begins.

Students are all but guaranteed a job when they finish, and there are advancement opportunities.

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