15 Best CNA Classes in New Orleans, LA (Top Programs Listed)

CNA Classes in New Orleans, LA

Fun, dynamic, and best known for its street carnivals, New Orleans is one of the most famous cities in the United States.

The city is considered a great place to live and to study given the developing economic and business district.

The schools here are excellent and you will definitely be able to start a new career path in this vibrant city.

1 Daymar College

Daymar College provides a great education to plenty of students across the country. It has an excellent reputation, and students have a high satisfaction rate. There are interesting and helpful student services and diverse educational programs.

The medical assistant program is one of the best-structured among the vocational ones. Two parts – theory and practice are well blended, and students learn how to incorporate technical knowledge into everyday job tasks.

AddressAddress: 608 Frederica St, Owensboro, KY 42301

2 Louisiana State University

Louisiana State University has a team of the best teachers in the state to provide high-quality education. The campus in New Orleans is modern and well-equipped, while the friendly staff is supportive and ready to help students during the application process and further during the studies.

The medical assistant vocational program is comprehensive courses that fully prepares students to work in a variety of healthcare settings. The training includes clinical and administrative tasks.

AddressAddress: 433 Bolivar St New Orleans, LA 70112

3 Eastern College of Health Vocations

Eastern College of Health Vocations is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to start a career in medical or medical-allied filed. The programs are carrier-focused and designed to train students to answer all professional challenges.

For example, you can complete a medical or dental assisting course ins a short time. The medical assisting course is focused on giving the students the right tools and instructions to accomplish their career goals and learn as much as possible at an optimal time.

AddressAddress: 201 Evans Rd. Bldg 400 New Orleans, LA 70123

4 Unitech Training Academy

Unitech Training Academy has modern and beautiful facilities. The Academy has convenient payment plans and funding options. Thorough programs at Unitech Training Academy teach students not only how to complete the tasks of the role, but also how to keep the job and give the contribution to society.

The medical assistant program is short and interactive, and designed to boost your knowledge and skills for entry-level positions in different medical facilities.

AddressAddress: 6660 Riverside Drive Metairie, LA 70003

5 Delta College

Delta College has a supportive community and is one of the nations leading community colleges. The College offers great programs at various degree levels and has friendly and well-trained teachers. Moreover, the school is are known for its fun and interesting student activities.

The medical assistant program is intensive and short. The program includes all important aspects of several entry-level positions. After you complete the program, you can work in all medical facilities.

AddressAddress: 105 Gause Blvd. Slidell, LA 70460

6 Louisiana Community and Technical Colleges

Louisiana Community and Technical Colleges is a system of schools dedicated to providing a skilled workforce in several industry areas. Moreover, the system responds to the latest industry needs will well-selected and structured programs.
The vocational medical assistant training is comprehensive and focuses on practical aspects of the medical profession. It prepares students to perform a variety of clinic and administrative tasks.

AddressAddress: 615 City Park Ave New Orleans, LA 70119

7 Blue Cliff College

Blue Cliff College is considered one of the most vibrant and professional educational organizations in the area. The school has an urban campus with comfortable dorms and well-equipped laboratories and classrooms. Moreover, payment plans are great, as well as funding options.

The medical assistant program fully prepares you for this high-demand, long-term career. It covers medical terminology, clinical procedures, healthcare administration, care, etc.

AddressAddress: 3200 Cleary Ave Metairie, LA 70002

8 Healthcare Training Institute

Healthcare Training Institute has been educating healthcare workers for 20 years so far. The training is available for some of the medical careers in high demand, such as medical billing and coding, diagnostic medical sonographer, etc.

The medical assistant training program is of high quality and includes 200 hours of clinical externship. Upon program completion, the Institute career placement service will assist you in finding a job.

AddressAddress: 322 Williams Boulevard Kenner, LA 70062

9 Our Lady of Holy Cross College

Our Lady of Holy Cross College is a well-organized learning institution that supports students’ success and promotes values such as equality, compassion, and collaboration. The school has multiple programs and offers financial aid.

The radiologic technology course is brief, comprehensive, and also interesting. It will help you to learn all the required skills and theoretical elements for the entry-level position.

AddressAddress: 4123 Woodland Drive New Orleans, LA 70131

10 Southern University

Southern University has been declared the nursing school of 2017. Moreover, the school has improved even further and is one of the best schools in the whole country as far as healthcare education goes. Additionally, the programs are well-structured to cover all important elements of the nursing profession.

The school offers different level programs in nursing. For example, the graduate certificate program is available in Therapeutic recreation. It is a prospective and interesting course.

AddressAddress: 6400 Press Drive New Orleans, LA 70126

11 Tulane University of Louisiana

The Tulane University of Louisiana started as a medical college in 1834, and grew to a is a large learning organization, well-known across the globe. The University offers specialized and career-focused programs that will help you launch your dream career.

The healthcare administration training program is useful vocational training. Healthcare administrators are in high-demand and the program will fully prepare you for the role.

AddressAddress: 6823 St. Charles Avenue New Orleans, LA 70118

12 Xavier University of Louisiana

The Xavier University of Louisiana is a professional educational organization with an excellent regional reputation. The school is home to many like-minded students and provides a motivational and supportive learning atmosphere.

Moreover, it promotes critical-thinking and self-progress.

The Physician Assistant program is a concise program, designed to teach you marketable and useful skills for an entry-level position in a medical work setting. The program covers a variety of clinic elements and administrative tasks as well.

AddressAddress: One Drexel Drive New Orleans, LA 70125

13 Dillard University

Dillard University is known for its beautiful and charming campus, which is declared one of the top 50 campuses in the USA. Moreover, Dillard University offers quality programs and has great instructors.

The public health program is comprehensive and provides an excellent foundation for future career improvement. After you complete the program, you are ready to start working on entry-level positions in various facilities across the state.

AddressAddress: 2601 Gentilly Blvd New Orleans, LA 70122

14 A & W Healthcare Educators

A & W Healthcare Educators have a carefully selected team of medical experts, gathered to help students start their new careers in the healthcare sector. It is a small institution, with around 20 undergraduate students. Therefore, each student receives individualized instructions.

The LPN program is concise and focused on nursing theory and nursing practice. Students get assistance during the program and are ready to start working upon graduation.

AddressAddress: 6930 Martin Drive New Orleans, LA 70126

15 Loyola University New Orleans

Loyola University New Orleans helps the students to cultivate their talents and start their dream, long-term, and profitable careers. The University has a student-centered approach and follows the latest national standards in education. Moreover, it keeps track of industry trends and the labor market, so the University offers programs for high-demand careers.

The LPN program is a practical training that covers the most important theoretical aspects of the nursing profession. The program makes you eligible to start working on entry-level positions in various health-care settings.=

AddressAddress: 6363 Saint Charles Ave New Orleans, LA 70118

Schools Summary Table

Rank School
#1 Daymar College
#2 Louisiana State University
#3 Eastern College of Health Vocations
#4 Unitech Training Academy
#5 Delta College
#6 Louisiana Community and Technical Colleges
#7 Blue Cliff College
#8 Healthcare Training Institute
#9 Our Lady of Holy Cross College
#10 Southern University
#11 Tulane University of Louisiana
#12 Xavier University of Louisiana
#13 Dillard University
#14 A & W Healthcare Educators
#15 Loyola University New Orleans

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