24 Best CNA Classes in St. Louis, MO (Top Programs Listed)

CNA Classes in St. Louis, MO

Beautiful, developed and very dynamic, St.Louis is one of the best cities to study in Missouri.

The economic sector of this city is in full development and it will continue to grow in the years to come.

The schools here are excellent and you will be able to start a medical career in no time.

1 Saint Louis University

Saint Louis University is one of the oldest learning facilities in the country. It has been established in 1818. Nowadays, the school is known for its great programs, charming campus, and assistive professors and staff.

The Medical Assistant training program is an interactive and concise program. It will prepare you for several entry-level roles in the busy medical sector.

AddressAddress: One North Grand Blvd Saint Louis, MO 63103

2 St Louis College of Health Careers

St. Louis College of Health Careers is a professional learning institution specialized in healthcare workers’ education. The school has some of the best professors and medical experts in the region. Additionally, students can apply for financial aid.

The medical assistant program is intensive and comprehensive. It covers all fundamentals of the nursing profession and teaches students how to perform different administrative tasks in a busy healthcare setting.

AddressAddress: 909 South Taylor Avenue Saint Louis, MO 63110

3 Washington University in St Louis

Washington University in St. Louis is a comprehensive educational institution with more than 14.000 active students. The University offers more than 300 academic programs and courses. Additionally, the school has a fun and vibrant atmosphere thanks to the diverse national and international student community.

The medical assistant program is brief and comprehensive. That way, it covers all important aspects of the profession in a short time.

AddressAddress: One Brookings Drive Saint Louis, MO 63130

4 Midwest Institute

Midwest Institute offers career training programs at two locations. It has high rankings, and a carefully chosen team of instructors, dedicated to quality education. The student population isn’t large, so all students receive personalized attention.

The medical assistant course is one of the programs with the best job opportunities upon graduation. The program has a useful curriculum, that includes theory and practice in various clinical and administrative duties.

AddressAddress: 964 South Highway Drive Fenton, MO 63026

5 Southwestern Illinois College

Southwestern Illinois College is a common choice for people looking for effective vocational programs. The College has been educating new generations of the workforce in various industry fields. Besides, the school offers academic degree programs as well.

The Medical Assistant program is a useful training with fundamental nursing theory instructions. Graduates soon become a valuable part of healthcare teams and are welcomed in all medical facilities across the state.

AddressAddress: 2500 Carlyle Ave Belleville, IL 62221

6 CALC Institute of Technology

CALC Institute of Technology has an excellent ranking in nursing programs. Moreover, its LPN program has been ranked second best for 2020 in Illinois. The school nurtures a fast-growing community of aspiring healthcare students.

The medical assistant program is job-focused, and also has high rankings. The program guarantees that you will become a skilled medical assistant in the shortest time possible. You will have theoretical lessons and practical exercises during the program.

AddressAddress: 200A North Center Dr Alton, IL 62002

7 Illinois Community Colleges

Illinois Community Colleges are a great place to start a new career. All schools in the College system have great programs and friendly staff. Moreover, there are multiple campuses in beautiful locations. Illinois Community Colleges constantly provide accessible and affordable education.

The Medical Assistant training program has a convenient structure that keeps students engaged and motivated to improve their knowledge and skills. Both theory and practice are covered with the program.

AddressAddress: 5800 Godfrey Rd Godfrey, IL 62035

8 Maryville University of Saint Louis

The Maryville University of Saint Louis is focused on students’ success. Therefore, it includes innovative teaching methods and provides individualized instructions to all students. Moreover, the student-centered approach has been proved to be good, as there are more and more successful University graduates.

The lab technician training program is complex and interesting. Alongside theoretical instructions, students will have hands on practical training in well-equipped laboratories.

AddressAddress: 650 Maryville University Drive Saint Louis, MO 63141

9 McKendree University

McKendree University has excellent student services and a dynamic atmosphere. The University has a charming and modern campus and supportive learning community. Moreover, it is one of the best-ranked private universities in the state.

The Medical Assistant training program allows you to work on several entry-level positions in various healthcare settings. The program is comprehensive and includes clinical and administrative training.

AddressAddress: 701 College Rd Lebanon, IL 62254

10 University of Phoenix

The University of Pheonix is a great place to start your education and choose a career. The facility is modern, well-equipped and teachers are professional and friendly. Classes are based on the latest national standards and focus on all important elements of each profession.

The school is dedicated to providing the best possible education for If you are interested in online courses, the University  can be an excellent choice for you. Moreover, the school also has comfortable dorms and extraordinary classrooms for students who choose in-person education.

Vocational programs are designed to meet the needs of different students looking to start their jobs as soon as possible. Also, you can apply for financial aid.

AddressAddress: Riverpoint Executive Center II Saint Louis, MO 63043

11 Southern Illinois University

Southern Illinois University has a beautiful campus and academic programs in different industry sectors. The atmosphere on the campus is welcoming and motivating. Besides, the University has a high reputation and affordable tuition.

The medical technology training program covers the fundamentals of lab technician work and more. You will be trained in some of the best-equipped laboratories in the city.

AddressAddress: Il State Rte 157 Edwardsville, IL 62026

12 St Charles Community College

St. Charles Community College offers customized education and helpful assistance on your educational pathway. The College is committed to helping students succeed in profitable careers and give their contribution to the community. Moreover, the College has a multitude of different programs available for students with different backgrounds.

The medical technology program is job-focused and prepares you to work in modern laboratories and utilize technology to contribute to the healthcare team. It is an excellent and perspective vocational course.

AddressAddress: 4601 Mid Rivers Mall Dr Cottleville, MO 63376

13 Jefferson College

Jefferson College is a modern school, dedicated to students’ success. The school cultivates students’ talents and helps then build profitable careers from scratch. Besides, there are options for financial aid and scholarships for plenty of students.

