Best Vocational Training Programs in Canada 2022

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If you live in Canada and haven’t yet decided what you are going to do in 2024, you have come to the right place.

We have just made the process of making a decision easier for you.

We looked through available courses this year and selected 5 of the best we could find.

People selected careers for different reasons.

For some, it is about money.

Others look for something they are passionate about and others look for a course they can afford.

We considered everybody when we selected the best vocational training programs in Canada.

The programs we have selected are the ones that will always be in demand in Canada.

In many developed countries, the problem of technical skills is one that will take a long time to solve.

This is the reason why students graduating with technical qualifications can literally walk into a job.

They also progress faster in their careers.

Computer Programmer

vocational training in canadaSeeing that every process now involves a computer in one way or another especially in developed countries like Canada, this is a course that brings big returns.

Upon graduation, you will be doing different tasks including writing the codes that tell computers what to do.

The job involves other responsibilities such as troubleshooting when there are problems with a particular software program, creating and maintaining programs amongst other such tasks.

Where You Can Study Computer Programming

We looked at some reviews by students and discovered these five good computer programming schools you can send an application to;

CDI College: Find campuses in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, and Winnipeg.

What makes this one of the best schools where you can study computer programming in Canada is that the school’s curriculum is a reflection of the skills required by Canada’s industry.

Computer Programmer

This ensures that students who graduate from this college can expect to walk straight into jobs and know what they are expected to do.

Courses related to computers offered in this college include the following;

  • Computer Networking Technology
  • Programmer Analyst
  • Computing Support
  • Network Systems Technology

It’s also possible to study online, here’s some information about that: Online Computer Science Programs

Licensed Practical Nurse

A Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) in Canada is someone responsible for caring for people with injuries, who are sick, or disabled.

Licensed Practical Nurse

As an LPN you will be working under a physician or a registered nurse.

Where You Can Study To Be a Licensed Nurse

To find a school near you where you can study and qualify as a licensed nurse, you can visit

You will enter your zip code to find a good school near you.

Remember to check the school out first before you select it. Go to the school’s social networking pages.

See what students currently studying there are saying.

You could also meet someone studying who can give you some details about the school.

Medical Assistant

To work as a Medical Assistant in Canada, you have to complete training that will equip with the skills required to successfully assist dentists, physicians, and nurses.

You will also require skills that will enable you to perform secretarial duties.

Medical Assistant

Some of the subjects you will learn at a vocational college preparing you for this job include general business, communication, medical terms, computers, record keeping, and filing, being a personal assistant, and ethics among other subjects.

When you get to work, you will perform various duties.

These duties will depend on how big the medical facility to you work in is.

In a big facility, you may find yourself specializing.

However, in a smaller facility, you will be required to do multiple duties.

Remember to ask yourself a few questions before you decide that this is the career path you want to follow.

If you are a person who loves working with patients and enjoy doing different things every day, then you can comfortably enroll in a college that offers this program.

Finding A Vocational School To Train As An Assistant Nurse

In order to qualify as an Assistant Nurse, you will first need to find a good school where you can study.

Visit this website to see a list of schools and search for one near you.

Engineering Technology

Engineering technology involves the application of both science and engineering in the workplace.

In Industry and engineering technologist usually works under the guidance of an engineer.

Engineering Technology

They can be employed in manufacturing plants, agencies working on quality, construction, design, and government.

As an engineering technologist, you can also become an entrepreneur.

Engineering Technology Vocational Training Schools in Canada

Before enrolling in a college, you will need to decide which type of engineering technology you want to study.

You can choose to do civil engineering, electronic, mechanical, power, or welding technology.

One of the schools you can apply to study engineering technology is the Durham College’s School Of Engineering Technology.

Information Systems

Another program related to computer programming you can look at is Information Systems.

If you study this subject, you will be dealing with software and hardware systems.

Information Systems

These systems usually support applications that are data intensive.

In business, you can assist in any department where computers are used including in sales and marketing, production, accounting and finance, and also in human resources.

You can also start your own business and work on a consultancy basis.

Finding a Vocational College to Study Information Systems

If you are going to select a college to study Information Systems, you will need to do so with care as the government in Canada does not stringently regulate private schools.

Check the requirements of the provincial government and then use them to see if the school you want to apply to meets those requirements.

You can get more information on private career colleges by visiting the National Association of Career Colleges.

Final Thoughts

The programs we have included in this article are examples of some of the best courses you can do this year.

Remember that selecting the right school is the most important part of getting the right qualification.

Do your research by looking at reviews written by students who have attended the vocational school you want to go to.


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