3 Best Plumbing Schools in Lafayette, LA

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Plumbing Schools in Lafayette, LA

If you live in Lafayette, Louisiana, and are graduating from high school soon, knowing what career is right for you can be challenging.

However, plumbing is a high-earning field in Louisiana and is in high demand due to aging infrastructure and other complex issues.

Thankfully, multiple training programs in the area can help you.

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1 South Louisiana Community College

About the School

SLCC is a multi-campus school that provides career training in various fields.

Their Lafayette campus provides hands-on plumbing training that can help you transition to this unique career.

Before starting an apprenticeship with skilled experts, you’ll learn about various important topics.

Courses Offered

SLCC provides a unique plumbing program that offers an immersive and engaging education.

You’ll get 500 hours of instruction in an accelerated course covering every residential, commercial, and industrial plumbing topic necessary for your licensing exam.

Courses include an introduction to plumbing, safety, tools, math, drawings, structural penetrations, plastic pipes, copper pipes, carbon pipes, plumbing fixtures, electricity, fire stopping, water heaters, drain waste management, and more.

You’ll be ready to start your career quickly after finishing.

During your course, you’ll earn three stackable credentials that can help you during your apprenticeship.

These are NCCER Core, NCCER Plumbing Level 1, and NCCER Plumbing Level 2.

Getting these will make your training simpler and more enjoyable.

Once you finish this program, you can get help transitioning into an apprenticeship program that will improve your chances of finding a job.

Then, you can take the journeyman licensing exam to get your license and begin your career as a plumber, either with an established firm or by yourself.

AddressAddress: 1101 Bertrand Drive Lafayette, LA 70506

2 MPS Plumbing and Training

About the School

MPS Plumbing and Training is a one-person training program designed for continuing education.

It’s useful for plumbers who have already started their careers or those interested in beginning a plumbing job.

With a unique and adaptable class schedule, it’s a good option for many people.

Courses Offered

MPS is unique in Lafayette because it’s a streamlined training program held by one individual.

Class numbers are usually very low, which means it can be hard to get into this program.

However, the training is excellent and focuses on preparing you for your career and improving your current skills.

The course costs just $145-165, depending on your needs.

For example, full license-test-prep classes will cost more than continuing education classes.

Note that this class is often very accelerated and may require some basic plumbing knowledge before you sign up.

If you’re already a working plumber or someone with a full-time job, classes occur on Saturdays and in the afternoon.

That means you can work and come to your classes without any conflict.

However, if you work an afternoon shift, this program may not be suitable as no day courses are available.

Note that training courses may occur outside Lafayette, depending on availability.

For the most part, Kevin Richards (the trainer behind the program) focuses on Lafayette facilities, as this is his hometown.

When signing up, you’ll get information about where your course will take place.

AddressAddress: 223 Georgette Street Lafayette, LA 70506

3 University of Louisiana Lafayette

About the School

The University of Louisiana offers a training program in Lafayette designed to help new plumbers transition into their careers.

It includes multiple courses on various schedules that can help you begin your career quickly and efficiently.

Courses Offered

At this training school, you’ll earn a certificate in plumbing that qualifies you to take the plumbing licensing exam.

It’s designed to be an accelerated program or one that you finish as quickly as possible.

As a result, you’ll transition to a career in plumbing far more quickly than you would with other facilities int he area.

During your training, you’ll learn about plumbing history, master various codes, practice first aid and safety, study basic math and geometry, learn more about joining methods, study plumbing fixtures, and much more.

These courses will immerse you in a training atmosphere that makes sense for you and your specific training schedule and needs.

Beyond your theory-based in-class courses, you’ll also take hands-on training classes emphasizing your practical skills.

This means that you’ll take the important lessons you learn with your instructors and apply them practically, ensuring that you master each skill as you learn it.

In this way, you’ll be ready to take your exam when you finish.

Your full training will take about 12 months over 145 course hours.

This accelerated program costs about $2,450, which includes your books, training tools, and much more.

Anyone who wants to attend must be at least 18 and pass a criminal and drug check to ensure they’re safe to train.

You also need a high school diploma or GED to begin.

AddressAddress: 1606 Johnston St Lafayette, LA 70503

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Get information on Plumber programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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Schools Summary Table

Rank School
#1 South Louisiana Community College
#2 MPS Plumbing and Training
#3 University of Louisiana Lafayette

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