5 Best Plumbing Schools in Indianapolis, IN

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Plumbing Schools in Indianapolis, IN

Indianapolis is the largest city in Indiana and provides many unique career opportunities.

For instance, if you want to begin an in-demand career and earn good money, there are multiple plumbing schools and apprenticeship programs in the city that can help you.

Understanding a few of these schools can help you transition to your new career quickly and effortlessly.

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1 Mechanical Skills, Inc.

About the School

Mechanical Skills, Inc is a four-year apprenticeship program with classroom education and hands-on job training for apprentice plumbers.

It provides an in-depth education that will help plumbers transition to this career quickly and effectively.

Courses Offered

During your Mechanical Skills, Inc. classes, you’ll learn about plumbing design, Indiana plumbing regulations, proper installation, repair, maintenance, pipe fitting, and more.

Each class is taught by a skilled professional who understands the unique demands of plumbing.

You’ll also work hands-on in an actual plumbing working environment with skilled experts with years of experience in plumbing.

You receive 576 hours of school-related training or 144 hours per year, and 6,400 hours on the job, or 1,600 hours per year during your course.

Once completed, you can begin your career by transitioning into a work environment with expert plumbers, including hands-on work that helps you earn your license.

This in-depth program prepares you for the unique demands of this field to ensure you fully understand this career.

AddressAddress: 35335 East Michigan Street Indianapolis, IN 46201

2 Ivy Tech Community College

About the School

Ivy Tech Community College provides multiple tech-based training programs in two-year associate-degree programs.

In addition, their plumbing and pipe-fitting courses prepare you for an apprenticeship and help you earn your journeyman license to begin a beneficial and engaging career.

Courses Offered

Ivy Tech students learn about plumbing in a classroom setting that alternates with hands-on lab work that teaches them the ins and outs of plumbing technology.

In addition, you’ll get the chance to learn more about these skills with professionals who have worked in plumbing for many years.

To begin this program, you must be 18, have a high school diploma or GED, follow the substance abuse policy (no drugs), and complete a criminal background check.

Once you earn your Associate of Applied Science through the school, you can begin an apprenticeship program.

The school will place you in an apprenticeship program, where you’ll learn more about plumbing and make money simultaneously.

The goal here is to prepare you for your apprenticeship and make it easier to complete your journeyman exam when you complete your training.

AddressAddress: 50 West Fall Creek Parkway, North Drive Indianapolis, IN 46208

3 ABC of Indiana Apprenticeship Trust

About This School

ABC provides unique training programs for students in Indiana and Kentucky, with programs in multiple cities.

Their Indianapolis training option provides the same level of education offered at their other schools and will prepare you for the unique demands of this profession.

Courses Offered

At ABC, you’ll take certified apprenticeship programs that provide an in-depth and immersive experience for training plumbers.

You’ll master all the skills necessary for this trade and learn about installation, safety, maintenance, customer service, etc.

Beyond this support, you’ll also get a members success kit to help you begin your career.

It includes information about the school, plumbing training, and much more.

You’ll also get access to support throughout your apprenticeship by joining their membership program.

ABC focuses on what they call a “merit-based” educational system.

This concept focuses on your skills and abilities and rewards you for succeeding.

This way, you can thrive and reach the highest level of your plumbing career with trainers who care about you.

AddressAddress: 5001 N. Shadeland Ave Indianapolis, IN 46226

4 Evansville Plumbers & Pipefitters Training

About the School

As part of the UA Local 136 plumbing union, you can begin a career as a plumbing apprentice or journeyman.

Their training program focuses on earning you your license and providing the hands-on education that makes sense for your career, including high-quality career support.

Courses Offered

During your apprenticeship program, you’ll get thousands of hours of hands-on training, including educational courses that focus on training you for plumbing.

You’ll learn to handle tools, work with customers, provide maintenance, install new pipes, and more.

Beyond these courses, you’ll get the support of a plumbing union that will fight for your rights as an apprentice and journeyman.

In addition, they’ll provide multiple resources to make your training easier, including simplifying your reporting methods to meet your needs.

As importantly, you’ll get classroom education that helps you learn about plumbing theory and practice.

Then, after you’ve learned all these practical skills, you can begin your plumbing career by passing the journeyman exam and getting your license.

You’ll then get support from this union to earn a good salary.

AddressAddress: 4301 North Saint Joseph Avenue Evansville, IN 47720

5 Indiana Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association

About the School

This school provides training on multiple campuses, including a four-year plumbing program in Fort Wayne, Plymouth, and Milltown.

It is associated with the first school and provides a similar level of training that will help students like you transition into a plumbing career.

Courses Offered

Indiana PHCCA provides a classroom and apprenticeship program that immerses you in plumbing and prepares you for its unique demands.

You’ll take 576 class hours and 7,600 job hours split evenly between four years of training to help you start a job when you walk offsite.

Courses will focus heavily on plumbing theory, such as water flow, pipe design, and repair steps.

It will also provide information on tool types and how to integrate them into your plumbing installation and repairs.

It’s designed to work you through this program with minimal debt and maximum education.

Once you finish this program, you receive a DOL certificate showcasing your license hours.

Next, you can sign up for the Indiana journeyman exam and, if you pass, get your license and begin a career in a lucrative and rewarding profession.

AddressAddress: 2330 Wayne Haven Street Fort Wayne, Indiana 46803

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Schools Summary Table

Rank School
#1 Mechanical Skills, Inc.
#2 Ivy Tech Community College
#3 ABC of Indiana Apprenticeship Trust
#4 Evansville Plumbers & Pipefitters Training
#5 Indiana Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association

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