CNA Training in Connecticut (Paid Classes Info)

CNA Training in Connecticut

Financial constraints should not be hindrance to pursuit of your dreams.

If you ever had a dream of being a certified nurse or assistant without knowing where to get finances, then worry no more there are hopes for people like you.

For instance, in Connecticut and other nursing homes including other long term residential health centers these training are offered at a lower subsidized costs or at absolutely free of charge with a chance of getting absorbed into these institutions for employment or short contracts.

Unfortunately, these opportunities are never made public but their existence are known only to those within the facilities of these institutions.

Therefore, for you to identify available opportunities then you must first check with any of nearby health centers and facilities for chance identification and utilization.

Moreover, Connecticut is responsible for publicizing those institutions that provide free CNA training.

There are a set of investment act that the institution complies with known as investment act while providing for these professional helpful programs in that field.

They include:

  • American Professional Educational Services, Inc.
  • Centro de la Comunidad, Inc.
  • Educational Center of Wethersfield
  • Housatonic Community College
  • Boulevard Beacon Hall, Room 274 Bridgeport, CT 06604 – They do not offer free skills but they accept a third party payments from organizations like Health Career Academy or CT Works if only that student matches their expectations and set requirement standards.

Sheriden Woods Health Center in January 2013 is among the organizations that provide free skill to individuals who will then be absorbed into institution as nursing assistants.

Usually, this institution offers training when there is high demand for qualified nursing assistant to work within their institution.

Basically, in Sheriden, you will obtain double advantage of acquiring necessary relevant skills as well as getting your first employment opportunity within the organization as a CNA.

Certification Information

Before pursuing this course, it is necessary to learn facts on the requirements and how these institutions operate.

If you need to be a successful in the training aide program registry then you must first complete required skills and successfully completed sit-in examination for the state competency examination within two-years after termination of your class work.

If there is a student who had got admitted at either LPN or RNP, then they might challenge examination by producing original qualifications and certifications like transcripts of their education to validate having gone through nursing fundamental skills.

Who is permitted to get their names added to Connecticut’s registry?

Well, if you are listed as an active member in other states without derogatory or if you have not abused any information can be successfully added to Connecticut.

The training period takes 24 months while re-certification takes two-years.

For the process to be initiated, all application and other relevant documents are submitted directly to Prometric.

Other existing requirements in the sates include that the training aide should take a minimum of 100 hours and additionally be coordinated by a registered nurse who has at least two-year experience.

Yonder, learners are required to study some areas for a minimum of 16 hours before they can be granted an opportunity to interact with other residents.

The areas include:

  • Communication and relation techniques as well as Interpersonal Skills
  • Residents Rights
  • Residents Independence
  • Safety and Emergency Procedures including Heimlich Maneuver, and
  • Infection Control methods and means

In order to have a complete training, then the schedule is required to include all other basic theoretical components as stated in the state and federal rules and regulations including clinical component where the learners are trained on additional twenty-five competency skills, out of which, only five of them would be examined.

This implies that you must pass all these five additional areas for one to be granted a certification in competency skill.

Before completion, Practitioner Licensing and Investigations Section is required to review and approve these certified nurses throughout the aide training programs within the state.

Apparently, approximately 155 of these programs are approved by the Department of Public Health.

Importantly, department of health care is still available for more information and inquiries regarding these free training that has benefited many talented yet financial disadvantaged individuals.

CNA Training at Connecticut

Once individuals complete free training, then they automatically become nursing assistants in any of the state of Connecticut.

For them to be incorporate into system, then completion of these coursework need to be approved including administering of exam at testing site.

Exams should not be of worry as the training which are offered prepares the learners towards excelling in their examinations.

All programs run for 120 hours which a variant of approximately 12 weeks to perhaps a full semester range.

Programs would total to range of between $800 and $1400.

However, some facilities would provide free programs.

Other benefits like scholarships as well as other payment plans are available through colleges and other technical institutions.

Connecticut Certified Nursing Assistant Salaries

*Salaries Updated for 2024.

LocationAvg. Salary
Bridgeport, CT$36,006
Bristol, CT$34,228
Danbury, CT$35,244
East Hartford, CT$34,228
Fairfield, CT$36,006
Greenwich, CT$36,451
Hamden, CT$34,863
Hartford, CT$34,228
Manchester, CT$34,228
Meriden, CT$34,228
Milford, CT$36,006
New Britain, CT$34,228
New Haven, CT$34,863
New London, CT$34,006
Norwalk, CT$36,451
Norwich, CT$34,228
Stamford, CT$36,451
Stratford, CT$36,006
Waterbury, CT$34,165
West Hartford, CT$34,228
West Haven, CT$34,863

Approved CNA Programs in The State

Bullard-Haven Regional Vocational Technical School

The Bullard-Haven Regional Vocational Technical School offers a 10-week course which involve both long term and acute care activities, which are in addition to lab instruction.

This program is offered at three different times in the normal academic schooling year.

Clearly, you can’t miss your turn.

Then periods include; Fall, Winter, and Spring.

The estimation of $1400 is purported as the total program cost.

The student is expected to incur additional expense of acquiring textbook and white uniform needed to attend other rotations in the clinical centers.

Learners are expected to take the both practical and written skills during their examinations which are both crucial for entry into Connecticut.

Naugatuck Community College

The CNA program in this institution offers a variety of course schedules to meet student needs.

Learners are involved in the discussions as well as lectures including application of acquired skills in areas like simulations laboratories and gain experience.

Upon successful completion of the skill training, learners are then prepared for written and competency skills exams.

This exam is given on-site and its cost is catered for within the course price.

This program course cost is estimated at $1205 which includes tuition and text books.

Three Rivers Community College

This is also a 120-hours schedul designed to prepare individuals with necessary requirements and knowledge in their first step to a medical field career.

The course requirements include classroom lecture as well as clinical rotations which are located at Groton or Waterford in Connecticut.

Equally, this institution charges $850 which is inclusive of textbooks.

More information on this program can be availed to you when you contact this number 860-885-2608.

Quinebaug Valley Community College

This institution provides learners with necessary course and training for CNA certification in Connecticut.

If you are to succeed in pursuing this course program, then you would be required to attain at least an average of 60 on all their examination questions as well as a minimum of 70 in the final project and equally pass the five fundamental basic skills so as to receive their certifications and in turn a placement in CNA registry.

A total of 120 hours would be necessary for this 3 months’ course.

Equally, the program costs $1,099 which is an inclusion of all textbooks and supplies.

But the amount does not include scrubs, watch, and approved shoes.

USA CNA Training by City

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