5 Best Plumbing Schools in Colorado Springs, CO

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Plumbing Schools in Colorado Springs, CO

Plumbing is an in-demand skill.

Plumbing positions are expected to rise by 1.9% in the next decade.

However, there’s currently a shortage of professional plumbers.

In fact, this shortage is expected to cost the U.S. economy $33 billion dollars this year.

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If you are interested in starting a plumbing career in Colorado, you can begin by attending a plumbing school in Colorado Springs.

1 Construction Industry Training Counsel

About the School

Construction Industry Training Counsel, also known as CITC, aims to fill in the gaps in skills and labor in Colorado.

They are located in Wheat Ride, CO.

Courses Offered

CITC offers plumbing apprenticeships and training.

This gives you the advantage of on the job training, and allows you to earn a living as you work your way through the program.

You’ll attend school for one day each week.

Each year requires 144 hours of classroom instruction, and 2,000 hours of on the job training.

You’ll need to attend the school for 4 years to complete the program.

Once you’ve completed the program, you can apply for your journeyman license.

As a journeyman plumber, you’ll earn a higher salary, and work unsupervised.

Topics covered in the program include water heaters, backflow prevention, potable water supply treatment, water supply distribution, and residential plumbing code.

AddressAddress: 9901 W. 50th Ave. Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

2 Pikes Peak State College

About the School

Pikes Peak State College, also known as PPSC, is formerly Pikes Peak Community College.

The school now offers both 2 and 4 year degree programs.

They have an open admissions policy, and are very affordable.

They have the largest enrollment in Colorado Springs and more than 100 educational programs to choose from.

Courses Offered

Pikes Peak offers two certificates in plumbing.

If you are new to plumbing, the plumbing fundamentals certificate is a perfect place to begin.

Students will learn plumbing 1 and 2, and international plumbing code.

The certificate program is 21 credit hours.

Once you have the plumbing fundamentals certificate, you can work towards a certificate in plumbing advanced applications.

Students will learn construction safety and loss prevention, plumbing 3, plumbing 4, International fuel gas code, and plumbing estimating.

To enroll, you will need to be at least 18 years old, and have a high school diploma or GED.

Tuition and fees for each certificate is $5,500, or $11,000 for both certificates.

AddressAddress: 5675 S. Academy Blvd. Colorado Springs, CO 80906

3 Western States College of Construction

About the School

Western States College of Construction works with the Local #58 Plumbers, Pipefitters and HVAC Service Journeyman union.

Local 58 is proud to train and promote craftsman seeking a new career in these trades.

Their programs include plumbing, pipefitting, and HVACR services.

They allow students to learn on the job through an apprenticeship, which gives them valuable knowledge and hands on experience.

Courses Offered

The plumbing program is a 5 year apprenticeship program.

85% of students complete the program, and 100% of those who complete the program are placed in a job upon graduation.

Students will receive 246 hours of classroom instruction each year, and 1,700 hours of on the job training.

There are 10 students per 1 teacher during classroom instruction, and students are paired 1 on 1 with an instructor during on the job training.

Costs for books and equipment range from $50-5000.

Fees are $30-$300.

No tuition is charged.

Students will earn while on the job, and receive a total of $78,404 during their training.

Areas of study include math, science, safety, code and blueprint reading, piping and tubing, and trade history.

AddressAddress: 2870 Janitell Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80906

4 Red Rock Community College

About the School

Red Rock Community College offers a variety of courses and programs.

In addition to traditional college courses like biology and accounting, the school offers many trade and industrial training programs.

They have two campuses.

One in Lakewood, CO, and the other in Arvada, Co.

Courses Offered

Red Rock Community College offers a plumbing certificate.

The program requires 18.5 credit hours.

Students will learn piping skills, plumbing service, soldering and brazing, international plumbing code, and electrical safety requirements.

Class schedules are designed to be flexible to meet the needs of students.

Class sizes are small.

Course credits are transferred to many 2 and 4 year universities in Colorado.

AddressAddress: 13300 W. 6th Ave. Lakewood, CO

5 Penn Foster

About the School

Penn Foster has been offering distance education since 1890.

They have national and regional accreditation.

If you are looking for an online college to obtain a degree in plumbing, this is a great choice.

Courses Offered

Penn Foster’s plumbing program provides students with a career diploma upon completion.

You can then start a career as an entry-level plumbing technician, pipefitter technician, or firesprinkler installer.

The program takes an average of 5 to 9 months to complete.

It is self-paced, so students can work at the pace that is best for them and fits their schedule.

The cost of the program is currently $799.

The course includes interactive animations, simulations, and videos to provide students with basic plumbing knowledge.

The program includes 9 courses, which include modern plumbing, introduction to plumbing and pipefitting, reading blueprints, and international plumbing code.

The course offers 37.5 continuing education credits as well.

This is useful for those with a plumbing license who must meet continuing education requirements.

AddressAddress: 925 Oak St, Scranton, PA 18515

Search Plumber Programs

Get information on Plumber programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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Schools Summary Table

Rank School
#1 Construction Industry Training Counsel
#2 Pikes Peak State College
#3 Western States College of Construction
#4 Red Rock Community College
#5 Penn Foster

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