5 Best Plumbing Schools in Charleston, SC

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Plumbing Schools in Charleston, SC

The outlook for plumbers in Charleston, SC, is currently high, which means it’s a great time to become certified.

As a plumber, you will be working with various piping issues and will need to be properly trained by a professional.

While most people find on-the-job training, getting certified or a degree helps their chances of employment.

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Get information on Plumber programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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1 Technical College of Lowcountry

About the School

The Technical College of Lowcountry is a small community college with several programs.

They are located in Beaufort, SC, a short drive from Charleston.

The college focuses on providing students with real-world experience and preparing students for a four-year degree or certificate program.

Courses Offered/Program Name

For the certificate program, students will become educated on basic operations for residential plumbing.

There are seven courses in the certificate program, which generally takes one to two years to complete.

Students must learn a handful of subjects that can prepare them for entry-level positions.

This includes safety, blueprint reading, and repair.

However, students will also learn to build codes and green plumbing concepts and conduct internships.

AddressAddress: 921 Ribaut Rd, Beaufort, SC 29902

2 Plumbers Training Institute

About the School

The Plumbers Training Institute has multiple locations across the United States.

Their head office is in Traverse City, Michigan, but a training program is also held in Northern Charleston, SC.

The institute provides online plumbing courses that can help prepare you for your exams.

Courses Offered/Program Name

The online courses offered are classes that prep you for exams.

This includes the residential plumber and commercial plumber exams.

Professional development classes also help strengthen your hands-on knowledge and prepare you for entry-level positions.

There are multiple-tier packages where you can either take the exam, study courses, or a 12-hour video course to prep for the plumbing exam.

Courses are $389.00 online and will cover all information covered in the residential plumber exam.

Students will also find courses for $29.00 or less that cover specific subjects.

This is helpful for those going over each section before the exam.

AddressAddress: 2556 Oscar Johnson Dr, Northern Charleston, SC 29405

3 Midlands Technical College

About the School

The Midlands Technical College offers flexible class schedules at an affordable price.

They pride themselves on having connections in any field and can help students prepare for moving on to higher education.

Courses Offered/Program Name

The entry-level plumbing course takes place over five to six months and can help potential students learn basic plumbing.

The certificate program includes five classes, all adding up to tuition of $3,835.00.

Subjects include an introduction to plumbing, pipes, and fittings and also an intro to drain-waste-vent and water distribution systems.

Students who successfully complete these classes can work as plumber’s assistants until they can get enough hands-on experience to become fully licensed.

AddressAddress: 151 Powell Rd, Columbia, SC 29203, United States

4 Paul Calvo School For Contractors

About the School

Paul Calvo is a school designed for contracting professionals.

Their classes are exams and prep for building contractors, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC licensing.

Courses Offered/Program Name

For plumbing, the South Carolina location includes only a commercial or residential plumbing license.

Students or apprentice plumbers who already have the knowledge and hours to sit for the exam can.

Each exam will cover anywhere from 25 to 30 subjects which should have already been learned in previous classes.

If you pass the exam, then you will be handed your official South Carolina plumbing license which allows you to work indepdently.

AddressAddress: West Columbia, Greenville, Pawleys Island

5 University of South Carolina - Sumter

About the School

The University of South Calorina is partnered with an online schooling system called ed2go.

The school offers a handful of online classes in a wide range of subjects.

Students who attend can take self-paced classes for degree programs, certificates, and more.

Courses Offered/Program Name

The main course offered is their Foundations of Plumbing degree that trains individuals for a career in plumbing.

It has a total of 145 course hours and is self-paced.

The class has a required deadline of 12 months.

There is open enrollment and potential students can pay either $2,245 or use Affirm to split up payments to as low as $110 a month.

The program includes a wide array of technical skills including water heaters, plumbing fixtures, water supply and more.

However, the course also includes other subjects such as math, physical principles, and business management.

AddressAddress: Online/ 200 Miller Road Sumter, SC 29150

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Schools Summary Table

Rank School
#1 Technical College of Lowcountry
#2 Plumbers Training Institute
#3 Midlands Technical College
#4 Paul Calvo School For Contractors
#5 University of South Carolina - Sumter

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