3 Best Plumbing Schools in Lexington, KY

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Plumbing Schools in Lexington, KY

In Kentucky, plumbers make around $52,270 on average and up to $74,509.

That’s a significant salary for the state and above average for most professionals.

Thankfully, training for this career isn’t a considerable challenge.

If you live in Lexington and think plumbing sounds like a promising career, the following schools can help you prepare for this field.

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1 Bluegrass Community & Technical College

About the School

Bluegrass is a state-based community college that provides training in multiple paths.

Their dual-credit training option works well for high school students interested in a plumbing profession.

In addition, you can earn credits while still in high school and beyond.

In this way, you get the help you need to begin.

Courses Offered

Bluegrass provides a dual-credit program for multiple construction fields.

Their dual-credit plumbing program prepares you for this career starting in the ninth grade.

After graduating high school, you can apply to Bluegrass for more in-depth education, including an associate’s degree.

When applying for Bluegrass, you must meet basic educational requirements.

For example, you need your official high school transcript or GED scores.

It would be best if you also had official scores from either the ACT or SAT.

Either test works as long as you meet their minimum demands.

For instance, you must take a Wonderlic test if you earned below an 18 in English, a 20 in reading, or a 19 in math.

The Wonderlic test gauges your capabilities to ensure you can handle college work.

If you pass, you can apply for the construction trades dual credit pathway.

Note that high school students taking these courses have other requirements to meet.

You need at least a 2.0 GPA and a 16 on your ACT.

Bluegrass also accepts Accuplacer, ALEKSPPL, EdReady, and KYOTE tests.

If your school doesn’t provide these tests, you can take them online.

After starting, you’ll take five classes between grades 9-12.

These include computer blueprint, industrial safe, and workplace principle courses.

You can then earn one or more certificates after graduating.

These include plumber helper, finish plumber, and certified backwater tester courses.

Choose a career path that interests you and complete these training courses.

Then, you can apply for an apprenticeship after graduating high school.

Apprenticeships provide more hands-on training, including working in real job environments.

They also pay you money while you learn.

AddressAddress: 470 Cooper Drive Lexington, KY 40506

2 Building Institute

About the School

Building Institute provides training in multiple trades throughout Kentucky.

Their Lexington location provides plumbing education that covers basic theory and more complex subjects.

You’ll get in-depth and hands-on training from skilled experts with years of plumbing experience.

Courses Offered

Building Institute’s plumbing program includes fast-paced classroom and lab training environments.

They focus on residential, commercial, and industrial plumbing trades.

No matter your interest, they can provide you with the education necessary to find an entry-level position.

Training starts with basic in-class exercises, such as water flow maintenance.

Then, you learn about water flow theory and modern waste management techniques.

Furthermore, each classroom exercise is enhanced with hands-on training in a job-like environment.

As you progress, you cover more advanced plumbing subjects.

These include proper tool maintenance, pipe layout planning, and innovative water flow techniques.

You’ll also learn about plumbing fixtures and devices, including sinks, toilets, and bathtubs.

Lab-based courses immerse you in unique plumbing skills.

For instance, you may master pipe fitting and welding techniques that prepare you for this career.

Even better, you can test your knowledge and even innovate new technologies in research-based projects.

Later, you get real on-the-job training in an apprenticeship.

Apprenticeships provide real plumbing experience in actual jobs.

Even better, most pay you money while you learn.

That’s a huge benefit because you’ll graduate with minimal to no student loan debt.

AddressAddress: 650 Kennedy Road Lexington, KY 40511

3 Jefferson Community and Technical College

About the School

Located in nearby Louisville, JCTC provides hands-on training for future plumbers.

Their plumbing tech program gives you an immersive plumbing experience that helps you prepare.

You can earn an associate’s degree or multiple certificates from this educational provider.

Courses Offered

JCTC’s plumbing options include multiple completion certificates and an associate’s degree option.

You can choose which of these make the most sense for you before applying.

The associate’s degree provides the most training and helps prepare you for your career more effectively.

Beginning courses teach you about basic plumbing processes and theories.

These include water supply methods and waste disposal systems.

Then, as you advance, classes cover complex concepts, such as water flow management and full-facility pipe planning.

Courses also cover industrial safety, workplace principles, blueprint reading, and financial planning.

These classes help you prepare for the unique challenges of the plumbing world.

For instance, economics classes teach you how to run a plumbing business more profitably.

Earning your associate’s degree should take at least two years with full-time attendance.

Interestingly, your associate’s earns you one year’s experience toward your journeyman license.

Since you need at least two to apply, getting an associate’s degree can speed up this process.

That said, certificates take far less time for you to earn.

For instance, a first-year plumber certificate only requires 16 credit hours, which you may earn in a single semester.

In addition, these certificates show your expertise in a specific field and may help with entry-level professions.

Note that you should earn multiple certificates while pursuing your associate’s degree.

You can choose which classes you want to take and how they apply to your credentials and degrees.

Talking with your academic advisor can help you plan this process more effectively.

While attending JCTC, you must maintain a 2.0 or C grade each semester.

Dropping below this grade point average may threaten your education.

JCTC may put you on probation for one semester and even expel you for failure to maintain this GPA.

Thankfully, most people keep a 2.0 reasonably quickly.

AddressAddress: 109 East Broadway Louisville, KY 40202

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Schools Summary Table

Rank School
#1 Bluegrass Community & Technical College
#2 Building Institute
#3 Jefferson Community and Technical College

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