23 Best CNA Classes in Atlanta, GA (Top Programs Listed)

CNA Classes in Atlanta, GA

Atlanta is one of the most famous and developed cities in the whole state of Georgia.

The economy has always been great and the city is rated as one of the best in the country.

The city offers some of the best CNA and medical schools in the whole country.

1 UEI College

UEI College offers great opportunities for skills development and career enhancement. The College believes in positive social change through education and personal contribution to society. Moreover, the programs are specifically designed to prepare students for future employment.

The vocational medical assistant program is part of the Healthcare division at UEI College. The program lasts ten months and prepares students for several roles, including Clinical Assistant, Optometric Assistant, Chiropractic Assistant, etc.

AddressAddress: 1564 Southlake Pkwy Morrow, GA 30260

2 Altierus Career College

Altierus Career College has a freshly renovated campus that includes modern equipment. Moreover, Altierus ensures a safe and supportive learning environment and offers through programs.

A medical assistant is a 9-month vocational program. The program is interactive, complex, and designed to help you learn how to answer all professional tasks and fulfill your responsibilities confidently and competently.

AddressAddress: 1750 Beaver Ruin Rd Norcross, GA 30093

3 Fortis

Fortis has some of the best educational programs in Texas. The campus in Fort Worth features a vibrant and positive atmosphere, and students have a variety of interesting students’ activities to choose from.

Among all programs, the medical assistant training program is the best one for aspiring healthcare workers. The training is comprehensive, thanks to assistive and well-educated teachers, who are ready to help you learn as much as you can and become the best candidate for the job.

AddressAddress: 2140 South Cobb Drive Smyrna, GA 30080

4 Bauder College

Bauder College is a private, four-year college in Georgia. The College has effective teaching methods and well-structured programs. It offers a great selection of different degree programs and job training courses.

The Medical Assistant training program is a suitable choice for those who want to start a career in the medical field. The program takes a short time and it good teacher-students ration. Moreover, the program will prepare you for diverse careers in healthcare.

AddressAddress: 384 Northyards Blvd. Atlanta, GA 30313

5 Technical College System of Georgia

Technical College System of Georgia offers great professional development options. You can earn your diploma, certificate, or degree through online or on-campus educational programs. Moreover, you can earn college credit in half the time.

The Medical Assistant training program is intended to teach you the fundamentals of medical-allied occupation and help you develop valuable practical skills. The program is short and interactive, with plenty of practical exercises.

AddressAddress: 495 N Indian Creek Dr Clarkston, GA 30021

6 Emory University

Emory University offers a supportive and friendly community that will improve your academic experience and job opportunities. The University is home to plenty of students looking to start long-term careers in a short time.

The medical assistant training program is one of the most interesting programs. It offers a convenient blend of theory and practice to qualify you for entry-level positions in different healthcare systems.

AddressAddress: 408 Administration Building Atlanta, GA 30322

7 United Medical and Business Institute

United Medical and Business Institute will help you start your medical career and enhance your life and earnings as well. The Institute offers modern educational programs for high-demand medical careers.

The medical assistant program has instructors with real-world job experience, committed to helping you become a qualified medical assistant. With the program, students can work at different entry-level positions.

AddressAddress: 1514 East Cleveland Avenue East Point, GA 30344

8 Omnitech Institute

Omnitech Institute is known as a highly professional institution that offers plenty of vocational and technical programs in the medical field. The programs are created to address the current needs of both employers and students in the fast-changing healthcare sector.

The medical assistant program lasts 36 weeks if you choose a daily schedule. If you prefer evening classes, you can complete the program in 56 weeks.

AddressAddress: 1800 Phoenix Blvd. Bldg 100 Suite 100 Atlanta, GA 30349

9 Medtech Institute

Medtech Institute offers affordable programs for a variety of healthcare professions. There are plenty of options for financial aid and scholarships available for a diverse student population.

The Medical Assistant training program is a quality training, designed to cultivate students’ talents and help students to learn how to perform a variety of administrative and clinical tasks.

AddressAddress: 4501 Circle 75 Pky Ste D-4100 Atlanta, GA 30339

10 New Horizons Medical Institute

New Horizons Medical Institute provides quality education for students looking to start specialized careers in the medical field. The instructional approach to education proved to be highly effective at students with a diverse educational background.

The medical assistant training program is a vocational course that includes practical training and theory lessons. The program is intensive and doesn’t last long.

AddressAddress: 5675 Jimmy Carter Blvd Suite J Norcross, GA 30071

11 Grady Health System Professional Schools

Grady Health System Professional School is one of the world’s best teaching hospitals. It hires only the best medical experts that can provide comprehensive education and hands on practical training.

The radiologic technology training program is designed to help you develop skills and knowledge that will make you competitive in the labor market. Practical training is held in a well-equipped clinical setting.

AddressAddress: 80 Jesse Hill Jr Drive Atlanta, GA 30303

12 University System of Georgia

University System of Georgia is a large educational organization with great state and national reputation. It servers numerous students looking to enhance their lives through quality education and profitable careers.

The radiologic technology training program offers coherent lessons and interesting classes. Teachers are friendly and ready to assist you to overcome any potential obstacles on your way to a dream career.

