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Online Floral Design Training Programs

Online floral design training programs give students the knowledge and skills to create beautiful and unique floral arrangements.

Most comprehensive programs include the fundamentals of floral design, plant sustainability and care, color theory, and composition.

These programs often offer flexible scheduling options allowing for independent, self-styled study.

Many programs also provide online discussion forums and collaborative tools to encourage feedback from instructors and peers.

Search Floral Designer Programs

Get information on Floral Designer programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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Once a basic certificate is earned, advanced online programs cover specialty topics such as wedding floral design, business management, and advertising.

Can You Earn a Floral Design Certification Completely Online?

There are numerous online certification courses that offer comprehensive training in floral design.

There are short ‘certification’ courses that are more of an introduction to floral design or marketing webinars rather than classes that will help jumpstart a career.

In contrast, some courses are affiliated with vocational, adult education, or universities.

And finally, some are independently taught.

Most are from the United States, but several well-respected courses originate in the United Kingdom, India, Japan, and Australia.

Online education, while convenient, is by no means easy.

To receive a vocational certificate or college degree, students must complete all required coursework, projects, and a final exam or evaluation.

Understanding the differences between these various online instruction programs will help avoid costly and timely mistakes.

Benefits of Online Floral Design Training Programs

Online floral design training programs offer students the following:

Convenience and flexibility: Online floral design training programs encourage self-pace development —a positive for individuals with work or family obligations.

Experienced instructors: Online floral design training instructors have real-world experience in the floral industry.

Reduced costs: Online programs are often more affordable than in-person classes primarily due to minimized expenses and lack of overhead. And the price of supplies and books are transferred to the student.

Comprehensive curriculum: Online floral design training programs provide a foundation. Courses include flower selection and care basics to design principles and business strategies. A thorough presentation of core competencies ensures students receive an education worthy of a floral industry career.

Personalized support: Online floral design training programs often provide students with opportunities to connect with instructors, other students, and professionals–leading to valuable connections and job opportunities.

Portrait of smiling woman florist presenting beautiful floral composition with succulent plant

Drawbacks of Online Floral Design Training Programs

While online floral design training programs offer several benefits, they may not fit all students.

Consider the student’s learning style and career goals when choosing between an online and in-person program or comparing different online programs.

Unfortunately, there are some drawbacks to online floral design training:

Lack of hands-on experience: The inability to work with flowers to practice various flower arrangement types is one of the most significant drawbacks of online floral design training programs. While students purchase flowers and supplies for online classes, without an in-person instructor to oversee their work, they may struggle to master specific techniques or develop artistic awareness when working with arrangements.

Limited interpersonal interaction: Online floral design training programs have limited student-instructor interaction. Questions and immediate feedback are less than forthcoming.

Limited access to resources: Similar to a lack of hands-on experience, online floral design training students lack the same resources as in-person classes, such as high-quality flowers or floral foam. Unless someone has access to a floral workshop, they most likely do not have all the necessary tools and supplies. And without means, such as wire cutters, or floral tape, it is challenging to practice design techniques.

Lack of credibility: Some employers or clients may view online floral design training programs as less credible than traditional in-person classes – making it more difficult for students to secure entry-level jobs or their first clients after training.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Online Floral Design Training Programs – Summary Table

Benefits of Online Floral Design Training ProgramsDrawbacks of Online Floral Design Training Programs
Convenience and flexibilityLack of hands-on experience
Experienced instructorsLimited interpersonal interaction
Reduced costsLimited access to resources
Comprehensive curriculumLack of credibility
Personalized support

Floral designer work with plants, modern composition. Flower shop owner and small business

What Courses Are in an Online Floral Design Training Program?

Beginning online floral design training programs provide a general understanding of floral design.

An introductory course would include knowledge of:

Flower selection and care: Courses include fauna species, the meaning of flowers, flower choice, and proper plant care.

Design principles: Training to be a floral designer means learning about essential design principles and movements, such as traditional and modern design. The curriculum includes color theory, balance, proportion, and texture.

Floral arrangements: Floral design is more than just flowers in a vase. And the difference in flower techniques, including hand-tied bouquets and foam and wire structures. A designer training program will include instruction in bouquets, centerpieces, and wreath arrangements.

Business skills: Understanding the floral industry means understanding how to run a business. Introductory courses in inventory and pricing, ethical considerations, regulations, marketing, and inventory management are part of a complete training program.

Trends and innovations: Having experienced working instructors means that they understand floriculture innovations and trends, such as new flower varieties and sustainability practices.

How Long Does it Take to Earn a Floral Design Certification Online?

Depending on the type of education, earning a floral design certificate online can be completed in an afternoon, a few weeks, several months, or a couple of years.

But these certifications are not interchangeable – a degree differs from an afternoon webinar.

While researching online programs, look at the requirements.

Is the course self-paced or instructor-led?

Does it have enrollment or minimum age requirements?

Another point to research is if the program is approved by the American Institute of Floral Designers (AFID), a national organization that supports nationwide professional certification, advancement, and resources.

