CNA Classes in Houston, TX (Top Programs Listed)

CNA Classes in Houston, TX

Hot, develop and extremely fun, Houston is one of the best places to start your education.

The city has seen one of the biggest economic developments in the country.

In terms of schooling, the city offers some of the best CNA classes in the state.

Florida Career College

Florida Career College helps to build the career you will be proud of, thanks to many programs and excellent approach to education. For more than 35 years, the College educates students and even helps them find potential employers after they graduate.

All teachers are dedicated to helping you grow professionally and chose the right growth opportunities for the future.

The dental assistant program is created with students in mind and can be completed in ten months. It also includes comprehensive practical training that will help you find the job easier.

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AddressAddress: 70 FM 1960 W Houston, TX 77090

The College of Health Care Professions

The College of Health Care Professions offers on-campus and online courses for high-demand careers. The school is accredited and has a variety of programs that are tailored to match the students and market expectations.

Moreover, the school is a state leader in healthcare training and education and can help you to start a career as soon as you complete the education.

The medical assistant training program is one of the most interactive and popular. It needs a short time to complete and you will gain all the needed skills and knowledge to start working as soon as possible.

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AddressAddress: One Arena Place 7322 Southwest Freeway Houston, TX 77074

Altierus Career College

Altierus Career College is a safe choice to start your education in the medical field. It offers various programs, including a medical assistant program, medical billing, and coding, nursing programs, etc.

The medical assistant program is a diploma program that lasts for ten months. During the program, you will be taught how to approach patients with ease and how to overcome the challenges of this high-demand medical-allied career.

The comprehensive program covers medical terminology, body structure, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, and other processes such as administration and bookkeeping.

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AddressAddress: 9700 Bissonnet St Houston, TX 77036

Pima Medical Institute

Pima Medical Institute offers certificate, associate’s degree, and bachelor’s degree programs in the medical field. The Institute is dedicated to educating the professionals that are crucial in the healthcare sector. The programs are designed to help the students overcome future challenges in the medical field.

The Medical Assistant training program is professional and well-structured. You can complete it for a short time and start working promptly. The student-based program will exceed your educational expectations.

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AddressAddress: 11125 Equity Drive, Suite 100 Houston, TX 77041


Fortis believes in building a life powered by learning and has a student-centered approach to education. It offers excellent programs for students looking to start a career in high demand.

Fortis offers nice dorms and great student services as well as options for financial aid.

The vocational program for medical assistants is of high quality and intensive. It doesn’t last too long, so you will be on the job market soon after you complete it.

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AddressAddress: 450 N Sam Houston Parkway E Houston, TX 77060

Remington College

Remington College campuses nurture open-door policy, so all interested students can visit the campus and feel the vibe. The vibrant atmosphere and high-quality programs are reasons why plenty of students prefer Remington College over some other schools.

If you are looking for a medical assistant training program, Remington College is an excellent choice. It is a short and job-based program.

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AddressAddress: 11310 Greens Crossing Blvd Houston, TX 77067

Daymar College

Daymar College is a professional learning institution dedicated to providing excellent education to numerous students. Teachers are well-trained and assistive, ready to help the students on their ways to dream careers. Student services are also useful.

The medical assistant program is focused on theoretical knowledge and practical skills. In a short time, you will get all the needed knowledge and become one of the best in this fast-growing medical field.

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AddressAddress: online courses available

Houston Community College

Houston Community College is a public learning institution, focused on vocational training programs. Affordable education alongside innovative programs and interactive approach are the reasons why this school is one of the best places to start a career.

It was created in 1971 with the vision to promote academic progress and help people accomplish their career goals.
You can enroll in the medical assistant training program and take part in an intensive theoretical and practical course.

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AddressAddress: 3100 Main Street Houston, TX 77002

Baylor College of Medicine

Baylor College of Medicine is focused on health science and helps people discover education and start their careers in the medical field. The campus has a safe and supportive environment that can help you achieve your academic goals while having fun. Plenty of student services and options for financial aid are available for the students.

Medical assistant training is worth your attention. The structure is carefully created to include theory and practice and help you get an entry-level job as soon as you complete the program.

