CNA Training in Alabama (Paid Classes Info)

CNA Training in Alabama

Are you intent on launching a career in nursing?

Are you unemployed or underemployed and would want to earn some decent living genuinely?

Have you been searching for various opportunities to help you out?

Did I hear you answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions? If so, you have landed on the right page.

We are here to help you.

We are here to introduce you to the Certified Nursing Assistant Training Program at Alabama State.

CNA Training in Alabama

It is possible for you to launch a career in nursing by simply pursuing a certified nursing assistant course of study.

In this profession, your role will basically be to provide a wide range of healthcare services to the patients.

You can obtain this certification in a number of ways in Alabama State.

In some instances, you can even obtain it for free.

Some facilities will hire you and train you free-of-charge on condition that you work for them for certain duration of time after the completion of your course.

To leverage this option, you will generally be required to enter into an agreement with the said healthcare facility before commencing your training.

Other possible routes include the Workforce Investment Act programs (WIA) and programs that are designed to assist underemployed or completely unemployed individuals.

We have compiled a couple of those alternatives and are glad to present them here below for free.

To carry out a Certified Nursing Assistant training program successfully in the State of Alabama, you have three options to choose from.

We have identified those three options as well as the finer details of how to go about each of them.

It is our hope that you will find them satisfactory and convenient for you to implement.

Scholarship Opportunities

This perhaps is the most reliable method of acquiring this training skill.

These scholarships are either need-based or merit-based.

Need-based are targeted at extremely needy students whereas the merit-based is for those who are academically talented.

The following are some of the colleges that provide these scholarships and their corresponding scholarship programs:

Rubye and R.M. Walker Fund – Gadsden State Community College

This is an example of a need-based financial aid.

To be eligible, you must demonstrate that you indeed possess some level of financial need.

You have to contact the financial aid office to ascertain your eligibility.

You will still have to be successful academically though, failure to which the scholarship may be revoked.

Women’s Economic Development Council Foundation Scholarship – J.F. Drake State Technical College

Unlike the one above, this one is reserved exclusively for women.

As such, only women may apply for it.

Women who have children to take care of are given preference over and above single ones.

It basically entails sitting the CAN certification examination after only 90 days of study.

Trenholm State Technical College – Foundation Scholarships

This is a foundation scholarship.

This is to mean that it is geared towards training people on matters nursing from scratch.

It is partly need-based and partly merit-based.

This scholarship covers the entire 645 hours of study, classroom studies, and the internships.

It is also fully accredited and is as such very reliable.

Alabama Certified Nursing Assistant Salaries

*Salaries Updated for 2024.

LocationAvg. Salary
Auburn, AL$28,449
Birmingham, AL$30,132
Decatur, AL$29,180
Dothan, AL$28,037
Florence, AL$27,370
Gadsden, AL$29,878
Georgiana, AL$28,037
Huntsville, AL$30,132
Madison, AL$30,132
Mobile, AL$29,402
Montgomery, AL$28,291
Prattville, AL$28,291
Tanner, AL$29,307
Tuscaloosa, AL$29,783

Workforce Investment Act programs Approved Centers

Workforce Investment Act was passed into law in 1998.

It was passed with the aim of empowering adults who are either complexly unemployed or underemployed to find meaningful employment.

These programs endeavor to provide training programs to assist such persons in finding meaningful employment and a decent income.

In pursuance of this, the community college system of Alabama offers this certified assistant nursing training through the following colleges:

Lawson State Community College

Located in Bessemer, Alabama, this college undertakes training in the program.

Prospective students have to their local WIA investment office to ascertain whether they indeed qualify for the program or not.

he program it offers lasts 9 semester hours of intense study.

The course entails both theoretical and practical training they require to sit and pass the nursing assistant competency examination.

Northeast Alabama Community College

This Rainsville, Alabama College prepares students in such a way as to let them start their gainful careers hassle-free.

The college provides a vast array of both certificate and skill-based training programs.

Its certified nursing assistant program is approved by the State of Alabama.

Those who pursue it are eligible for the certified nursing assistant examination in Alabama.

Shelton State Community College

Shelton is one of the colleges that participate in the Workforce Investment Act program.

It only offers tuition waivers for students who qualify for this program.

It leaves the rest of the expenses to the student to meet.

Its nursing program covers six courses; among them being the clinical experience.

It also prepares the students for the state certification examination.

Northwest-Shoals Community College

The nurse assistant course which this college provides lasts 80 hours.

It is a certificate program which comprises theory, clinical rotation, and nursing skills laboratory in the typical healthcare laboratory.

The training costs around $650 and includes tuition, background checks, certification examinations, and textbooks.

To determine whether you are eligible or not, you have to inquire from the program advisors.

Calling is the preferred means of doing so.

The telephone contact is 256-331-5363.

Other Centers

Other centers that also participate in the Workforce Investment Act programs include the following:

  • Alabama Southern Community College Thomasville Campus
  • American Red Cross Madison/Marshall County Chapter
  • Bevill State Community College Fayette Campus
  • Central Alabama Community College Alexander City Campus
  • Drake State Technical College
  • Easter Seals Alabama, Inc.
  • Reid State Technical College

Free Training via Nursing Homes

From time to time, nursing homes do experience a shortfall in labor.

They fill such vacancies by training certified nursing assistants in exchange for their services later.

For this reason, you are advised to be on the lookout for such vacancies.

Just ask around your area for the existence of these vacancies and apply for them.

Below is a list of the top nursing homes in Alabama State which you may wish to start with:

  • Glenwood Healthcare, Inc.
  • NHC Healthcare
  • Englewood Health Care Center
  • Fairview at Redstone Village
  • Canterbury Health Care Facility
  • Valley View Health and Rehabilitation

Closing Remarks

There you have it!

We believe we have furnished you with all the pieces of information you desperately require to launch a successful career in the field of certified nursing.

This is a certification that is absolutely necessary to possess even if you do not plan a permanent career in the field of nursing.

This is because it acts as a security or safeguards in case you are laid off.

Nursing is also strong in demand and as such, you will always find some work to do.

Go ahead and pursue this course through hook or crook.

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