AddressAddress: 3251 Panthersville Rd Decatur, GA 30034

13 Morehouse School of Medicine

Morehouse School of Medicine has a modern approach to education and offers great online learning tools. The school educates a new generation of skilled healthcare workers through comprehensive programs and a student-centered approach.

The lab technology program is a highly prospective program that ensures multiple job options upon graduation. Well-equipped facilities and laboratories help you to get insights into real-job requirements and tasks in different medical and non-medical facilities.

AddressAddress: 720 Westview Dr SW Atlanta, GA 30310

14 DeVry University

DeVry University has a great online education system and provides plenty of options for remote education.

The programs allow the students to expand their skills with evidence-based learning and research. Moreover, the University is fully accredited.

The lab technician training program is great and based on experimental learning. Therefore, it will be easier to master all the skills and knowledge you need to start working as a lab technician.

AddressAddress: 1 West Court Square Decatur, GA 30030

15 University of Phoenix

The University of Pheonix is a great place to start your education and choose a career. The facility is modern, well-equipped and teachers are professional and friendly. Classes are based on the latest national standards and focus on all important elements of each profession.

The school is dedicated to providing the best possible education for If you are interested in online courses, the University of Phoenix can be an excellent choice for you. Moreover, the school also has comfortable dorms and extraordinary classrooms for students who choose in-person education.

Vocational programs are designed to meet the needs of different students looking to start their jobs as soon as possible. Also, you can apply for financial aid.

AddressAddress: 8200 Roberts Dr Sandy Springs, GA 30350

16 Interactive College of Technology

Interactive College of Technology is a common choice for Georgia residents who want to improve their job opportunities through and start a fresh new career. The College has modern facilities and well-organized student services.

The medical office administration program helps you to master all clinical and administrative tasks commonly performed by entry-level workers. Also, you will be prepared to work in a busy medical field.

AddressAddress: 5303 New Peachtree Road Chamblee, GA 30341

17 Saint Leo University

Saint Leo University is one of the oldest Catholic educational institutions. The University has a century-long tradition in educating diverse student populations. The University servers around 13.000 satisfied students.

The healthcare administration program is adjusted to the latest labor market trends. Healthcare administrators are in high demand across the state, so graduates can find employment soon after graduation.

AddressAddress: Online Courses Available

18 Oglethorpe University

Oglethorpe University is a small, private educational institution that nurtures individualized instructions. Professors are familiar with their student preferences and ready to assist them on their educational pathway. Besides, the University has a beautiful campus and offers interesting student activities.

The veterinary assistant program is a convenient gateway to a profitable career full of growth opportunities. A comprehensive program makes you a valuable candidate in the job market.

AddressAddress: 4484 Peachtree Rd NE Atlanta, GA 30319

19 Life University

Life University has a holistic approach to learning and is dedicated to helping students with different educational backgrounds to achieve their professional goals. Life University specializes in health education and has small size classes.

The health coaching training is part of the Sports Health Science. It is a modern program that will offer you interesting career possibilities upon graduation.

AddressAddress: 1269 Barclay Circle Marietta, GA 30060

20 Morehouse College

Morehouse College is found in 1867. It is a fast-developing educational organization with complex and interesting curriculums and long experience in education. The school promotes students’ success and values integrity and research-based learning.

The public health training program is brief and comprehensive. It includes public health theory such as epidemiology and helps you develop different occupation-related skills.

AddressAddress: 830 Westview Dr SW Atlanta, GA 30314

21 Agnes Scott College

Agnes Scott College has a diverse community and a safe and supporting learning atmosphere. The college offers great job training programs, for profitable and modern careers. Moreover, it supports students through their education whether they choose undergraduate, graduate, or post-baccalaureate studies.

The public health program covers social, environmental, and behavioral elements of theory and practice. It helps you to learn how to prevent diseases and improve community health.

AddressAddress: 141 E. College Ave. Decatur, GA 30030

22 Chamberlain College of Nursing

Chamberlain College of Nursing has a 130-year long tradition in educating nurses and support staff. The College has developed as leading schools for the education of the healthcare workforce.

The RN training program is intensive and well-structured. The program covers fundamental nursing theory and gives the opportunity to the students to have hands-on practical experience.

AddressAddress: 5775 Peachtree Dunwoody Road Atlanta, GA 30342

23 Woodruff Medical Training and Testing

Woodruff Medical Training and Testing is a suitable choice for all who want to receive individualized instructions and start a new career as soon as possible.

The center has excellent vocational programs such as nursing assistant, patient care technician, or medical assistants.

The medical assistant training program is available on the Tucker campus. The course helps you to learn how to perform clinical and administrative duties and provide patient-centered, compassionate care.

AddressAddress: 2637 North Decatur Road Decatur, GA 30033

Schools Summary Table

Rank School
#1 UEI College
#2 Altierus Career College
#3 Fortis
#4 Bauder College
#5 Technical College System of Georgia
#6 Emory University
#7 United Medical and Business Institute
#8 Omnitech Institute
#9 Medtech Institute
#10 New Horizons Medical Institute
#11 Grady Health System Professional Schools
#12 University System of Georgia
#13 Morehouse School of Medicine
#14 DeVry University
#15 University of Phoenix
#16 Interactive College of Technology
#17 Saint Leo University
#18 Oglethorpe University
#19 Life University
#20 Morehouse College
#21 Agnes Scott College
#22 Chamberlain College of Nursing
#23 Woodruff Medical Training and Testing

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