How to Become a Plumber in Delaware

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How to Become a Plumber in Delaware

If you are good at working with your hands and calculations, plumbing might be the right career for you.

Read below to find out what you need to do to get a plumbing license in Delaware.

Plumber Job Description and Requirements

As a plumber, you will get to install and maintain water pipes and systems in personal residences or office buildings.

Some of the daily job responsibilities a plumber has to include:

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  • Installing, maintaining or repairing the water systems
  • Making sure the safety standards in the state are met
  • Measure, calculate and cut pipes if needed
  • Know how to appropriately use the plumbing tools to complete a task

In Delaware, a plumber cannot perform work unless they have a license.

There are 3 types of plumbing certifications in this state:

  • Apprentice license
  • Journeyman license
  • Master license

For each of these licenses, you will need training and a specific certification.

You will also need to take an exam that highlights your industry knowledge.

All the plumbing licenses are managed by the Delaware Division of Professional Regulation.

Becoming an Apprentice Plumber in Delaware

To start your carer, you first need to become an apprentice.

This entails an apprenticeship registration with the board in Delaware.

The easiest way to become an apprentice is by enrolling in a training program.

These training programs are offered through trade schools and vocational colleges.

Keep in kind that you need to choose a program that is approved by the board.

To register your apprenticeship. you need to:

  • Send in an application
  • Pay a fee
  • Be 18 years old
  • Have a high school diploma or GED

Some of the subjects you will study during your training program include:

  • Drafting,
  • Mathematics,
  • Science,
  • Sprinkler installation,
  • Pipefitting
  • Reading blueprints

To get your apprentice license in Delaware, you need:

  • 8,000 hours over 4 years of training while being supervised by a licensed plumber
  • 144 hours of theory class

Become a Journeyman Plumber in Delaware

After getting enough experience as an apprentice, you can apply for your journeyman license.

A journeyman can install or repair water fixtures in a house or a building.

Usually, you will be working while being supervised by a master plumber.

To receive a journeyman license, you need to have 7 years of experience as an apprentice.

You will also need to do the following:

  • Send an application for the license
  • Show proof of a journeyman certificate or 7 years of experience as an apprentice
  • Have 2 years of experience on the job, while being supervised by a journeyman

The fee for the journeyman plumber license is $141.

You will also need to take an exam before you can get your license.

This exam lasts for 4 hours and is open book.

To get the license, you need to answer correctly at least 70% of the questions in the test.

After your journeyman license is issued, you will need to have it renewed once in 2 years.

You will need to pay an extra fee if you are late with the renewal.

Become a Master Plumber in Delaware

If you become a master plumber and get your license, you can install or repair any type of water system.

You will also be able to install gas pipes.

To become a master plumber, you will need to take an exam.

This exam is offered through Prometric and has a duration of 4 hours.

The exam has 100 questions with multiple answers.

You will need a 70% score or higher to pass this test.

Some of the topics in the exam are:

  • Drainage vents;
  • General plumbing knowledge;
  • General plumbing regulations;
  • Indirect waste;
  • Isometric analysis;
  • Plumbing fixtures;
  • Roof drain piping;
  • Sanitary vents;
  • Specialty plumbing;
  • Waste vents;
  • Water supply systems.

Plumber Employment and Salary Information

As a plumber, you can get hired by an employer or start your own company.

Generally, salaries will be higher in more populated and large areas of the state, such as Wilmington, Milford, and Hockessin.

You will also be paid more once you have some years of experience as a plumber.

While you are an apprentice, you will receive half the salary you would receive after getting a license.

Annual Salary Range:
Annual Salary by Location:
LocationAvg. Annual Salary

Additional information

After you get licensed, there are a few things you should know before you start working.

For instance, you will need to be insured.

If you are hired by a company, this company will take care of your insurance.

However, if you work alone, you will need:

  • Property damage insurance of at least $300,000
  • General liability insurance of at least $100,000

If you want to get a higher salary, you might consider being a union worker.

Once you register with a union, you will be able to earn 20% more than otherwise.

After you get trained and get your license, you can start looking for a job right away and start your career.

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