The medical technology course is a modern course that prepares you for a dynamic job in medical and other laboratories. The program is perspective and offers a wide range of job opportunities and career enhancements in the future.

AddressAddress: 1000 Viking Drive Hillsboro, MO 63050

14 Harris-Stowe State University

Harris-Stowe State University is a student-centered and student-driven modern learning institution. The University has a large and urban campus with plenty of interesting students’ activities. If gives high-quality education for high-demand careers.

The healthcare administration program is practical training with theoretical lessons. It prepares you to take entry level positions as a healthcare administrator in all medical work settings.

AddressAddress: 3026 Laclede Ave Saint Louis, MO 63103

15 Webster University

Webster University provides a global and international education for diverse students community. The University is modern and has innovative technology solutions that make education accessible and affordable. Also, plenty of students receive financial aid.

The healthcare administration training program is focused on real-job administration tasks. It is a complex, yet interesting program with a high acceptance rate.

AddressAddress: 470 E Lockwood Ave. Saint Louis, MO 63119

16 Missouri Baptist University

Missouri Baptist University is a faith-based school that welcomes students with different educational backgrounds. The University challenges students to work on self-growth and give their best in achieving their professional goals. Moreover, the student-teacher ratio is great.

The healthcare administration training program is an intensive vocational program. It prepares the students to succeed in various administrative tasks in busy medical facilities.

AddressAddress: One College Park Dr Saint Louis, MO 63141

17 Lindenwood University

Lindenwood University enhances students’ lives through quality education. The classes are comprehensive and interesting, and students can ask for help anytime. Moreover, the application process is simple and the programs are carefully selected to stay relevant.

The healthcare administration program is concise. It helps you develop marketable skills that will make you a valuable job candidate for different medical facilities.

AddressAddress: 209 S Kingshighway Saint Charles, MO 63301

18 University of Missouri

The University of Missouri commits to quality education through ethically responsible acting and comprehensive programs. The University exists since 1839. Further, it has a long tradition of interesting students’ activities, cultural and athletic.

The medical assistant program is job-focused and highly popular among people looking to start a career in the medical field. A complex program is accelerated and allows you to master the skills and knowledge needed for the role. Additionally, you will be prepped to work on different positions upon graduation.

AddressAddress: One University Boulevard Saint Louis, MO 63121

19 Logan University

Logan University educates skilled leaders that make a high impact on society. The University offers interesting and useful programs, designed to help students launch their profitable careers. Moreover, students can apply for financial aid.

Logan University is accredited and offers accelerated programs in the medical field. The programs can be completed in 15 weeks.

AddressAddress: 1851 Schoettler Rd Chesterfield, MO 63017

20 St Louis College of Pharmacy

St. Louis College of Pharmacy is a specialized learning organization with a nine-acre campus. The University educates students in the healthcare sector and gives them the opportunity to experience what is like to be a part of healthcare teams. Besides, the College is home to plenty of international students.

The pharmacy training program includes information and valuable resources to help students become the best in their chosen area. Training will help you launch one of the most profitable and high-demand careers.

AddressAddress: 4588 Parkview Pl Saint Louis, MO 63110

21 Waynesville Career Center

Waynesville Career Center offers educational and technical knowledge in several fields. The Center is well-equipped and employs experts in chosen areas. Moreover, the Center has special programs designed to be suitable for adult learners.

The CNA program is available for adult learners. It consists of 76 clock hours and 100 hours of practical training in a clinical setting. The tuition is around $550.

AddressAddress: 400 G. W. Lane Waynesville, MO 65583

22 Career Center of Southern Illinois

Career Center of Southern Illinois provides integrated and technical education for high-demand careers. The Center is suitable for high-school students, as well as adults who want a fresh career start. With a comprehensive and fast-paced program, you will be ready to start a new career in a short time.

The LPN program is concise and focused on preparing students to perform basic care under supervision. It also coves the nursing theory.

AddressAddress: 6137 Beck Rd Red Bud, IL 62278

23 Lutheran School of Nursing

Lutheran School of Nursing has a century long tradition in educating competent nurses. The school is specialized in providing comprehensive healthcare training and bringing new generations of skilled and compassionate healthcare workers, ready to make a positive impact in the healthcare field.

The RN program is job-focused and teaches students how to utilize technical knowledge and develop practical skills for the role. Moreover, the program includes quality practical training.

AddressAddress: 3547 S Jefferson Ave Saint Louis, MO 63118

24 Chamberlain College of Nursing

Chamberlain College of Nursing has a 130-year long tradition in educating nurses and support staff. The College has developed as leading schools for the education of the healthcare workforce.

The RN training program is intensive and well-structured. The program covers fundamental nursing theory and gives the opportunity to the students to have hands-on practical experience.

AddressAddress: 11830 Westline Industrial Dr. St. Louis, MO 63146

Schools Summary Table

Rank School
#1 Saint Louis University
#2 St Louis College of Health Careers
#3 Washington University in St Louis
#4 Midwest Institute
#5 Southwestern Illinois College
#6 CALC Institute of Technology
#7 Illinois Community Colleges
#8 Maryville University of Saint Louis
#9 McKendree University
#10 University of Phoenix
#11 Southern Illinois University
#12 St Charles Community College
#13 Jefferson College
#14 Harris-Stowe State University
#15 Webster University
#16 Missouri Baptist University
#17 Lindenwood University
#18 University of Missouri
#19 Logan University
#20 St Louis College of Pharmacy
#21 Waynesville Career Center
#22 Career Center of Southern Illinois
#23 Lutheran School of Nursing
#24 Chamberlain College of Nursing

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