5 Best Plumbing Schools in Houston, TX

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Plumbing Schools in Houston, TX

Do you want to start a career making an average of $55,859 in Texas?

Then, plumbing might be an excellent choice for you!

This career has a high-earning potential of $95,965 in the state.

As a result, it’s a perfect option for people interested in working with their hands.

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In this way, knowing what schools in Houston can prepare for this career is essential.

1 Remington College

About the School

Remington College provides nationwide education in various career fields, including plumbing.

They provide four campuses in Texas alone, including in Houston.

You’ll receive work-based plumbing training in classroom and online settings at Remington.

Courses Offered

Remington College provides a construction and building maintenance diploma that covers plumbing skills.

During your course, you’ll study in classrooms and labs and work with various plumbing tools.

For instance, you’ll learn how to handle pipe fitting and cutting equipment on the job.

However, you also learn general building maintenance skills.

These include subjects like electrical repair and HVAC maintenance.

In this way, Remington provides a comprehensive training option for its students.

In fact, many Remington graduates become facility maintenance, building maintenance, and general repair technicians.

Even better, Remington provides an accelerated learning option that speeds up your training.

This course takes nine months to complete, after which you can begin your career.

AddressAddress: 11310 Greens Crossing Boulevard Houston, TX 77067

2 Houston Community College

About the School

HCC provides Houston residents with a comprehensive plumbing certificate program.

During your training, you’ll learn many essential plumbing skills.

When done, you earn a completion certificate.

This certificate qualifies you for the state and national plumbing license exams.

Courses Offered

HCC’s certificate program takes six weeks to finish over 160 clock hours.

You’ll learn about plumbing-related math, tools, and safety practices during your classes.

Furthermore, you’ll also learn about pipe fittings, cuttings, and joining.

Each lesson in this course provides you with these and other unique subjects.

For example, you’ll learn about plumbing installation, maintenance, and repair.

These unique skills help plumbers provide comprehensive care for their customers.

This course essentially prepares you for an entry-level plumbing position, and most graduates enter an apprenticeship after finishing.

These apprenticeships provide you with on-the-job training while you work with licensed plumbers.

They’ll help you master essential skills like pipe fitting.

Even better, you’ll earn money during your apprenticeship and take licensing exams after finishing.

AddressAddress: 3100 Main Street Houston TX 77002

3 Plumbers Local Union # 68

About the School

Plumbers Local Union # 68 provides a beneficial apprenticeship program for Houston plumbers.

Students learn and master plumbing skills while working with licensed experts.

They also receive support from the union to enhance their career after finishing their training.

Courses Offered

Apprenticeships provide plumbers with on-the-job training that goes beyond a college education.

You’ll learn general plumbing skills, tool management, and advanced water flow theory.

Even better, you’ll work with experienced plumbers to further enhance your knowledge.

Note that you pay nothing to join this program and can earn partial pay and benefits from the employer.

These benefits include safe working conditions, insurance coverage, and vacation time.

In addition, after two years, you can earn pension benefits to plan for retirement.

Expect this program to take five years to complete.

During this course, you’ll earn 8,500 to 10,000 hours of on-the-job training.

You’ll then get job placement support from the union.

For example, you may get a permanent position with the company that apprenticed you.

AddressAddress: 502 Link Road / P O Box 8746 Houston, TX 77249

4 Lee College

About the School

Lee College provides several plumbing certificate options for Houston residents.

These programs train you for various jobs within this field.

Each course includes different requirements and classes that make transitioning to an apprenticeship easier.

Courses Offered

Lee College provides three plumbing certificates for Houston-area students.

Their Pipefitter Helper certificate includes three semesters and 17 credit hours.

You’ll study basic plumbing, pipefitting, blueprint reading, and fabrication.

After finishing, you earn a completion certificate.

Lee College’s second program, Pipefitting Technology, includes four semesters and 28 credit hours.

It contains courses like the Pipefitter Helper course and more advanced fabrication and pipe courses in later semesters.

Lastly, Lee College provides a Pipefitter Technology associate’s degree.

You’ll earn 60-61 credits over four semesters, including various electives.

This option works well if you want a more comprehensive training course.

AddressAddress: 511 South Whiting Street Baytown, TX 77520

5 Brazosport College

About the School

Brazosport College provides a few plumbing training programs in the Houston area.

These include basic and advanced certificates and an associate degree.

Each course comprises different classes to prepare you for the demands of plumbing.

Courses Offered

Brazosport provides an 18-credit basic plumbing certificate that covers multiple topics.

These include construction tools, blueprint reading, and pipe fitting.

You’ll also study cooperative education and piping standards.

The advanced certificate takes you 33 credit hours and includes more in-depth classes.

For instance, you take all the basic certificate classes as well as field measuring, and sketching.

You also take more comprehensive courses on subjects from the first program.

Lastly, the associate’s degree in plumbing includes all plumbing related classes.

You also take various electives in this course.

These extra classes include psychology, English, and math courses.

These provide you with a more rounded educational experience.

AddressAddress: 500 College Drive Lake Jackson, TX 77566

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Schools Summary Table

Rank School
#1 Remington College
#2 Houston Community College
#3 Plumbers Local Union # 68
#4 Lee College
#5 Brazosport College

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