Travel Nursing for LPNs

Travel Nursing for LPNs

If you have graduated and are looking for available positions or thinking of enrolling in a nursing school to become a Licensed Practical Nurse, you need to know what job options are available to you.

It’s a known fact that Registered Nurses have multiple traveling job opportunities.

Such jobs come with contracts that can be signed for a year, or just for a few weeks.

The best thing about them is that you can choose the duration that suits you best.

Can an LPN Be a Travel Nurse?

LPNs can also work as a travel nurse.

For most contracts, LPNs will need at least one year of experience, but it’s not always a requirement.

Even newly licensed LPNs can get a travel job in such states as Hawaii, New York, and California.

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Travel LPN Requirements

The requirements are different in every state.

First, you need a nursing license issued by the state where you plan to work, see LPN classes by state here.

To get one, you need to apply for it and pass a background check.

The waiting time for the license can take from 6 to 8 weeks, so if you are thinking of traveling for work, you need to plan ahead.

Most jobs that require assistance are usually available in hospitals, but not all the time.

In a hospital setting, procedures and policies differ from state to state and even from one hospital to another.

You need to ensure to become aware of these policies and know how your employer runs things.

The environment in hospitals is very fast-paced.

Because of this, most contracts require a year of experience.


Travel nurses get a lot of great benefits.

First, it’s a perfect opportunity for those who love traveling, as they can travel without taking a vacation from work.

You can learn a great diversity of countries, states, cities, and people.

You can meet multiple people at work, and attend various settings and places.

You can try various foods and learn about other cultures, depending on your destination.

If you wish to continue working at a specific place, and your contract is ending, employers often offer to renew the contract.

You will have your traveling expenses covered and possibly get a vehicle to drive for work.

There are also additional benefits, such as medical, dental, and even retirement.

Usually, you can even have pets.

However, you would have to discuss this with the agency so that they can provide you with the right living quarters.

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There are also some disadvantages coming along with all the benefits of travel nursing.

It’s not uncommon to become homesick, and it can be pretty isolating.

Depending on the place, you may have to refuse some of your habits and rituals.

While these types of jobs can be temporary, they can seem like a lifetime if you don’t enjoy it.

While your living quarters are paid for, you may be asked to cover some part of it if you are traveling with the family.

Before you make a decision and sign a contract, you need to consider all these things.

Mostly, you can choose which state you wish to work in because nurses are in demand everywhere.

Sometimes, you may even need to choose the city and state to narrow it down if there is an available contract.

If the contract is unavailable at that point, you can take a short-term assignment in another area until the contract in the city of your choosing becomes available.

Being a travel nurse can be a great and fun opportunity as well as a great addition to your resume in terms of experience.

Working hours will be quite standard, almost like in any hospital.

Being a travel nurse isn’t for everyone, but if you are cut for this, you will find the rewards and perks worthy.

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