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Plumbing Schools in Austin, TX

Let’s say you are trying to build a house.

You buy the land, and you either hire a construction crew or decide to build the house yourself.

Eventually, you will need a plumbing expert to do all of the plumbing work so that you can have pipes and running water in your house.

All jobs start with some sort of training or education, whether they learn the skills on the job or with schooling.

Search Plumber Programs

Get information on Plumber programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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Below are some of the schools that have plumbing programs or courses in Austin, TX.

Austin Community College

About the School

Austin Community College provides various enrollment options to maximize the number of people it can serve.

The enrollment options Austin Community College offers include ACC online, Continuing Education, High School Dual Credit, and Adult Education.

Austin Community College offers more than 100 programs and at least 10 areas of study with the chance of earning an associate’s degree, certificates, university transfers, and bachelor’s degrees.

Courses Offered

Austin Community College offers a plumbing continuing education program.

The plumbing program consists of three courses.

The first course that students complete is Introduction to the Construction Industry.

This course teaches students the basics of the construction industry, including:

  • Construction math
  • OSHA 10 training requirements
  • How to handle materials
  • Construction drawing
  • Hand tools and power tools

The second course that students are required to complete is called Introduction to the Plumbing Trade.

In this class, students learn the basics of the plumbing trade.

The last continuing education course is Residential Construction Plumbing I.

The program takes about 5 months to complete, with a total of 10.5 hours per week.

The tuition for the program costs approximately $1400, including books.

The plumbing program consists of two certifications:

NCCER Core Construction and NCCER Level 1 Plumber.

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AddressAddress: 1820 W. Stassney Lane, Austin, TX, 78745

Texas State Technical College

About the School

Texas State Technical College is a two-year college that offers educational training for in-demand vocational occupations.

Students can either receive an associate’s degree or a certificate, depending on the field of study.

Texas State Technical College has a total of ten campuses and offers more than 40 degrees and programs.

Courses Offered

Texas State Technical College offers four different degree plans for plumbing.

The first program option is Plumbing and Pipefitting Technology – Tradesman.

This program is a 12-month certificate program.

The estimated cost for the Plumbing and Pipefitting Technology program is $6,138.

The second plumbing program option is Basic Plumbing.

Upon completion of this program, students earn an Occupational Skills Achievement Award.

The Basic Plumbing program takes approximately four months to complete and is estimated to cost $1,674.

Option number three is Plumbing and Pipefitting Technology – Apprentice with Endorsements.

After this course, students earn a certificate of completion.

The course is estimated to cost $2,790 and takes around four months to complete.

The last degree program option is Plumbing and Pipefitting Technology – Journeyman.

This program lasts about 20 months and has an estimated cost of $11,160.

Upon completion of this program, students earn an Associate of Applied Science degree.

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AddressAddress: 3801 Campus Drive, Waco, TX, 79556

Skillpoint Alliance Austin

About the School

Skillpoint Alliance is not necessarily a school, but it does have courses and programs available for different trades in the workforce.

Skillpoint Alliance is a workforce development organization that offers training for people interested in trades, such as HVAC, plumbing, and electrical.

Courses Offered

There is one plumbing program offered through Skillpoint Alliance in Austin, Texas.

The plumbing program consists of one course and lasts 160 hours.

The goal of the course is to train participants to work as apprentices in entry-level jobs.

The beginning part of the course teaches students:

  • How to do plumbing and construction math
  • How to read a tape measure
  • The proper safety measures for plumbing
  • How to use hand tools
  • How to use power tools

The next part of the course teaches students about:

  • How to use pipe hangers effectively
  • The differences between copper, plastic, and steel pipe

After the other parts of the course, students learn:

  • How to cut and thread pipe
  • How to build a drain-waste-vent system

During the course, students get the opportunity for exposure to different career opportunities in the industry and visits from apprenticeship representatives and local employers.

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AddressAddress: 8868 Research Blvd, Suite 505, Austin, TX, 78758

Interplay Learning

About the School

Interplay Learning is an online-based school that offers online training in many occupations.

Based in Austin, TX, Interplay Learning offers training for a variety of fields or industries, including HVAC, commercial HVAC, solar, plumbing, electrical, facilities maintenance, and multi-family maintenance.

Courses Offered

Some of the courses available at Interplay Learning include:

  • PLMB121 Hand Tools for Plumbing Work
  • PLMB102 Plumbing Materials Overview
  • SAF215 Professional Protective Equipment
  • ELEC101 Fundamental Electrical Concepts
  • PLMB117 Water Treatment and Well Systems
  • SAF221 Hand and Power Tool Safety

These are just a handful of the many plumbing courses available at Interplay Learning.

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AddressAddress: 1717 W 6th St, #405, Austin, TX, 78703

The Blue Collar Recruiter and Virtual Trade School

About the School

This school is online-based rather than a concrete school.

The Blue Collar Virtual Trade School was started to help employers find, train, and hire people who are qualified to do the job.

Some of the trades The Blue Collar Virtual Trade School offers training for include electrical, plumbing, facility management, HVAC, solar installation, and appliance repair.

Most of the courses and programs take as little as three months to complete.

The Blue Collar Virtual Trade School offers training, allows for job opportunities, and helps you get hired to start your career in your chosen trade.

Courses Offered

The course curriculum at The Blue Collar Virtual Trade School includes the following things:

  • Step-by-step training through the use of 3d simulation software that shows how to become successful in the plumbing field.
  • Over 11 service plumber course basics
  • 7 or more courses on maintenance and piping systems
  • At least 4 courses on troubleshooting
  • 6 or more courses in Business Skills for the Trade
  • Fundamentals, safety, and tools
  • Online training for resume and interview readiness
  • Job interviews are guaranteed
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