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AddressAddress: One Baylor Plaza Houston, TX 77030

Northwest Educational Center

Northwest Educational Center provides high-quality training in several areas including medical assisting, cosmetology professions, and pharmacy tech. The Center provides a motivating and educational environment to help the student apply their theoretical knowledge at real-life job tasks.

All programs are properly accredited, and the medical assistant program has a convenient curriculum that fully prepares you for the job in any medical facility.

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AddressAddress: 2910 Antoine B-100 Houston, TX 77092

Texas Health School

Texas Health School holds accreditation for its programs and provides educational training for adults in several fields. Generally, it prepares students for employment in the allied health area.

The main principles of Texas Health School are teaching students how to practice competent, safe, and responsible nursing care.

Programs are comprehensive and interactive, and the vocational program for medical assistants is highly useful and perspective. The training covers all important elements of the profession.

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AddressAddress: 11211 Katy Fwy Ste 170 Houston, TX 77079

San Jacinto Community College

San Jacinto Community College provides a unique and fun student experience for the people looking to advance their careers. The admission process as well as applying for financial aid is simple, and the teachers are highly friendly and ready to assist you during the process.

The College allows online application as well.

The medical assistant program is interactive and designed to prepare the students for all challenges in their future profession. It gives the student opportunity to gain practical experience and build a strong theoretical foundation.

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AddressAddress: 8060 Spencer Hwy Pasadena, TX 77501

Texas School of Business

Texas School of Business is one of the best educational institutions in the state. The school follows the latest trends in education and student facilities. It offers useful educational programs for carers that are in high demand across the country.

The medical assistant program is tailored to cover all elements of the medical assistant profession. It prepares the students to apply their knowledge on the job in any medical facility.

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AddressAddress: 711 East Airtex Dr Houston, TX 77073

Lone Star College System

Lone Star College System offers multiple opportunities for building a career in several fields. The College got national and international recognition for its high-quality curriculums, competent teachers, and modern facilities.

More than 87.000 students have completed programs at Lone Star College System and are part of the workforce that contributes to shaping a better society.

One of the most popular programs is the program for medical assistants, which provides excellent practical training with theoretical instructions. It fully prepares the student for the job.

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AddressAddress: 5000 Research Forest Drive The Woodlands, TX 77381

College of the Mainland

College of Mainland selects the most competent teachers in Texas that are dedicated to educating students looking for a long term career. Programs are carefully created to address the needs of the job market field and provide plenty of growth opportunities.

The vocational training program for medical assistants is student-centered and focused on providing the required knowledge for the future job. It also prepares you for the expected and unexpected real-life job situations.

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AddressAddress: 1200 Amburn Road Texas City, TX 77591

Lee College

Lee College gives you the opportunity to achieve your dream career. It ensures that every student gets the best education, in both theory and practice. Lee College is accredited and known for its respected students employed in top companies across the state.

If you want to start a career in the medical allied area, you can complete the medical transcription training at this school. It teaches you all you need to know to become a part of the medical workforce and give your contribution to the health system.

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AddressAddress: 511 S Whiting Baytown, TX 77520

Alvin Community College

Alvin Community College has several divisions and plenty of useful programs for future professions. Some of the programs offered are related to Arts and Sciences, General Education and Support, Legal and Health Sciences, etc.

The College has a great reputation and holds high professional and ethical standards while nurturing a vibrant and fun atmosphere for the students.
One of the most useful programs is the pharmacy technology program. The program focuses on real job aspects and allows you to experience real job challenges and apply theoretical knowledge.

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AddressAddress: 3110 Mustang Rd Alvin, TX 77511

Cardiotech Ultrasound School

Cardiotech Ultrasound School is one of the most famous health-related schools in Texas. The schools offer an excellent selection of perspective vocational and academic programs, offering degrees, diplomas, and certificate programs. Graduates are fully prepared to give their contribution to any medical facility in the country.

The radiologic technology training program doesn’t last long but provides excellent theoretical instructions and practical exposure. Therefore, you will be on the job market soon.

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AddressAddress: 12135 Bissonnet Ste E Houston, TX 77099

The University of Texas

The University of Texas is a top choice for many in-state and out-of-state students. It features a fun and vibrant atmosphere and has some of the best teachers and programs in the state. It also has convenient financial aid options and funding opportunities available for the diverse student population.

