5 Best Plumbing Schools in Atlanta, GA

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Plumbing Schools in Atlanta, GA

Whether you’re about to graduate high school or you’ve been working in another field in Atlanta, GA, transitioning to a career in plumbing can be an exciting journey.

To become a plumber in this state, you can either get hands-on training as an apprentice or earn a certificate through an institution.

No matter what you choose, we have several different training options for plumbers in the Big Peach.

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Get information on Plumber programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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1 Plumbworks

About the School

As one of the leading plumbing companies in the area, Plumbworks is the perfect company for plumbers who want to grow in the field.

It offers opportunities for plumbers with zero experience and many years of experience alike.

For those who have their eyes set on excelling in the industry, this is an awesome place to start a career.

Apprenticeship Program

With a combination of classroom learning and on-the-job training, this apprenticeship hits the sweet spot of book smarts and applicable skills.

As an apprentice at Plumbworks, you’ll gain skills that their plumbers use every day.

Since the company has an affiliation with Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association and a master plumber, they offer quality education for future plumbers.

AddressAddress: 3116 Chestnut Drive Suite 101 Atlanta, GA 30340

2 PHCC of GA

About the School

The PHCC of GA is a local organization that advocates for the interests of plumbers and HVAC professionals.

They also offer training opportunities for those who want to enter these fields. In their work, they aim to improve customer relationships and education in the industry.

PHCC Apprenticeship

This apprenticeship program fuses online training with learning on the job.

Apprentices in this organization will be paid for training in the classroom and in the field.

Companies outside of the PHCC partner with the organization to provide apprenticeships.

These companies cover the wages of their apprentices while enjoying the perks of training materials.

Some companies will not pay for the apprentice’s training, but most do cover the costs.

While the program’s office is located about 45 minutes away from Atlanta, those who want to be closer to the city can search for a master plumber closer to their location.

AddressAddress: Pilgrim Village Drive, Suite 200 Cumming, GA 30040

3 UA Local Union 72

About the School

As one of the main local unions supporting plumbers and related tradesmen in Atlanta, GA, this is a great place to train those who are serious about their craft.

Emphasizing OSHA compliance and sobriety, the UA Local Union 72 produces workers who are safe at work and dedicated to the job.

Apprenticeship School

Through the UA Local Union 72, interested potential plumbers can apply to the Mechanical Technical Institute for an apprenticeship.

This program offers apprenticeships with experienced journeymen who have a range of experience.

Some instructors even specialize in specific certifications in working with materials such as high-pressure chromium piping joints.

The experience of their instructors produces skilled, knowledgeable workers.

AddressAddress: 6120 Purdue Drive SW, Atlanta, GA 30336

4 Atlanta Technical College

About the School

At Atlanta Technical College, there are plenty of different programs for those interested in the trades.

ATC offers online programs, on-ground programs, adult education classes, and more.

They cater to a variety of different needs that students may have as they enter or re-enter the workforce.

Plumbing Programs

While some colleges only offer one plumbing certificate, ATC delivers on variety with three different plumbing programs.

Students who apply to this technical college can choose the specialty that suits their preferred career path.

ATC offers the following programs:

Plumbing and Pipefitting Technology Diploma, Plumbing Service and Systems Specialist TCC, and Residential/Commercial Plumbing Technician TCC.

Students of these programs will learn the basics of plumbing and pipes.

They will also learn more specific skills that apply to their chosen concentration.

AddressAddress: 1560 Metropolitan Pkwy SW, Atlanta, GA 30310

5 FitzGerald & Sons Plumbing Company

About the School

This plumbing company offers an apprenticeship program that prepares students to work in the industry.

With decades of experience, this company offers the FitzGerald Plumbing College to pass on their hard-earned knowledge.

Although their company is located about 45 minutes from Atlanta, GA, they are still accessible to Atlanta residents.

FitzGerald Plumbing College Apprenticeship

Because this is an NCCER accredited apprenticeship program, it offers rigorous, applicable training to future plumbers.

This apprenticeship teaches students more than basic plumbing.

Their apprentices leave with training in OSHA 10 and powered forklift skills.

Students also learn how to use an aerial lift.

With a combination of classroom training and on-the-job instruction, this apprenticeship shows students what a day on the job is really like.

AddressAddress: 105 Auburn Ct, Peachtree City, GA, 30269

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Schools Summary Table

Rank School
#1 Plumbworks
#2 PHCC of GA
#3 UA Local Union 72
#4 Atlanta Technical College
#5 FitzGerald & Sons Plumbing Company

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