5 Best Plumbing Schools in Cincinnati, OH

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Plumbing Schools in Cincinnati, OH

If you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty, plumbing can be a rewarding and sustainable career choice.

In this field, job prospects are almost always available.

Because there are always toilets and pipes, there will always be a need for plumbers.

If you’re ready to explore this secure career in Cincinnati, OH, review the list of programs in the area below.

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1 ACT Ohio

About the School

ACT Ohio, also known as Affiliated Construction Trades Ohio, offers apprenticeships for boilermakers, bricklayers, elevator construction workers, plumbers, and more.

This school gives students hands-on experience in a unique way.

With on-the-job training and other perks, students can transition straight into the workforce.

This opportunity also offers a pension, pay, and other benefits from the start of the apprenticeship.

For adults who are transitioning careers, this is perfect for paying the bills and beginning a fresh career.

Plumber-Pipefitter Apprenticeship

At plumber-pipefitter apprenticeship training centers in OH, students will learn several key skills for the job on the job.

By graduation, they will understand how to interpret blueprints, follow guidelines for health and safety codes, install related materials, and more.

They’ll also have a strong understanding of problem-solving plumbing issues.

This is one of the chief duties of the job.

AddressAddress: 1300 Century Circle N Cincinnati, OH 45246

2 Ken Neyer Plumbing, Inc.

About the School

Unlike traditional schools, Ken Neyer Plumbing, Inc. is a plumbing company that offers affordable plumbing services through its apprenticeship program.

This company operates in Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky.

With fifty years of experience in plumbing, they know their stuff!

Plumbing Apprenticeship Program

In this plumbing apprenticeship program, students pick up the tricks of the trade while earning money.

Between their competitive compensation and extensive benefits such as health insurance, students can enjoy the perks of employment while learning a new trade.

During this program, students will learn everything they need to know to transition to another plumbing employer or start their own business.

The most promising students may also decide to stay with the same company after completing the apprenticeship.

This program lasts two to five years like typical apprenticeships.

For students across Ohio and Kentucky, this apprenticeship has multiple locations that are accessible to several towns and cities.

The company’s main office in Cleves, OH is only a 25-minute commute from Cincinnati.

AddressAddress: 4895 State Route 128, Cleves, OH 45002

3 Apollo Home

About the School

For recent high school graduates or folks who want to switch careers, Apollo Home offers a competitive apprenticeship program.

With this program, they aim to replace retiring plumbers with newly trained ones.

As a plumbing and HVAC company, they offer industry knowledge you can’t get inside a traditional classroom.

Paid Training Apprenticeship Program

When students work through this program, they will gain more than plumbing skills.

While those are important, they will become more hireable with training in customer service, professional development, and sewer services.

The apprenticeship combines classroom learning with hands-on experience.

Since students are paid throughout the internship, this program is great for those who need to support themselves and avoid debt.

AddressAddress: 4538 Camberwell Road Cincinnati, OH 45209

4 Cincinnati State Online

About the School

Cincinnati State Technical and Community College Online is an online-only school that offers a variety of concentrations.

Students who attend this school online can earn certifications and degrees in business, arts and design, computer science, construction and trades, and more.

Since the programs are fully online, students can enjoy more flexibility in completing their education than they would in an on-ground setting.

Foundations of Plumbing

For a fully online option that teaches the basics, this program at Cincinnati State Technical and Community College Online is a great choice.

Since it is affordable and flexible, it’s ideal for someone who is working while putting his or herself through school.

The curriculum covers essential concepts of safety for plumbing, materials, and related equipment.

By graduation day, students will also be able to apply and install standard plumbing fixtures.

The affordable price of the program, which is currently under $3,000, makes it accessible to many students.

To help those who are unable to afford it, the school offers financing options and financial aid.

AddressAddress: 3520 Central Parkway Cincinnati, OH 45223 US

5 PACON Plumbing School

About the School

This school offers apprenticeships and certifications in multiple areas of plumbing.

For residents of Indiana and Ohio, it is an accessible program.

With over forty years of experience training plumbing professionals, they have a program you can trust.

Apprenticeships Offered

At PACON Plumbing School, students can take one of several apprenticeships.

For those who just want a solid foundation, the Plumbing Apprenticeship might be the right choice.

In this role, apprentices will gain essential knowledge for working in this field.

Students who have already gained some plumbing experience may want to opt for a Backflow Tester Certification to have a competitive edge in hiring.

For those who are hungry to learn more, the Ohio Contractors Continuing Education can help brush up on existing skills.

AddressAddress: 5210 Beechmont Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45230

Search Plumber Programs

Get information on Plumber programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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Schools Summary Table

Rank School
#1 ACT Ohio
#2 Ken Neyer Plumbing, Inc.
#3 Apollo Home
#4 Cincinnati State Online
#5 PACON Plumbing School

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