22 Best CNA Classes in Nashville, TN (Top Programs Listed)

CNA Classes in Nashville, TN

Nashville is one of the most fun and dynamic cities in the whole state.

The economy has been developing greatly and it will continue to rise.

If you want to start a new career, Nashville has something to offer to anyone.

1 Fortis

Fortis provides personalized training and helps you acquire all the necessary skills to start a long-term career. The staff is friendly and well-trained to help you learn all you need for your future job.
Fortis also provide useful options for financial aid and help you during your education.

The Medical Assistant training program is designed to help you learn more about the field, build a strong theoretical foundation, and improve your practical skills for the role.

AddressAddress: 1025 Highway 111 Cookeville, TN 38501

2 Remington College

The campus of Remington College has an open-door policy and welcomes all students that want to learn more about education at this school. It helps college degree-seeking students to fulfill their dreams and start their careers as soon as they complete their education.

The small size classes are tailored to help every student acquire the necessary knowledge and develop certain skills set for their chosen profession.

The Medical Assistant training program is well-known for its quality and successful graduate employment rate. The program includes all aspects of the medical field required for the job of a medical assistant in any healthcare facility.

AddressAddress: 441 Donelson Pk Ste 150 Nashville, TN 37214

3 Daymar College

Daymar College is a student-focused high-quality educational institution and a great place to start a career. The school has an excellent reputation across the country and plenty of interesting programs. The College has been found in 1963 and has been dedicated to providing the best education since then.

The Medical Assistant training program is comprehensive and a great choice, due to this rapidly growing career. Students will receive all necessary knowledge and assistance during their studies and have enough practical experience during the course.

AddressAddress: 560 Royal Parkway Nashville, TN 37214

4 Concordia University

Concordia University offers comprehensive education in several fields. The curriculums are complex and interesting, designed to meet the market needs, and prepare students to answer all challenges of the various professions.

Medical assistant training is one of the most beneficial at this school. It concentrates on theory and practice to help you get prepared for your future jobs. It also has several options for financial aid.

AddressAddress: Online Antioch, TN 37013

5 Trevecca Nazarene University

Trevecca Nazarene University is a Christian university in the charming heart of Nashville. The University has been educating students since the beginning of the 19th century. It nurtures a holistic approach in education and helps students to grow professionally, intellectually, and socially through various programs and student activities.

The medical assistant program is created to help students get fully prepared for jobs in the healthcare sectors. The duration of the programs allows you to gain maximum knowledge in optimal time, and start working promptly.

AddressAddress: 333 Murfreesboro Rd Nashville, TN 37210

6 Nashville College of Medical Careers

Nashville College of Medical Careers is dedicated to helping students grow their careers in the healthcare sector. The school offers carrier-based education and has excellent externship selection for its students.

One of the most useful vocational programs is the medical assistant program. Students are presented with broad knowledge for the various roles, including lab assistant, bookkeeper, nurse, etc. Graduates from the course are welcomed in many healthcare facilities and physicians’ offices.

AddressAddress: 1556 Crestview Dr Madison, TN 37115

7 Tennessee College of Applied Technology

Tennessee College of Applied Technology is committed to providing students with marketable skills and knowledge and becoming a part of the workforce. The College focuses on educating students while incorporating appropriate work habits into their occupational programs.

Moreover, the College allows students to study at their own pace and has an individualized approach to education.
The medical assistant training program is short and interactive, focused equally on practice and theory. The training prepares students for employment.

AddressAddress: 716 McMurry Blvd East Hartsville, TN 37074

8 National College

National College, campus in Pikeville is the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools, which means it follows the rigorous standards for high education. The school is among the best schools in the region and has a great selection of vocational programs.

Distance educational programs are also available and properly accredited.
The pharmacy technology program is one of the choices number one for many students. If you want to start a career in pharmacy, then National College may be the best place for you.

AddressAddress: 1638 Bell Road Nashville, TN 37211

9 Volunteer State Community College

Volunteer State Community College is a public, comprehensive college with plenty of educational options for future students. It has associates degree programs, certificate programs, as well as continuing education programs.

The College includes innovative programs and an interactive approach to education while promoting diversity and economic progress.

The radiologic technology training program is concentrated and has an optimal structure that will help you to acquire knowledge and skills for the job.

AddressAddress: 1480 Nashville Pike Gallatin, TN 37066

10 University of Phoenix

The University of Pheonix has online and on-campus programs for working adults looking to start their dream careers. The instructors at the University of Pheonix have more than 20 years of real-world experience in their professions and are dedicated to providing the best education.

The affordable education at this University means that you will never have additional costs for the tuition, even if your studying takes more time than you have planned.

The medical technology training program teaches you everything you need to know about this medical technology field. The program lasts for full a year.

AddressAddress: 616 Marriott Dr Nashville, TN 37214

11 Tennessee State University

Tennessee State University has world-class facilities that will teach you how to apply what you have learned in a classroom setting directly into a real-world setting. The “Think, Work, Serve” students’ motto has the element of fun, due to vivid student activities available on the campus. Fellowships, scholarships, and other types of financial aid are available for students.

The medical technology training program is comprehensive and ensures plenty of job opportunities upon completion. It also teaches you how to achieve the perfect work-life balance while you serve the community.

AddressAddress: 3500 John A. Merritt Blvd Nashville, TN 37209

12 Nashville State Community College

Nashville State Community College offers a multitude of different degree programs and certificates from different departments. The program tuition is affordable and the school also offers plenty of state and federal funding options.