The radiologic technology program is of high-quality, and fully prepares students for expected and unexpected challenges of the profession. While building a strong theoretical foundation, the program also helps you to develop needed practical skills.

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AddressAddress: 1515 Holcombe Blvd. Houston, TX 77030

University of Houston

The University of Houston has a long, almost one full century-long tradition in educating students in various areas. The University helps students to launch their dream careers and offers excellent growth possibilities. It is home to award-winning teachers and students and improves its programs and education following the latest industry trends.

For example, a high-quality lab technology program is available at the University of Houston. It trains you to work in the laboratory, follow safety protocols, and understand all aspects of the job.

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AddressAddress: 212 E. Cullen Building Houston, TX 77204

Texas Southern University

Charming and professional, Texas Southern University is a fast-growing learning facility with a top reputation in the state and beyond. Graduates from Texas Southern University are part of the competent workforce shaping our society in many industries. Modern University has comfortable dorms and well-equipped classrooms and laboratories.

If you are interested in becoming a lab technician, then you can apply for the lab technician training program at Texas Southern University. Once you complete the program, you are fully prepared to perform all duties of the role.

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AddressAddress: 3100 Cleburne St Houston, TX 77004

University of Phoenix

The University of Pheonix is known for its student-centered approach and useful student services. The University also offers excellent possibilities for financial aid to the student population. Besides, it offers high-quality programs in Bussiness, Technology, Healthcare, and the Nursing field.

The medical technology program has a convenient structure that includes the technical and practical knowledge and helps you develop the required skills for the role. Also, it helps you to learn how to adjust to this fast-changing medical field.

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AddressAddress: 11451 Katy Freeway Houston, TX 77079

Interactive College of Technology

Interactive College of Technology has a fun and dynamic atmosphere that promotes academic progress and critical thinking. The College is innovative in its programs and its approach to learning. Moreover, the highly educated staff is committed to passing knowledge while boosting the marketable skills of its students.

One of the programs with great structure is the vocational programs for medical secretary. The course will qualify you for the job in any state and national medical facility, and help you become the best in your job while proving plenty of career-advancing options.

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AddressAddress: 213 W. Southmore Ave, Ste 101 Pasadena, TX 77502

Vet Tech Institute of Houston

Vet Tech Institute of Houston is well-known across the state for its high-quality education and professionalism. The graduates from the Institute are employed in top facilities, and give their daily contribution to the veterinary profession.

The veterinary assistant program is accelerated, and comprehensive. The program focuses on theoretical classes and hands-on labs to cover all essential aspects of the role.

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AddressAddress: 4669 Southwest Fwy Ste 100 Houston, TX 77027

Texas Chiropractic College Foundation Inc

Texas Chiropractic College Foundation provides a personalized approach to learning. Also, the application process is simplified and you have all the necessary assistance during the application. The modern campus is open for visits every other Friday, so aspiring students can find out more about facilities, programs, and dorms.

The Foundation offers a medicine training program of high quality and with interactive character. It focuses on the critical field of the role and prepares the students to start the job immediately after graduation.

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AddressAddress: 5912 Spencer Hwy Pasadena, TX 77505

Houston Baptist University

Houston Baptist University provides an intimate student environment, that nurtures a holistic approach to high education. The University values every single student and has small-size classes to make sure every student gets needed attention.

The charming 100-acre campus is home to a diverse student population. Moreover, high-quality undergraduate and graduate programs are available for students with different educational backgrounds.

The medical social work program is an exceptional training that fully prepares you for your future career. The program emphasizes the importance of practical exposure while covering all important theoretical elements.

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AddressAddress: 7502 Fondren Rd Houston, TX 77074

University of St Thomas

The Unversity of St. Thomas is a large, private learning facility that follows innovative standards in education and invests in its students and facilities. The University has more than 10,000 undergraduates students and ten times more successful alumni all over the country.

It is a Catholic University, that gives its students access to multiple classes and courses while striving to improve society and help the student achieve progress.

The available RN training is highly useful and comprehensive. It teaches aspiring RNs all there is to the nurse role and offers plenty of opportunities for future growth.

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AddressAddress: 3800 Montrose Blvd Houston, TX 77006

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