How to Become a Plumber in Maine

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There are many residents in the State of Maine who want to have a lucrative job.

If you’re one of these individuals, then you could consider becoming a plumber.

You’ll learn more about this process from this article, as well as salary information and job description.

Plumber Job Description and Requirements

In Maine, there’s a small difference between installing a plumbing system and repairing it.

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Unlike other states, individuals can perform some plumbing repairs without a license, but they do need one for installing the system.

Additionally, a homeowner is allowed to install in their own house such a system.

Generally, plumbers are in charge of:

  • Installing various piping systems
  • Maintaining them
  • Performing repairs on them
  • Making sure that the safety measures are being met
  • Measuring, cutting, and soldering
  • Reading blueprints
  • Choosing the correct tools for each task
  • Maintaining their equipment

To become a plumber, you’ll need:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • To undergo training
  • To pass some examinations
  • Know English
  • Be allowed to work in the US
  • Know math and science

The path of a plumber in Maine has 4 stages:

  • Trainee plumber
  • Journeyman-in-training license
  • Journeyman plumber
  • Master plumber

Becoming a Plumber Trainee

In Maine, plumber trainees are actually the apprentices who seek to become licensed plumbers.

They learn the trade while working under a journeyman or master plumber who teaches them how to perform various tasks.

Some of the tasks might be performed by these trainees while not being supervised.

They will need a license as well.

To obtain it, you’ll need to provide proof of working with a journeyman or master plumber as a trainee.

Additionally, you’ll also need the following documents:

  • A filled-out application
  • Paying the application fee – $25
  • Paying for the license – $200
  • Passing the criminal background check
  • Paying for the background check – $21

Becoming a Journeyman-in-Training

Those who want to pursue a career in plumbing and enroll in a vocational school can apply for this license.

This license is only valid for 4 years and cannot be renewed.

These individuals will be allowed to work with a master plumber after:

  • Completing 2 semesters of classroom education
  • Passing the journeyman exam

The exam costs $75.

The minimum score accepted for this exam is 70%.

The exam is organized through Prov Inc, and this institution can offer more details regarding the exam itself.

The exam can be taken at any location across the nation and the results are learned on the spot, at the end of the examination.

Obtaining the Journeyman Plumber License

After completing either one of the previous steps, you’re eligible to become a journeyman plumber.

Plumber trainees need to complete 4,000 hours in 2 years, while the journeymen-in-training need to complete at least 2,000 hours of experience.

They need to accumulate this many hours within 4 years of obtaining the journeyman-in-training license.

In Maine, these professionals need to be supervised by a master plumber while performing plumbing installations.

In most other tasks, journeymen plumbers can work without supervision.

The requirements to obtain the license are very similar to those for the journeyman-in-training license.

These are:

  • Filling out the application
  • Paying the fees mentioned above
  • Passing the background check
  • Pass the journeyman exam

This exam also costs $75.

Obtaining the Master Plumber License

It’s not mandatory to become a master plumber.

The requirements to become one are similar to those for the journeyman.

These are:

  • Paying the fees
  • Passing the background check
  • Filling out the application form
  • Showing proof of at least 2,000 hours of experience as a journeyman, or 8,000 hours accumulated in 4 years as a trainee plumber
  • Pass the master plumber exam

This exam costs $75 as well.

These professionals can work independently, without supervision.

They can also have up to 3 trainee plumbers they can supervise.

Employment and Salary Information

Like with most other occupations, your salary will depend on your experience and license type.

In some cases, the city you work in might also influence how much you’ll earn.

Annual Salary Range:
Annual Salary by Location:
Location Avg. Annual Salary
Portland $56,257
Lewiston $55,681
Bangor $52,606
South Portland $56,257
Auburn $55,681
Biddeford $55,989
Sanford $57,666
Brunswick $55,759
Scarborough $56,257
Saco $56,142

Regional Salary in Maine

Region Employed Avg. Annual Salary Avg. Hourly Pay Top 10% Annual Salary Bottom 10% Annual Salary
Bangor, ME170$57,780$27.78$74,750$40,720
Lewiston-Auburn, ME180$58,510$28.13$72,690$39,520
Portland-South Portland, ME580$62,620$30.11$74,150$46,700
* Salary information based on the May 2022 Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) Survey for Plumbers, Pipefitters, and Steamfitters, OCC Code 47-2152, BLS.
* Employment conditions in your area may vary.

 Additional Information

In this state, plumbers obtain their licenses from the Department of Professional and Financial Regulation.

Maine has a plumber license reciprocity agreement with New Hampshire.

Joining a Union

All plumbers have the option to join a union.

There are many benefits to doing so while the disadvantages are few.

The benefits include:

  • Better salary
  • Having the union negotiate the contract and salary for you
  • Healthcare coverage
  • A retirement plan


Independent lumbers will need insurance for:

  • Health
  • Disability
  • Liability in case of accidents
  • Property insurance for the equipment they use

When working for an employer or being a union member, this aspect is usually taken care of.

Schools Offering Plumbing Programs in Maine

School Name Address
Washington County Community College One College Drive Calais, ME 04619
Eastern Maine Community College 354 Hogan Road, Bangor, Maine
Northern Maine Community College 33 Edgemont Drive Presque Isle, Maine 04769
UA Local 716 Plumbers, Pipefitters & HVAC/R Techs 21 Gabriel Dr, Augusta, ME 04330
United Technologies Center 200 Hogan Road • Bangor, ME 04401
Harding's Plumbing School 9 Woodbury St, South Portland, ME 0410
MEMA TECHNICAL CENTER 25 Greenwood Rd, Brunswick, ME 04011
Central Maine Community College 1250 Turner Street, Auburn, Maine
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