Enrolling in a program at Nashville State Community College makes you a part of a growing community with plenty of students’ activities.

Medical technology training is one of the best-structured programs at this school. It includes theoretical instructions and practical exercises as well.

AddressAddress: 120 White Bridge Rd Nashville, TN 37209

13 Vanderbilt University

Vanderbilt University is one of the first choices in terms of vocational learning facilities in the state. It is the school with a high reputation and a tradition longer than a century. Besides, Vanderbilt is a globally recognized research institution with its ten schools located in the heart of Nashville.

The healthcare administration program is an extraordinary training that will prepare you for a lucrative future career. During this program, you will obtain all the needed technical and practical skills.

AddressAddress: Vanderbilt University

14 Middle Tennessee State University

Middle Tennessee State University offers more than 300 undergraduate and graduate degree programs that prepare students for high-demand careers.

Plenty of programs have earned international recognition because of the student’s success. Moreover, the University prepares students to answer the current and future challenges in most wanting careers now and in the future.

One of those highly useful programs is the healthcare administration program. It includes theoretical instructions and practical exercises.

AddressAddress: 1301 East Main Street Murfreesboro, TN 37132

15 Meridian Institute of Surgical Assisting

Meridian Institute of Surgical Assisting is the largest surgical assisting program in the whole country. For the 20 years of its existence, the Institute has positioned itself as a leader in providing desirable surgical assistants across the state.

There is also an option for earning an Associate’s degree in Surgical Assistant program or earning a certificate.
The training provides a theoretical foundation and educates students while helping them acquire the necessary skills for surgical assisting.

AddressAddress: 1507 County Hospital Road Nashville, TN 37218

16 Lipscomb University

Lipscomb University is a private, Christian liberal arts institution in Nashville. The school has small-size classes and nurtures an individualized approach to education alongside a holistic approach.

The University has almost 300 teachers that are educating students at almost 250 undergraduate and graduate programs.

The medicine training program doesn’t last long and has an interactive character. The training includes theory and practice.

AddressAddress: One University Park Drive Nashville, TN 37204

17 Meharry Medical College

Meharry Medical College is one of the nation’s greatest and historically African American academic centers in health sciences. It educates doctors, researchers, dentists, etc. Moreover, it offers several degree options including a Doctoral degree, a Master’s degree, and a P.h.D degree.

All healthcare programs are intense and focus on important aspects of health care. Besides, teachers are dedicated to preparing the students to provide professional healthcare and compassionate community outreach. Additionally, the University issues its public health journal.

AddressAddress: 1005 DB Todd Blvd. Nashville, TN 37208

18 Belmont University

Belmont University is known for its innovative approach in learning and is often considered as the most innovative school in the region. It is a private, four-year university that offers a perfect blend of education, networking, and fun to its students.

The school is dedicated to empowering men and women and help them transform society while addressing the challenges of modern professions.
The pharmacology program is created with students in mind and includes all sections needed for the job in pharmacology.

AddressAddress: 1900 Belmont Blvd Nashville, TN 37212

19 University of North Texas

The University of North Texas celebrates 130 years of educating visionaries, leaders, and professionals in various industries. During the long tradition, the University has gained national recognition as one of the best schools in the state. Also, it offers comfortable dorms and modern and well-equipped classrooms.

The health aide training program teaches you all about the filed and fully prepares you for the career in the dynamic and fast-growing healthcare sector.

AddressAddress: Online Antioch, TN 37013

20 Fisk University

Fisk University is one of the top-rated, historically Afro-American Universities and one of the oldest high learning institutions in Nashville. It prepares students to serve the community while developing their rewarding and lucrative careers.

Besides, the schools have more than 20 programs in various fields.
For example, the RN programs are one of the most perspective programs in this school. It is a comprehensive program that includes theory and practices into its curriculum.

AddressAddress: 1000 17th Ave North Nashville, TN 37208

21 Aquinas College

Aquinas College encourages students to learn in the classroom, on-campus, and also in the community around the world. It is an inclusive educational community that has roots in the Catholic tradition but nurtures a global perspective.

The school delivers high-quality classes and programs, designed to address the current market needs.

The RN program is one of the best in this school. Choosing the career as RN is very rewarding, and the program at Aquinas College will fully prepare you for the role.

AddressAddress: 4210 Harding Pike Nashville, TN 37205

22 Cumberland University

Cumberland University is a student-centered institution with a high reputation in state and across the country. The mission of the University is to prepare the students for long-term careers and offer them plenty of growth options.

The campus is charming and set in the historical setting, near Nashville. Additionally, the University has a 177-year long tradition in education.

The RN program is a useful training program that will prepare you for a perspective career. Throughout this program, you will obtain all the needed technical and practical skills.

AddressAddress: 1 Cumberland Square Lebanon, TN 37087

Schools Summary Table

Rank School
#1 Fortis
#2 Remington College
#3 Daymar College
#4 Concordia University
#5 Trevecca Nazarene University
#6 Nashville College of Medical Careers
#7 Tennessee College of Applied Technology
#8 National College
#9 Volunteer State Community College
#10 University of Phoenix
#11 Tennessee State University
#12 Nashville State Community College
#13 Vanderbilt University
#14 Middle Tennessee State University
#15 Meridian Institute of Surgical Assisting
#16 Lipscomb University
#17 Meharry Medical College
#18 Belmont University
#19 University of North Texas
#20 Fisk University
#21 Aquinas College
#22 Cumberland University

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