5 Best Plumbing Schools in Memphis, TN

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Plumbing Schools in Memphis, TN

Plumbing is a lucrative position for Tennessee residents, particularly those who want to start a new career with minimal training.

In Memphis, the demand for plumbers is high and multiple schools help to handle this training need.

The following schools will help you train for this career and transition to being a fully licensed plumber.

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1 Moore Tech

About the School

Moore Tech is a three-campus educational facility that focuses on multiple trades, including auto repair, welding, and plumbing.

Plumbers can take courses on their main campus, which provides comprehensive training that will transition you into this fun and exciting career.

Courses Offered

Moore Tech provides an intensive one-year program that includes three night courses.

You’ll cover property maintenance, plumbing repair, commercial plumbing fixtures, water heating systems, and fuel gas applications.

These courses help prepare you for multiple different career fields.

These are diverse enough to include both residential and commercial training options.

For example, property maintenance and plumbing repair teach you how to perform basic hands-on plumbing, including pipe repairs.

Commercial plumbing fixtures discuss more complex plumbing topics, such as fuel gas and water heating systems.

Drain, waste, and vent covers portable water distribution, including water filter equipment and much more.

Courses run from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm Tuesday through Thursday.

You’ll work in a primarily hands-on environment, getting instruction from a licensed and professional plumber.

This preparation should make it easier for you to transition to a plumbing career after earning your license.

You can even try out an apprenticeship program after you finish to improve your chances of finding a job.

AddressAddress: 1200 Poplar Avenue Memphis, TN 38104

2 Memphis Plumber JAC

About the School

This apprenticeship program provides hands-on training for people interested in the plumbing profession in Memphis.

It includes multiple training options that help you become a better plumber and help you transition into a career within this heavily in-demand field.

Courses Offered

If you’re interested in a plumbing or pipefitting career and just want to get started ASAP, this might be the option for you.

It’s an apprenticeship program that provides multiple courses for beginner and even advanced plumbers to help them find a career in this unique field.

You’ll learn all about how to install plumbing and service common issues.

Most courses are hands-on, meaning you will work directly with plumbers who understand this field.

Just as importantly, you’ll get the chance to earn money while working, which is a major benefit for starting plumbers.

Note that this course does require you to be 18 years old and possess a valid driver’s license, a high school diploma or GED, an official copy of your transcripts, and more.

You must pass a 10-panel drug screen and provide three letters of reference (not a relative) to begin in this program.

AddressAddress: 4229 Prescott Road Memphis, TN 38118

3 Tennessee College of Applied Technology – Memphis

About the School

TCAT is the primary tech training option for students in Tennessee.

This school has many campuses throughout the state, including several in Memphis.

Their building tech program helps you transition into this unique career and improves your chances of finding a job quickly.

Courses Offered

This school provides a building trades course that will help you learn about various trades, including some plumbing options.

While not technically a plumbing program, it covers subjects within this field and can help you prepare for a career in several professions.

It’s a good option for those who live in Memphis and want an associate’s degree or a quick certification.

It can help prepare you for the licensing exam and get started in your new career.

However, there are other options you may want to consider if you need a more plumbing-focused education.

AddressAddress: 550 Alabama Avenue Memphis, TN

4 Tennessee College of Applied Technology – Elizabethton

About the School

TCAT has four different campuses around Tennessee, including two in Elizabethton near Memphis.

They provide an in-depth training program that helps you prepare for plumbing and pipefitting, including certificates and degrees in varying fields.

Courses Offered

At the Tennessee College of Applied Technology, you’ll work full-time to earn a degree in plumbing and pipe fitting.

The course takes 1,296 course hours or a full 12 months to complete.

Tuition costs around $4,055, while textbooks and supplies will cost just over $1,900.

During the program, you’ll get class- and lab-based courses trained to prepare you for pipe fitting and plumbing.

You’ll learn about blueprints, welding, fabrication, power tools, measuring, cutting, threading, grooving, and much more.

The goal is to get you ready for your licensing exam.

Note that you can earn a pipefitter helper certificate in just 72 hours, a middle class helper certificate in 432 hours, and a pipefitter top helper certificate in 630.

These options are useful if you want to start a career quickly and don’t want to spend the time and money to earn a full diploma.

AddressAddress: 426 Highway 91 North Elizabethton, TN 37643

5 Tennessee College of Applied Technology – Morristown

About the School

The Morristown campus of TCAT provides the same professional training opportunities available at the Elizabethton destination.

You’ll learn all about pipefitting, including the unique skills needed for this career, and you can earn the same certificates and diplomas you could at the other institution.

Courses Offered

At the Morristown TCA branch, you can learn how to become a plumber in a classroom setting while taking labs to learn important hands-on skills.

The course will take the same amount of time (12 months) as it does at other TCAT facilities and will cost the same (around $5,900 total).

Morristown also offers the pipefitter helper (72 hours), middle class helper (432 hours), and pipefitter top helper (630 hours) certificate courses.

The only difference between these campuses is their location, as Morristown is in a slightly different area near Memphis itself.

As a result, you get the same high-quality experience here as there.

AddressAddress: 821 West Louise Avenue Morristown, TN 37813

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Schools Summary Table

Rank School
#1 Moore Tech
#2 Memphis Plumber JAC
#3 Tennessee College of Applied Technology – Memphis
#4 Tennessee College of Applied Technology – Elizabethton
#5 Tennessee College of Applied Technology – Morristown

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