Most legitimate programs require the completion of a specific number of hours–ranging from 20 hours to more than 100.

And the average comprehensive course takes 6-8 months at a steady pace.

Advanced instruction usually averages nine months.

Some programs also require students to complete internships in a pre-approved floral design shop or studio.

Tulips in Flower Shop

How Much Does an Online Floral Design Certification Cost?

The cost of an online floral design certification varies widely and depends on the specific program, its length, and the certification level.

Generally, online floral design certification programs can range in price from free to over $4000 for a Masterclass in floral design.

Is a two- or four-year degree in floriculture or sustainable agriculture better?

Depending on the school and program, the price tag for these diplomas could be well over $15,000.

When considering the cost of an online floral design certification program, it is essential to take into account any additional expenses, including supplies that may be necessary.

A few online floral design classes are offered as monthly subscriptions increasing program affordability and ranging between free and $20. Some of the training programs are discounted or offer payment programs.

Finding scholarships for individuals who meet lower-income or military service criteria is also possible.

Types of Floral Design Certifications

Several types of floral design certifications are available, each with specific requirements and level of specialty.

The most common types of floral design certifications include:

Basic Floral Design Certification: This certification is ideal for the floral industry novice. It provides a core understanding of flower selection, care and handling, design principles, and floral arrangements. Basic certification, combined with internships, volunteer positions, and entry-level experience, is the first step in launching a design career.

Intermediate Floral Design Certification: This type of certification builds on the basics covered in the basic certification — explaining more advanced techniques and skills such as monochromatic color theory and designing on a budget. Intermediate floral designers often work for specialty florists or serve a handful of repeat clients.

Advanced Floral Design Certification: Advanced designers seek to expand their skills beyond basic arrangements. These programs cover techniques and skills, such as creating large-scale arrangements, thematic wedding design, and contemporary styles. Advanced designers can often be found in restaurants or boutique hotels, creating unique guest experiences and pleasing environments. And because of their knowledge, advanced designers also teach or run businesses.

Master Floral Designer Certification: This is the highest level of certification. It teaches mastery in floriculture techniques – requiring years of experience, a significant portfolio, and rigorous evaluation by one’s peers. Master floral designers can be found in exotic hotels where destination weddings occur or large resorts and convention bureaus that handle meetings for thousands of people.

Woman florist seller in flower shop takes order on phone and workes on computer.

4 Self-Study Tips for Floral Design Online Students

Self-study is at the heart of successful online floral design training programs.

By following these self-study tips, students will perform the skills necessary to become successful floral designers.

When training through an online floral design program, each student should:

1. Practice regularly.

Whether it is the piano or a language, if you want to master a skill, repetition is necessary.

Floral design is not different.

It requires hands-on skill and practice to master.

Set aside time each week to practice different techniques and experiment with varying combinations of flowers.

Regular practice also allows the new student to find their passion, such as a designer with a favorite flower or event.

Many wedding and event planners found their path through practice.

2. Watch tutorials and demonstrations.

Many online floral design training programs offer open access to video tutorials and demonstrations.

These resources help clarify different techniques and styles.

Another place with a treasure trove of information and tutorials is YouTube.

For novice designers, watching experienced florists may also give insight into practices and trends.

3. Join online communities.

Joining online floral design communities, such as forums or social media groups dedicated to flowers, can be a great way to connect with fellow students and mentors.

Within these environments, sharing tips and tricks, asking questions, and getting feedback on your work are easy.

4. Attend professional events.

If professional advancement is key, attend a flower show or enter a design competition.

These are great ways to gain experience and further your floral design career.

And having hundreds of professionals in one place keeps you up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques.

It adds excitement, transforming a trade show into the perfect place to network with like-minded designers, learn new skills, and gain inspiration for your work.

Key Takeaway

For anyone who wants to combine their passion for art and love of flowers, earning a floral design certificate online is a convenient, cost-effective, and flexible way to gain the necessary skills and knowledge.

Luckily for those who choose the online route, many programs and resources help the novice understand the basics or the advanced to master their craft.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do online floral design training programs offer money-back guarantees?

Most online schools have some form of a return credit or refund policy for students who are disappointed or unable to complete the program.

However, the rules and requirements vary and should be researched before enrollment.

In many cases, information is requested before refunds are processed.

What is the golden ratio in floral arranging?

The golden ratio applies when the flowers and plants are two-and-a-half sizes larger than the container size.

Like the rule of thirds in art and photography, the “golden ratio” for floral design was developed to ensure a pleasing and memorable arrangement.

Is math needed to learn about floral design?

Floral design is one such area where math is crucial.

Complex equations may not be needed, but floral designers do need a solid understanding of mathematical ratios and geometric fundamentals.

Is a florist the same thing as a floral designer?

Many floral designers are entrepreneurs, but novice designers usually work for or gain experience from a florist.

Another difference is that floral designers tend to concentrate on clients or projects such as weddings or corporate meetings.

In contrast, florists tend to address floristry’s retail or business side – adhering to small business rules and laws.

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